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My pet Cocker Spaniel, Mitzie, was one of the greatest treasures in my life. I got her when I was rather young, about nine years old, to be precise. When she was added to my family, myself, my siblings, and my mother all suggested names for her, the most prominent of which was “Lady,” of course, from the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp.” It didn’t take too long for the name “Lady” to be vetoed by my mother though, who assumed that “Lady” was probably the most common of Cocker Spaniel names, especially when it came to Buff Spaniels like our Mitzie. Using the “Mom’s Opinion Trumps All” card, my mother insisted we call the Dog Mitzie and move on with our lives. Years later, after having encountered several other Cocker Spaniels of the same ASCOB coloration that had been deemed “Lady”’s by their owners, I ended up feeling grateful that my mother didn’t stick Mitzie with such a common name.

As an adult now, I find myself collecting Cocker Spaniel Plushes, some of them from known brands, others from lesser-known plush creators. However, the most widely recognized one that I own is my Disney Lady and the Tramp 10" Lady Plush Doll Toy that I picked up at the Disney Store at a nearby mall not too long ago. 

I had been to that particular Disney Store several times over in search of a Lady Plush from the movie. While at the Disney Store each of those times, a 2/$25 promotion was ongoing, though I didn’t want any of the other Disney Plushes from various Disney films; I had my heart set on Lady. 

Eventually my diligence paid off and the Disney Store restocked both the Lady and the Tramp Plushes. The workers at the Disney Store tried very hard to get me to purchase both plushes together, but as I only wanted the Lady Plush, I ended up spending the $16.50 for the one plush instead of getting the bargain of 2/$25. I was fine with that though, Tramp never really appealed to me too much. 

I looked through about twelve different Lady’s before choosing the one that is sitting before me now. It seemed as though each one I pulled from the pile of plushes at the Disney Store had some sort of defect, normally concerning the eyes, ears, or the muzzle of the Lady Plushes. Eventually I was able to find a Lady that had all features mostly in the correct places. However, it is worth noting that the majority of the Lady plushes seemed to be shoddily made in that faces and features and even the bodies in some cases were incredibly lopsided. Mine, however, is near-perfect.

My Disney Lady and the Tramp 10" Lady Plush Doll Toy is a wonderful 3D replica of the Lady from the film. Her body is brownish-orange in color, which is slightly darker than my own Cocker Spaniel’s fur. The ears are darker than the rest of the fur and are long and floppy just like a Cocker Spaniel’s. The whole of the Plush Lady is very soft and doesn’t seem to have any parts that could be removed and swallowed by young children. Attached to Lady’s neck is a collar with a “dangling” dog tag that is yellow, shaped like a diamond, and is made of a soft, thin material. Even though the material is thin on the tag, it is still sewn on very well. The Lady Plush is filled with polyester fibers and polyethylene pellets.

The Disney Lady and the Tramp 10" Lady Plush Doll Toy does not come with any accessories, nor does it do much of anything. She does not make noise or have any electronic component that would allow her to walk or be remote-controlled. The Lady Plush is very much a boring plush that is designed to look like a character from a Disney film, and that is all. I use her for display purposes, and occasionally to hug. 

I do recommend the Disney Lady and the Tramp 10" Lady Plush Doll Toy for fans of the film as well as for Cocker Spaniel enthusiasts. However, I do suggest looking through a few of the Lady Plushes before settling on one, as the stitching on them seems to be of inconsistent quality. 

/ [Nioniel]

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