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As it is well known, Elftown is a community where many writers, as well as visual artists, meet to post their creations. Therefore, a special prose contest was created, for them to share their talent. Occasionally there are also poetry contests outside of the holiday-themed poetry contests.


Writing Contest Winners

Elftown Prose Contest: [stevedoyle]
Prose Contest - Fairy Tales: [DeadSockMonster] & [Dark Side of the Moon]
Official Orc Poetry Contest: [Elegy - gone], [Wulf Skjaldr] & [Dark Side of the Moon]
Prose Contest - Secret life: [Priscilla Primkin] & [thoughtfox]
The Happy Birthday Elftown Contest: [Misty Lady]
ECM Vampire Text: [Lexi. Short and Sweet!]
Vampire Poetry: [Maeve104], [Priscilla Primkin], [Mortified Penguin],
[FetishFaerie] & [Lakayana]
Sci-Fi Poetry Competition: [Estantia] & [Muerta]
The Seven Deadly Sins Competition: [Halcyon Harmony] & [Maeve104]
ECM Centaur Poetry: [Ms. Steel]
ECM Dragon Text: [Sue Falkenkralle]
ECM Dragon Poetry: [Dark Side of the Moon]
ECM Fairy/Fae Text: [moira hawthorne]
ECM Fairy/Fae Poetry: [Crankychangeling] & [Linderel]
Magic Written Contest for Newbies: [NOOOPE]
Magic Written contest for Veterans: [Mortified Penguin]
ECM Phoenix Text: [Alexi Ice]
ECM Phoenix Poetry: [Koho Ai]
ECM Elf Poetry: [FamousPanda]
ECM Werewolf Poetry: [Rice]
ECM Werewolf Text: [Alexi Ice]
Dark Poetry Contest: [Chetleon] & [Maeve104]
ECM Unicorn Text: [Dark Side of the Moon]
ECM Unicorn Poetry: [quantumkitten] & [FamousPanda]
ECM Zombie Poetry: [Triola]
Elftown Dreamers' Contest (poetry): [Nioniel] & [Yume Youki]
Elftown Dreamers' Contest (Prose): [maryanne] & [Rainbow Dragonflies]
Elftown drabble contest: [NOOOPE]
Elftown Haiku Contest: [Aradon Templar] & [pegasus1000]
ECM Nymph Poetry: [Akayume]
The Elftown Limerick Competition: [Mortified Penguin] & [Rice]
Elftown Prose Contest 2011: [Gastogh]
Elftown Haiku Contest 2014: [törnen] & [CuteCommander]


The Donors of Writing:

One donation.

[* raziel *]
[Þhantasies |Sexed|]
[~Lady Morgana~]
[£\\ROcK: aNd : RoLl :qUEeN//%]
[a clockwork orange]
[a faerie tale]
[a shattered mirror]
[Abstract Circle]
[Alfirin Lindlea]
[Angel of Shadows]
[Annie T.]
[Aries Undomna]
[Big Larry]
[Blue Highway]
[Buried Moon]
[Calico Tiger]
[Captain Roadie Of Jingles]
[Caterin S.]
[Celtic Dragon Of Wind And Death]
[David the Good]
[de Morte]
[Demetrius Duvalt]
[Devil Wolf]
[Doyle of Arda]
[Dragon Wars]
[Duke Devlin]
[Forever Equine]
[Fractured Memories]
[Hereby Deleted]
[Hobbit teen]
[I shall return]
[im bored lol]
[Jay Ladlehaus]
[July 47]
[Keyurg Kirosake]
[Lady Chaos]
[little flag]
[Lord Josmar]
[Madhalf Heatlump]
[Na no da!]
[Ninja Smurf]
[Nylen Estrall]
[Queen of Hearts]
[Rikke Leonhart]
[Rising Death Dragon]
[shadow dust]
[Sir. Robert]
[Stray Kitty]
[The Coffee-Prophet]
[The Last]
[The Mirror Canvas]
[Thessaly Greywords]
[Titus (Cammy)]
[Truth . Beauty . Love]
[Vampire Akis]
[Wolf By Nature]
Two donations.

[~Ninja Dark Kitty~] - 2
[9jlriexqk,ktpk] - 2
[AnnMiuka] - 3
[Artemis Riddle] - 2
[BinaryPhoenix] - 2
[Blood Raven] - 2
[Cascading water lillies] - 2
[Chimes] - 2
[Cookieholic] - 2
[dancingsheep] - 2
[Danse Macabre] - 3
[darkraven2010] - 2
[Draconas Lyrr] - 2
[Elisha Kelly] - 2
[EmeraldGrizzly] - 3
[Evolution X] - 2
[Falx] - 2
[farawaygone] - 2
[FlowerGirl21] - 3
[Eyden13] - 2
[Grandamelf] - 2
[I stabbith ye] - 2
[itoe] - 3
[Karithina] - 2
[Kememmótar] - 2
[kians mummy] - 2
[Lady of Lore] - 2
[Lite] - 2
[Lizisthebest] - 2
[Mekashef] - 3
[Melocrie] - 2
[Morningstar Rising] - 3
[NamelessMerc] - 2
[nehirwen] - 2
[Nite_Owl] - 2
[Paz] - 3
[Ravendust] - 2
[Rochala] - 2
[Shika Lane] - 2
[Shjahjdahdvwa] - 2
[SilverFire] - 3
[Skydancer] - 2
[Stephen] - 2
[Talos Cyrion] - 2
[Leb] - 2
[Teufelsweib] - 3
[TheRogue] - 2
[Thunder Cid] - 3
[Tickle Me Emo] - 3
[Valient Tragedies] - 2
[VampiricAuthor] - 2
[wicked fae mage] - 3
Four donations.

[Decla] - 4
[Flisky] - 4
[Jitter] - 4
[Paul Doyle] - 5
Six donations.
Eight donations or win.

[Akayume] - 3 + 1 win
[Alexi Ice] - 10 + 2 wins
[Aradon Templar] - 1 + 1 win
[Artsieladie] - 8
[Chetleon] - 1 win
[Mortified Penguin] - 1 + 4 wins
[Crankychangeling] - 1 win
[CuteCommander] - 1 win
[Dark Side of the Moon] - 6  4 wins
[DeadSockMonster] - 1 win
[Elegy - gone] - 1 win
[Estantia] - 1 + 1 win
[FamousPanda] - 3 + 2 wins
[FetishFaerie] - 1 win
[Gastogh] - 1 + 1 win
[Halcyon Harmony] - 1 win
[Koho Ai] - 1 win
[Lakayana] - 6 + 1 win
[Lexi. Short and Sweet!] - 1 win
[Linderel] - 5 + 2 wins
[NOOOPE] - 3 + 2 win
[Maeve104] - 3 wins
[maryanne] - 1 win
[Misty Lady] - 1 + 1 win
[moira hawthorne] - 1 + 1 win
[Ms. Steel] - 1 + 1 win
[Muerta] - 1 + 1 win
[Nioniel] - 1 + 1 win
[pegasus1000] - 2 + 1 win
[Priscilla Primkin] - 3 + 2 wins
[quantumkitten] - 1 + 1 win
[Rainbow Dragonflies] - 1 win
[Rice] - 2 + 2 wins
[stevedoyle] - 7 + 1 win
[Sue Falkenkralle] - 3 + 1 win
[thoughtfox] - 2 + 1 win
[törnen] - 1 win
[Triola] - 1 + 2 win
[Wulf Skjaldr] - 1 win
[Yume Youki] - 1 win +1


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2007-10-31 [Jitter]: You're welcome :) I've been re-alphabetising lists all morning x)

2007-11-04 [Jitter]: I didn't touch donors of art apart from adding the participants and winners of SUYS contest ;)

2007-11-08 [ally]: Symbols are being ignored because it's easier to look up a name.

2007-11-08 [Jitter]: Aha I see. Should I put them back in alphabetical ignoring symbols?

I got confused when looking for Artsie though cause I've been looking for the asterisk.

Whatever floats your boat though :) If you think they'll be easier this way I'll make them as they were :)

2007-11-09 [Jitter]: You do more than me and on a 56k :P

If I don't do a lot of stuff I get bored though so it's ok really x)

2007-11-09 [Jitter]: Err.. the donation records were right in the past version though..?

2007-11-09 [Jitter]: ok then :)

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: when is the next writers contest

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: ok thanks, when is the deadline for the elf, and werewolf? I have work in a bit but I would be interested.

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: lol sorry I clicked on it later and noticed...I don't understand what they need for it though

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: Ummm well are you abel to submit short stories and what exactly does it mean "entry page needed..."?

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: under the needed lists it had intros and things like that

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: ok so they are short stories, what is the page limit? I couldn't find it

2008-11-16 [nehirwen]: You can write a short story indeed, you can put it on one wiki page (which you can name after the title of the story for example). There is not a word limit I'm aware of..

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: ok, what are the limitations?

2008-11-16 [nehirwen]: What kind of limitations are you looking for?
Cause it just needs to fit the theme and stuff like that..

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: is cussing allowed if it is kept to a minimum?

2008-11-17 [Silver Moon]: ok thank you

2008-11-17 [Alexi Ice]: How many do you need to become a master of building?

2008-11-17 [Linderel]: That's actually a really tricky badge...

2008-11-17 [Alexi Ice]: I know! I am curious about it, but I lost the page where I read about it...

2008-11-17 [Linderel]: Builders

2009-10-13 [Rising Death Dragon]: Hah Might want to change the blood red crystal dragon rose to this name... It's me!

2009-10-13 [nehirwen]: I see, thanks for clearing that up. :)

2009-10-13 [Rising Death Dragon]: NP

2009-10-13 [Rising Death Dragon]: I uhh forgot what poem i put up so i might put it up again on accident..

2009-10-14 [nehirwen]: You added your poem to the ECM Dragon Poetry Contest, you can see your entry there.

2009-10-14 [Rising Death Dragon]: oh thanks

2010-06-05 [Akayume]: So, are the drabble contest entrants being included under here, or under a different page?

2010-06-05 [SilverFire]: It was a writing contest, so they'll be included here.

2010-06-06 [Akayume]: Awesome. Thank you. (:

2010-06-23 [Nioniel]: Where I'm listed under winners with my old username; [a phoenix rising], the link is broken. I'd fix it myself but i'm on a craptastic connection.

2010-06-23 [Linderel]: Fixed.

2011-04-28 [SilverFire]: Competitions. :)

2011-05-01 [Akayume]: Psttt! ECM Nymph Text?

2011-05-01 [nehirwen]: I believe there were only external resources and no actual written submissions?

2011-05-01 [Akayume]: There weren't? O.o I thought someone had submitted something other than me. :( Poo.

2011-05-01 [nehirwen]: Nope. :(

2011-05-01 [Akayume]: Weeeeell, nevermind then.

2011-05-27 [kians mummy]: Is there any competitions going at the moment for the donors of writing badge?

2011-05-27 [nehirwen]: You can see on competitions that we have The Elftown Limerick Competition and an Elftown Prose Contest going on. :)

2011-05-27 [kians mummy]: Witch I have entered, so that's Two donations?

2011-05-27 [Rice]: Oh no get the badge after the contest has been judged and the winners announced. :)

2011-05-27 [kians mummy]: Confusion is in my jeans, but I get you lol :)

2011-05-27 [Rice]: Ha ha yeah it's alright. X)

2011-07-15 [kians mummy]: i'm sure i have done 2 donations

2011-07-15 [nehirwen]: I'm sure one of those two contests you entered isn't closed yet. :)

2011-08-03 [kians mummy]: Wouldn't it be good to put on the wiki what current competitions are in place at the moment, so then when people go to this wiki, they are given the opportunity to find all the writings wikis so then they can submit there lovely stories etc. :)

2011-08-03 [Alexi Ice]: Competitions <--- Like that, you mean?

2011-08-03 [kians mummy]: Yes, or do a full list which would be easier for elftowners to find, like at the top of the page roughly.

2011-08-03 [Alexi Ice]: Competitions is a full list, and it's quite easy to find ^^ All the open contests are even listed at the top of the page for convenience.

2011-08-03 [kians mummy]: But if you do it on here, then if members are wondering round, they will find the comps and submit to them, it will also bring more submissions

2011-08-03 [Alexi Ice]: The competitions page is dedicated to this, though. We could always just link it to the bottom of the page. It would still be easy to find and would not unnecessarily crowd things.

2011-08-03 [kians mummy]: Yes, that is a very good idea. :)

2014-10-17 [Sunrose]: Where's my badge? :O

2014-10-17 [Nioniel]: Eep! Sorry I missed you!

2014-10-17 [Sunrose]: '^_^

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