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Chief of Galactic Police, Divya Meejiti

And so it began...

Shuffling files, phone call alerts and quickly-paced typing is the heartbeat of the Galactic Police Force office hub. Rows of desks line the room in an orderly fashion. Most of the working officers were either on the phone with clients or looking through documents. Others were scattered in group discussions and conversation. Photos of convicts and murderers stare onto the workroom from where they are pinned on the far wall. Along the other wall, there is nothing but a large, glass window pane that looks out to Earth and it's Moon. The floating space hub rotates slowly, allowing for a technical 'night' and 'day'.

The sound of a low-pitched clunk of woman's boots on the steel floor started to get louder just outside of the office hub. The workers that were leaning on walls or desks straighten up just moments before the metal doors slid open. A woman with olive-colored skin walks in and stood at the entrance of the office for a brief second. The police officers that occupy the working area pause for a moment, noting that their Chief was present. Chief Divya walked in with her chin up and head held high with confidence. Her helmet with a specialized visor rested under her arm. There are many silver and gold badges on her person accompanied with patched on her shoulders, indicating her authority.

A redheaded, young woman stands and leans in from her entrance desk. "Coffee Chief?" she offers with a smile.
"The usual Darcy." Divya replied before asking, "So have you been keeping these men in line?"
The young secretary giggled and rolled her eyes playfully, "Of course! Someone has to when you're not here, right?" she joked back.

Another officer approached before Divya could make her way to her private quarters on the other side of the room. "Chief, Sector 12709 and Sector 30421 have been secured successfully. Do I have your permission to present this report to the public?"

"Yes Commander, just make sure something like this is cleaned up in less than 48 Earth hours next time, alright?"
"Yes Chief." He nodded and allowed Divya to pass.

As the Chief made her usual rounds, she stopped at an officer's desk. Placing her palms on the edge of the desk, she leaned in closer to the man in the working chair. "What's the status of the Fitsk case?"
The man felt a little intimidated at how Divya was leaning in. She was truly a tempting, attractive woman with a great deal of power in the Galactic Police Force. The man reached into a file that he was working on and handed Divya a photo, a collection of papers and a lime green jewel in a plastic bag, labeled for evidence. "This is the most recent photo of him, taken last year."

Divya looked at the photo and froze, "Wait a second...I've seen him before." She snatched a pen off of the desk and scribbled in a mustache. After standing straight up, she shouted across the room, "Murphy! Do you remember seeing this man when we interrogated Miss Scartle at her home last evening?"

The captain was caught a little off guard by the shouting, but he ran over quickly. As Divya held the picture up, the captain's jaw dropped. "Good God-"

Divya looked up towards the large window pane that covered half the room, "Prompt:" From the center of the window, an image came into view. The window was more then just a window, it was a large computer screen that doubled as a window when not in use. An image of the solar system spun in the center. "Location: 18-F, Europa Station 4." she continued. The solar system panned inwards quickly to one of Jupiter's moons, Europa. It zoomed in and stopped at an apartment complex.

"I want three squads at this location in less than 45 minutes. One in both the front and back. The third comes with me. We are going to drop in from above. Now let's MOVE IT!" she shouted, grabbing the peridot jem and placing it into her belt. Making sure that the selected groups were getting prepared, she ran into her office and grabbed extra plasma energy for her pistols. After placing them carefully in her thigh belts, she grabbed the belt for her hip from around her office chair. Divya always kept her supplies in full stock and loaded, just in case. Wrapping it around her hip and securing the latch, she ran out of her quarters and towards the door out of the office hub. Several commanding officers got up form their stations and headed out behind her. Divya passed her secretary, who has just gotten her coffee. She grabbed it on the way out, "Thanks." Before the secretary could even reply, Divya was out the door.

Username: [Chel.]
Name: Divya Meejiti
Age: 26
Time Period: VERY distant future
Description: Divya is from Indian descent, something that is definitely clear from looking at her. She has higher cheekbones and a strong bridge on her nose, a usual trait for the people of India. Her eyes are a lime green, like her power stone. Her skin is olive and her hair is a dark brown. Her hair is long but she keeps it tied up.
On her forehead she wears a red bindi. Her boots are equipped with jets on the sides that allow her to fly. Over her eyes, she wears a visor with adjustable settings. It is adjustable for aiming and location hostiles.
Personality: She is feisty and believes in the true justice system. Divya is loud and a bit bossy but she believes that it's the only way to get things done. Her rambunctious personality has gotten her into a few fist fights, but she has never had a problem winning them due to her power. Under her thick skin she is quite kind and girly. She never shows anyone this persona however. Divya keeps that trait hidden dormant in fear that it might allow her to loose her title as Galactic Police Chief.
Weapons: She has two small, pistol-like guns that use heat seeking lasers and locating devices. Around her belt, she is equipped with small explosives, similar to a classic grenade but smaller and more deadly.
Abilities: Divya is undeniably strong. Though she uses her guns a lot, she is unbeatable in physical strength. She was nicknamed 'Tank' in her Police Academy and for good reason. Divya can bend metal and snap trees in half...if she so pleases.
History: Divya grew up on a small plantation on a slow moving meteor that orbits Mercury. Her Father was a police officer and when she was quite young, he was killed by a horde of rioters during a protest that had spun out of control. It was the events of the fateful say that pushed Divya to become an upholder of peace. Divya was schooled on the prestigious police academy on the Moon and graduated 1st in her grade.

She is currently Chief of the Galactic Police Force(or the GPF). Although she is rebellious when she is on the job, she ultimately always reaches in one way or another. However there is always a hefty bill of repair damages after the fact.
Stone of Power: Peridot
Stone of Weakness: Opal (uncontrollable and extreme nose bleeds that result in her passing out from blood loss)

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2009-01-11 [Ravendust]: Very nice view into the daily life of Divya in the office^^ A few things though- You switched back and forth between tenses a few times, starting the story in Present tense, a few times you slipped into the past tense. And there are a few minor spelling errors. All in all, a neat read.

2009-01-11 [Chel.]: Yea I caught those when I reread it. Will fix now!

2009-01-11 [Ravendust]: Glad everyone else is getting their intros written... Mine's about a paragraph so far... XD, would help if I could lift the cloud over my head.^^;;

2009-01-11 [Chel.]: *hands you a fan* Maybe this will help blow it away?

2009-01-11 [Ravendust]: interesting idea

2009-01-11 [Chel.]: XD

2009-11-07 [Ravendust]: just noticed... cheif=chief^^;;

2009-11-07 [Chel.]: damn...

2009-11-07 [Ravendust]: totally fine, we all make spelling errors at any point in time, nobody's perfect :P

Anyway, what did you update to begin with?

2009-11-07 [Chel.]: I added her bio on the bottom for when I use her in other rps :3

2009-11-07 [Ravendust]: ah, mmkay, neat :)

2009-11-09 [Ravendust]: ooooh, nice new image for her :)

2009-11-09 [Chel.]: Heh- thanks!

2009-11-19 [The Blood Angel]: awesome :D Love it when people actually make an effort with their characters :D

2012-06-04 [Dezmond]: So chel, I was thinking on a few things and I would like to give it another go with ya. I had an idea, I want it to be more private though than drive was. So if you're interested, shoot me a message and I'll give you what details I have.

2012-06-04 [Chel.]: Omg this art is crap...

2012-06-04 [Dezmond]: O.o its not that bad I don't think have you seen any of my drawings? Now THAT is crap compared haha

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