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Dishonor: Part Two

Dishonor: Part One


Antonio Emelianenko Fedor

A rock that was surrounded by pine thatches and offered a good view of forest in front and allowed cover and shelter in back. Fedor gathered branches and a few large boughs and piled them in a small indentation. "This will smell bad for a second." Fedor took two small bags from his belt. He emptied out what looked like silver filings from one, then he stepped back, still crouching, and threw a pinch of black powder from the other bag on the filings. The branches burst into flame with the smell of sulfur going strong just for a moment. "Lights fire fast and keeps bugs away." he sat by the fire and removed a few pieces of meat, cut them to size, and placed them on a small skillet he brought. As they began to cook, he pulled out a small bag of tiny glass vials. "These are cooking spices. Pick a few that don't offend you."

Glancing around, Kylie's hackles raised for a moment, then lowered as whatever she had smelled decided it had better hunt elsewhere. Sniffing at them, Kylie picked sage, garlic and sea salt. Then, "I must place my scent down, so that animals will stay away for the most part. I will be back, alright?" She made sure he knew she was just looking out for them and stared at him till he responded.

Fedor nodded. "The food will be done when you get back." Fedor took the salts, and looked at her in good lighting for only the second time. She was beautiful, not just aesthetically but sexually. He resisted the urge to touch her again, took the spices and went back to the fire. He was cooking pheasant, rabbit, and a strip of veal. He took it easy on the garlic, used the quality sea salt liberally, and rubbed the meat with the sage.

Kylie did not respond to his gaze, nor his dismissing statement and slipped away. Once away from the firelight she disappeared into the darkness. Making a wide circle around their camp, Kylie rubbed herself on rocks and trees, taking care to clean herself after each one. It was an odd mix of urine and her natural odor, one animals would respect and acknowledge. They knew not words, or physical marks. Her scent would do. Cleaning herself for the last time, Kylie stood from her previous position and shuffled back into the make-shift loincloth. A trace of her own smell lingered on her lips as she entered the ring of fire not ten minutes later.

"I hope you like it! I tried not to overcook the meat. It's lamb, pheasant, and some rabbit." Fedor stayed seated and offered her her choice of meats. She smelled a little funny, but he knew why, and it didn't bother him.

Kylie crouched next to him and accepted the rabbit, and half of the pheasant. Silently she hoped her stomach would be able to handle the extra spicing, but the meat would do her good. Unsheathing her long claws, Kylie took the still very hot meat from the pan, but protected by the black diamond casings. She hadn't lied when she had said her claws were quite vicious. A good two inches. Blowing slowly, Kylie cooled the surface enough to take a nibble. Her eyes widened and very quietly a purr started in her throat and she murmured her approval.

Fedor smiled. He set his food to cool, and started removing his armor. It was in a few detachable plates, an easy to wear cuirass that he unstrapped and removed, then took off the greave plates. What remained was a skin tight shirt of the same fabric as Kylie's makeshift clothes, Also skin tight pants. Fedor's physique was far more apparent without his padded uniform fatigues. His pectoral muscles were like a thick shelf over his slate flat abs. His thighs were like Kylie's, huge for his body frame. Sweat stuck his short hair to his forehead and made it curl. He relaxed and began to eat too. He was silent and clean.

His type of clothing did not receive a second glance from the cat next to him. It was just as if he was partially naked, with all the appropriate parts covered, just like her people. She did however take it all in without him noticing, or at least, she hoped it was discreet. Curiosity got the better of her it always seemed. Kylie finished her meal quickly, her flat stomach quickly gaining back some of its shape. Leaning back against the rock behind her, Kylie patted her belly with her paws and sighed, her tail tapping the ground happily.

Fall was coming and it would be cold soon. The fire would keep him warm, but not comfortable. He removed his shirt, which was coated with stress sweat. Once he removed it and wiped himself down, his scent changed completely. He rested against his cloak and closed his eyes. "Tell me about the cats. What do you do for... Fun?"

"Fun?" Kylie glanced at him, her eyes trailing downwards before she looked away, the fur around her eyes darkening as she had blushed. "I am a solitary huntress, but every season we band together in groups of hunting parties to hunt bear and elk. We train the little ones, teach them how to become one with the forest. We... procreate." Her gaze went further to the left and one of her arms crossed her body. "Group preening is most relaxing. I guess that is... fun." Kylie didn't mention their constant patrols for those that trespass.

Fedor opened one eye at her. For once she seemed different. She wasn't angry, passive aggressive, or fierce. She was...awkward? "Really? Hmm..., do any of you sing?"

"On occasion, if it calls for it." Kylie replied.

Fedor closed his eyes.

"In told of fires raging in our side,
In songs we've told of father and son
they pushed their might into the ocean
But failed to know which man was wide

Before the sun had rose the water shown
Gold with fire and wrent with blood
For honest Antonio did not forsee
The untold hundreds slay their greatest

Fedor's voice was strange, but true. Though he never hit a note that was high, or low, but a simple, perfect tonal quality made it sound professional.

He opened his eyes and looked at the fire in front of him. His expression looked distant.

Kylie found herself looking at the human next to her, but she unable to respond with a song from her people. She did not enjoy using her voice, but rather liked to dance. It was not an appropriate time to dance though. "That was soothing, Fedor." She said quietly after a minute, curling her legs under herself so that she was relaxed into a kneeling position with her back naturally curved.

Fedor looked away from the fire, now he was smiling. It wasn't a quick change of expression, but the smile was genuine and not forced. "Well, I suppose. But the song isn't about anything soothing." He cocked an eyebrow at her. "Our shelter isn't very big, and you're all the way over there, look, your tail is getting wet!" he waved her over. "You can come over here, I'm not going to hurt you."

Her tail flicked the moisture away at that, and the cat tilted her head and glanced at him again. Shrugging, Kylie put her paws down and used her knees to crawl over to him, sitting close enough where they could feel each others body heat. "I'm not afraid of you, Fedor, or that you will hurt me," She muttered, "Just didn't expect you to want to be this close, being that humans find the smell of a wet cat... uncomfortable." She didn't mention that humans were not nearly as affectionate as cats, he might feel awkward if she was this close to him.

"Don't be silly, the fire will dry you quickly here. I'm a soldier. My sense of smell is hardly used." he looked at her and settled into leaning towards her. "I imagine I would bother another human, but I know animals prefer humans who smell natural, not perfumed." he took a chance, and, not moving too quickly, wiped a small fleck of blood out of a curl of her hair. "Yup, there we go. Now you don't offend my senses." he joked.

He was right. The king had smelled disgusting, so flowery and powder smelling. Fedor smelled... good. Kylie shrugged and lifted an arm, licking along the elbow with her tongue and blowing a bit of fur out of her mouth. "We are not so different after all, you and I." Kylie said, then let herself smile, if only a little.

"I hope it doesn't bother you that I take pains not to have hair except over my eyes and head," he chuckled. "There maybe our culture differs." he winked, and, sensing some sort of chemistry he was too curious to resist, he touched one of her knees, feeling the smooth, sleek fur there. Her hair had suffered somewhat, but it was still so quality and healthy it reflected the fire light.

Fedor's eyes roamed her body. She was small, but so mature looking. Her breasts were pretty full for her body size, and her hips were wide and rounded. She must be desirable to her own kind. He wondered if they even could act on any chemistry. He was over a foot taller and twice as big, easily. But it could work. He was surprised such thoughts were going through his head. But then he remembered how scent based her species was. Could she be attracting him? 

Kylie swallowed. She owed him her life, he was trying to stop the humans, his own kind from killing hers. He even was trying to find allies. Even though the king had been rough with her, his attentions were still not as painful as her own kind. The males of her species held barbs on the outer layer of their member, meant to clean out any previous seed laid. A human man's was soft, silken and larger. She blinked. The king had never been gentle with her.

Yet Fedor's touch was, he was curious, just like she was. His hand on her thigh was light as if asking for permission to touch her. "You may touch me, Fedor." Kylie whispered, watching his hand.

His eyes widened a little. He honestly expected to lose the hand he touched her with. He hadn't been with a woman in some time. He may be good looking, strong, and financially secure, but he wasn't white. Few of his race were more than impoverished farmers. He supposed he wasn't able to help himself.

"I'm surprised, the touch of a human ought to revolt you." he let his hand slide just a little farther up. The fur of her inner thighs, stomach, and breasts was shorter, lighter, and like plush. She was extremely pleasant to the touch. "You can come closer, Kylie." he smiled, but with more interest, and even more charm.

"You would be surprised the difference the touch of a cat is, to the touch of a man." Kylie spoke, then slid herself closer to him, her nose flaring. Her eyes watched his own as she leaned her face in closer to his shoulder, smelling his scent. Her rough tongue touched his skin, now tasting him. She withdrew her face, still staring at him though, her ears constantly moving. They were completely raised at one point, then fought to stay that way till they were flat against her neck. Unlike before, this was not a sign of unhappiness, but more she was being submissive to him. In her society, she would never let anyone be her alpha. This was a sign to him that she would let him take her, if he wanted. He had the choice, she was giving it to him, just as much as she could have refused his touch.

Intrigued, and very curious, he gently touched her face, careful not to smush her whiskers. He had enjoyed her attention. He, in turn, pressed his face into her neck. She smelled unique, even good. He rubbed his slightly stubbly face up the soft fur, and, acting on impulse, took her ear tip in his mouth and bit it gently. At the same time he pulled her body against his chest.

He was much stronger then her and was easily shifted to his lap. Her tail curled around his knees and Kylie hesitated, then settled her paws on his biceps, the pads feeling his soft skin underneath them. She naturally enjoyed the feel of his teeth, a shiver running through her frame. Her eyes closed and her head arched backwards. "We shouldn't be doing this." She whispered breathlessly.

"Maybe not. But I do not care." Fedor moved his face farther down and bit her neck. The sensitive, stimulating parts of a cat were no different than a human female. He dug his nails into her back fur and pressed her tight to him while dragging them down her back. He continued to nip up and down her neck.

Her paws slid up his arms to cradle his head, stroking his hair. She pressed her chest to his collar, her breasts to his neck. She grunted and struggled to change positions, moving her legs and opened them to wrap around his hips. His heat drove away any previous chill and wrapped her in a blanket of comfort. He felt incredible. The King had nothing on him and neither did the males of her race. This was the alpha she had been waiting for.

He smiled against her neck, wondering how to take her. Would she prefer him on top of her, as common with humans? Or behind her, as most animals do? She seemed to respond well to him being aggressive, either way. He enjoyed her strong legs around his hips, but his pants did need to come off. He pried her legs free of him, and, with the proper amount of force, turned her to face away from him. He wrapped his chiseled arms around her, letting his hands roam her stomach, up over her breasts, then back down beneath her loin cloth. He was pleased to find no surprises there. Under a thin layer of fur, he found her opening, and rubbed her open with his fingertips, exploring her sensitive, wet flesh, wanting to find the right spot.

Kylie gasped and quivered against him, a loud purr starting up in her throat and reverberating though her spine that was pressed to his chest. She turned her head, so her cheek was aligned with his forehead. The cat could feel what was sparking this passion begin to grow underneath her, struggling to be free. She pulsed around his exploring fingers. Her legs opened on their own accord, her heels making marks in the dirt as she squirmed against him, the intense pleasure causing her to moan.

Fedor chuckled against her flattened ear and squeezed her to his chest. He couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but his fingers found nothing amiss. With one arm tight around her breasts. His other hand splayed her open. He slid just a fingertip inside her. He felt her seize up and clench it tightly. If he was to take her, then, he would have to be careful. His manhood was considerably larger than one finger. He withdrew his finger, now very wet, and slid it around her opening again, enjoying her mewls and erratic breaths.

She bit her lip. There was no comparison to the last four months and this very second. A part of her dismissed the inter-species relationship, knowing she was dishonoring her parent's memory, and yet she didn't care. Her hips bucked once on their own accord and she was having trouble controlling herself.

He was aroused and in the moment. Where she might find him sexy despite his race, he couldn't help but find her sexy because of her race. something about it seeming so right but so taboo at the same time made it exciting. Still, the way she smelled, the sounds she made, the feel of her fur sliding against his chest as she gasped and writhed, it was all natural and exciting. His hips were pressed tight to her butt. Once he found her clitoris he managed to pin it down with a fingertip. He began rubbing it mercilessly. Soon enough she was almost howling and shaking in his arms. But, he wanted to pull out all the stops.

Without warning, he let go of her, making her slump to her hands and knees again. He pushed on her shoulders, and she dutifully put her hips up. But he wasn't going there just yet. He dug his fingers into her ass and licked her opening from behind, sliding his tongue down the length of her slit to her clitoris.

Kylie's tail almost smacked him in the face as her legs slid open, her weight sliding almost to the ground. She couldn't breath, gasping, she couldn't hold it any longer. The orgasm cut through her, making her shriek, then mewl in relentless pleasure. Her chest heaving, the fabric wrapped around her breasts untied and slipped from her, the only clothing remained was the makeshift shirt, which was currently up the length of her hips. The cat regained her composure and lifted her weight off the ground, smiling shyly at Fedor. "I'm sorry," She said between breaths, "I couldn't help it."

Fedor was an attentive and shameless lover. Still he was enjoying himself being this aggressive. As much as she shuddered and moved, he kept his mouth against her opening and his tongue moving through her whole orgasm. "Why are you sorry? I wanted that to happen." he smiled and rubbed the back of his wrist against his mouth. "Besides, I sorta have something too..." he smiled again, this one with a goofy upturned corner of his mouth, "Something you'll either like or not.." He, as gracefully as one can with skin tight pants, removed them, revealing the rest of his body to her.

He was certainly larger than probably anything she'd had before. He was over seven inches, and unusually thick, even for a human. Part of all the fun he had just had with her was to prepare her for this.

She had greatly enjoyed that. When she saw what was to come her eyes widened, but then she grinned. Kylie stood and shrugged out of the skirt, standing above him naked as the first day he had seen her. Some of her juices left dark trails along her legs, but she knelt in front of him, slipping between his legs. It was her choice to return the favor and the cat settled her breasts around his solid member, cushioning him. Her nipples were now very prominent, pushing through the fur to be visible. A paw slid up, brushing the spheres beneath his manhood, watching the skin tighten as her breath washed over them. Tentatively, she unleashed her rough tongue to his base, leading upwards towards the soft tip.

He was surprised to find her ready to use her mouth on him. He was also surprised at how she started at it. Her breasts were warm, and supple. He watched carefully as her dangerous paws gently teased at him. He was nervous at first, cats had dry tongues... But hers was wet, if rough. The sensation was unique and intense as she started licking upwards, and he sighed and tensed a little when it reached his sensitive tip.

Kylie smiled against him. The heat reminded her of the sun, which she missed and had not the chance to bathe in it for a long time. She was only down there for a minute, but it was Kylie's turn to want something, something she had been unable to do previously. Carefully, the cat slipped her body up his, licking a little as she went, then settled herself between his hips. Her ears were back, her eyes relaxed, she brought her face to his and lightly placed her lips onto his.

She surprised him again. He hadn't expected her to enjoy a human custom like kissing. He happily pushed his lips to hers, maybe with more urgency than she exhibited, and moved them over hers quickly and passionately. He had to admit to himself that this was the one place her fur felt out of place, but she was a good kisser, nonetheless, even with her wet nose pressed against his upper cheek. By now he was far too excited to stand it, however, and once again grabbed her and forced her onto all fours. He settled behind her on his knees and pushed the top of his head against her clitoris. He rubbed it back and forth to wet it, then slid it back until he felt the very tip settle against her opening, then he gingerly pushed the head into her.

The cat hissed in pain. She looked back at him, her ears flexing as several emotions crossed her face. Kylie's tail snaked around and wrapped around his hips, locking them into position. She brushed twigs away from her knees, then resettled her weight evening across her paws, then brought herself to her elbows. Her tail tightened around him as she adjusted to the thickness.

Fedor allowed her to adjust before he went any further. He didn't want to hurt her, and froze when she looked back at him. But then she adjusted, and did the sexiest thing he'd ever felt. She brought her tail around his waist and held him tight, pulling him forward. So, slowly, he pushed his length into her. They both moaned from the action. He was huge and she was incredibly tight, but they were well lubricated. Once he'd settled his hips against her butt, he got on all fours over her and pressed his face into her fur, and started moving slowly and gently, but couldn't resist staying deep. He couldn't believe how tight and hot she felt inside.

His weight above her felt natural as he literally covered her with his flesh. Thankfully he was holding himself up, as she would have collapsed quickly if he wasn't helping her. To avoid her ears being smashed she pulled them up and over her face and tried to hide her wincing. He was exploring places that had never been explored before, it was painful. Her core was at least relaxed and she received him better then she would have earlier. After a few thrusts she began to pant again, the same pressure building once more.

Fedor soon began panting himself. Not because he was exerting himself in anyway, but because she felt so good beneath him that his body started reacting. He rocked his hips slowly against her butt for a couple minutes, just enjoying her and trying to allow for her to get used to his size. But he could tell she was too tense and there was pain with the pleasure.
"Relax your muscles. Loosen your stomach, and think about climaxing with me. Settle lower if you need to..." he whispered, then kissed the base of her ear. He placed his hands on her front paws and started thrusting instead of rocking forward. His body trembled slightly with each thrust. He rolled his back into it and his hips began hitting her butt instead of pushing against it.

Tears slid down her muzzle as she obeyed him, arching her back and forcing herself to relax. For a moment she was limp, then she adapted to his movements. She began to enjoy it a lot more. It became important to her to match his timing and it quickly became more fluid, their bodies acting as one. Kylie cried out, then caught herself, letting her chest brace against the ground. The pain was gone.

"There, that's better. You need to just move with me and stay relaxed. You don't have to squeeze or hold yourself up, just feel me move..." He murmured into her ear. Now she was settled on one shoulder, tilted sideways. Her hips were still up in the air. He settled himself a little higher so his cock angled down. The result is he felt simultaneously less painful and even more intensely pleasurable. He felt her tail begin to pulsate as it alternately tightened around him as he thrusted hard in, and loosen slightly as he pulled his hips back. He began to moan too, low, continuous mmmm noises and gasps he tried to catch in his throat. Now with his hands braced on the ground, he bent over her and started to speed up. It didn't take long before he was almost as loud as she was.

Her thighs began to slip and slide open again, a paw moving around his to grasp his hand. Kylie's breathing was ragged and she didn't know how much longer her tired body could take this. It was that loss of concentration that she couldn't hold it back as another orgasm rent through her body. Her arms and legs shook with the intensity, the walls of her uterus tightly squeezing mercilessly around his manhood.

Fedor recognized her orgasm, first hearing her scream then feeling it, as her insides began to clench and unclench just like her tail, which itself had held him tight to her, not allowing him to pull out. But he didn't want to. It only took maybe three seconds of her orgasm to bring his own on. It was so powerful he cried out with her, shaking as his hips came forward hard a final time and held tight against her ass. He felt the head of his cock press against her cervix and his orgasm apexed. He came as deep in her as was possible. He shuddered ever harder, gasping and moaning into her ear as his hips rocked forward again and again with every spurt of come he put into her. After five or six of these, he slumped over her, still inside, but on his elbows, his chest heaving against her back.

Kylie collapsed to the ground, exhausted and satisfied. Her body shivered constantly as waves of pleasure still rent through her. She had never before been pushed that far and her body needed to recover. Tears continued to flow down her cheeks, leaving streaks as she cried in happiness, partially because it was over, and partially because no man or cat had wanted to please her as much as Fedor wanted to. It felt great to be appreciated.

Fedor carefully withdrew from her and laid back against the still cool rock, breathing deeply. His stomach and thighs were slack and his whole spine tingled in post coital ecstasy. He looked over at her, slumped on the ground and panting, and went back over to pick her up and hold her. He drew her against his chest and kissed her softly.

She cuddled into his embrace. It took her a few minutes to regain some of her muscle strength, but the cat really didn't want to move. She was more then completely content to lay with him, but matters needed to be addressed. Kylie excused herself and limped into the woods to do her business and clean herself.

It was nice to hold her, but Fedor felt bad when she excused herself and slunk off. He could tell she was very sore, and probably smelled too much like him. He certainly did make a mess of her. He relaxed for a minute, then gathered some fresh pine boughs, threw his cloak over them to make a bed, then stoked the fire. He laid back down, putting his pants back on, and waited for her return.

A few minutes went by and Kylie appeared out of the darkness, clean, with a wide smile on her lips. She was on all fours and didn't stand, instead she laid next to him, nosing open his arm and snuggling in the crook of his elbow. With her back against his side, her ears lay flat beside his head.

Fedor wrapped an arm around her stomach, spooning her. She was warm, ungodly soft, and very cuddly. He traced a finger over the top of her paw, absently admiring it for being both a hand and a foot. His face buried in the long thatch of fur on her head that was something like a Mohawk style haircut, kissing the back of her ear and held her, feeling her back vibrate with purring. He felt strange, how fast it all moved, but he wasn't even thinking of the upcoming trials ahead, just how supremely comfortable she was to hold. He still felt somewhat guilty that though she was fully mature, she had the body size of a 13 year old human girl. He hoped he hadn't hurt her. Though, with her smell all over his hips and thighs, he was sure she had enjoyed all of it.

"What are you thinking about?" Kylie asked after a moment, leaning back against him.

"Not much at all, to be honest." His hand lazily roamed the front of her body, from her thigh to her hip, hip to stomach, stomach to breast, back down. He became aware that this was akin to petting her, but he didn't care. It felt too good. "Sleep would be nice. Especially while holding you." he breathed in her scent. Warm, clean fur. She smelled much like a short hair cat on a sunny day. There was something else that made him feel connected to her, as well. She probably had marked him as her property.

"Mmm..." Kylie was already partially asleep. Her purr had dimmed, but it was still very audible, especially with him right against her he could feel it. Her bushy tail was between her legs and she held it to her chest like a blanket. "...You are prepared to run tomorrow?" Kylie murmured, shifting her weight slightly.

"Yes, you should be pleased. I know we'll have to." he had his arms wrapped around her, letting her sleep against his chest. He closed his eyes, adjusted slightly, then his heart rate slowed to near 75 beats per minute, then he dozed off.

There were a few times in the night Kylie perked her ears, her hackles raising as some predator got too close to the dieing firelight. Each time they were deterred by her scent, and the cat slept soundly. Dawn arrived and the chirping of birds welcomed the sun. Kylie yawned, but didn't stand. Her fur was moist with dew and the combined heat between them was drying it.

Fedor awoke even before the sun had started to rise, when the first tendrils of blue-green sky began to brighten the night sky. The fire was low and he cursed getting up to add wood. He was glad to see Kylie was still asleep in his arms. He slowly nudged her off of him, knowing she woke up, whether she showed it or not. He walked and bent over to his almost empty pile of pine boughs, and tossed one of the dry things on. The light level increased dramatically, and revealed a horrifying sight. A giant spider was crouched low just feet away. It so closely resembled the background forest. Female, nearly four feet tall and a leg span of nearly ten feet in diameter, this thing was huge and very, very close. It's eight eyes were trained on Antonio.

He backed slowly up, touching the ground as lightly as possible, and whispered very low, "Kylie, there's a spider outside. Hand me my sword right now!"

Her ears flicked and she raised her head, her lips twitching in a silent snarl. Her tail reached to his sword, gripping it by the sheath and threw it to him. While it was in the air and distracted Kylie pounced on it, claws extended from both her feet and her paws. Brown ooze squirted from where she had scrambled onto its back.

Fedor was hoping Kylie would silently hand him his sword. He thought he'd just shoo the spider away with the fire, but wanted his sword just in case. But, in a mind blowing act, Kylie not only threw his sword at him, but yowled and leaped on top of the spider whose thorax alone was twice her size. Fedor unsheathed the sword, and stepped forward. The spider managed to grip Kylie with it's pedlap arms and hurled her to the ground. It hesitated for just a moment, deciding whether to run because Kylie had wounded her, or to pounce. The spider chose pounce.

It was so fast that it pinned Kylie with her two big front legs and reared out her fangs. Luckily, Fedor was fast for a human. As the spider poised it's fangs over Kylie, he drove his sword so deep into the spiders face his fingers pressed into it's spiny, hairy carapace. The spider hissed loudly and leapt back, scrabbling to grab at him, but Fedor held onto the sword and got yanked back with the spider. Fedor, undeterred, planted his bare foot in the spiders face and pushed off, removing the sword. He fell back on the ground and the spider scrabbled away, loudly and clumsily, leaving it's reflective dark brown blood all over the undergrowth.

Fedor turned back to Kylie, assuming she was fine but fearing she got hurt.

Kylie growled and got to her feet, brushing off her fur. "Four months ago I would have slaughtered that thing." She murmured, annoyed. She knew she was rather weak right now and no where near the state she had been in before she was captured. Sighing, Kylie finished dusting herself off and stood with her paws on her hips.

Fedor blinked at her. She could have killed the spider, her claws were sharper than his sword. Still, in her condition he thought the cat was suicidal to physically get on the spider. He didn't know whether to be impressed or pissed off. He reset his jaw, which was hanging comically, and settled for being happy she was safe.

"I saw you start to slash it's foot. You could have broke free, but what if it bit you first?" Fedor came back into the overhang, walking past Kylie and sat back on the cloak/bed. He sighed and used a corner of his cloak to wipe the spider gore off his sword.

"Well normally after I mounted I would bite through the part of its head, or claw it till it died." She shrugged, "Just don't have the strength and speed at the moment, I guess." Kylie was a little disappointed in herself that she more likely hindered then anything else, and a little embarrassed. She knew she would make up for it once they ran, but it still bothered her.

Fedor motioned her to come back to bed. "We should get a little more sleep. I had no idea you could be so strong, even after your imprisonment. Don't be ashamed. I just thought that full frontal attack was too dangerous." He smiled at her, trying to be reassuring. 

Kylie blinked, then smiled a little. She took a few steps forward and planted her paws on his hips, then lifted herself on her toes and kissed him lightly on his lips, "Alright."

He kissed her back then admired her as she drew away and looked at him. Her eyes were huge, but displayed so much emotion in the dark pools of her pupils. He remembered how different she appeared in the well lit room where he had first met her. The focused vertical slits then had made her seem animalistic and feral. Now she looked heart wrenchingly adorable, as well as intelligent. He hugged her and brought her back to bed with him.
"Besides, Kylie, I'm sure you'll save my life many times in the coming days." He laid back again and closed his eyes. He noticed her pulse stayed quick for a few minutes, still feeling alert even as he drifted back to sleep.

They catnapped for a few more hours until Kylie's rumbling stomach woke her, complaining for nourishment. She yawned wide like she had earlier and then brought her torso to her elbows, watching Fedor. Kylie didn't know what else he had brought with him food wise. She glanced outside. A raw rabbit sounded increasingly yummy. Wondering briefly, the cat was curious what he would do if she were to bring one back and eat it in front of him.

Fedor mumbled and turned over, already feeling cold because of her absence. He was awake but pretended to sleep. The sun was creeping higher in the sky. But he assumed they'd still be moving until late night. His ears paid attention to her movements.

Not bothering with clothes, Kylie bounded off into the morning, her nose actively smelling for prey.

Fedor got up once she was out of earshot. He put on all his armor, re-polished his sword, and picked up his cloak. It was thoroughly stained by he and Kylie. Fedor walked a short distance, following the sound of rushing water. He found a small stream and washed the cloak, then smeared it with pine needles and traces of the spiders blood. He put it back on and treaded silently back to the campsite.

When he arrived Kylie was munching away on a dead animal, making quite a mess of her face. The back half of the rabbit was off to the side, breakfast for Fedor, if he pleased. The cat pulled at some tendons, causing blood to spurt then her ears perked as she saw him. Her purr was her only audible sign of acknowledgment.

Fedor blinked at her. He didn't know if the cats cooked their food. Apparently not all the time. "Let me guess, you're going to clean that all off with your tongue, right?" Fedor pointed at her and chuckled to himself. Then he rolled his eyes. "I won't be kissing you for a while."

She gurgled with laughter and motioned to the other half of it happily. Kylie didn't know if he wanted it, however she wanted to be sure he was offered it before she decided to finish it. The cat swallowed a chunk of flesh then smiled at him.

Fedor grimaced slightly, then grinned. "No thanks." he sat next to her, looking around at the surrounding forest. "Which direction are we going?" he couldn't resist the urge to touch her. He slid a hand up the small of her back, feeling her slick fur.

Kylie leaned into his touch, "West. If we run today we might make it by late tonight." Finishing the rabbit, she blooded the other half then began to lick herself clean. It only took a few moments, then she was ready to get going after stepping into the makeshift clothing. "All set?"

Fedor stood and motioned her to lead. She seemed rejuvenated and surprisingly fast. Soon as he ran after her, impressively quick and quiet for a man but still clumsy in comparison to Kylie's grace. The sun shown in little beams through the high canopy. Roots and shrubs that Kylie leapt over easily required some effort for Antonio. He insisted on carrying all the gear.

It was early evening when they took a break, Kylie panting and lapping at a stream. Unlike her ancestors Kylie's race enjoyed the water and the cat dunked her head, water dripping down her ears to soak the fur of her shoulders and neck. "Might need a nap to continue." She warned Fedor.

He sat with a thud and unloaded his satchel. The day had been surprisingly uneventful. Despite numerous sightings of spiders, huge falcons that could have carried Kylie off, and even a pack of wolves the size of jungle tigers, all creatures had kept their distance. Fedor still refused complacency. "Fine by me." he removed his shoulder plates and chest armor. For the moment he kept his half steel gauntlets and boots on.

Brushing away twigs and leaves, Kylie curled up against the log Fedor had sat on, her tail wrapped around herself and a paw laying behind his feet. She was asleep in moments. She was extremely sore, but Kylie had a tough soul and had not complained, nor shown weakness until now.

Fedor remained seated beside her. He looked very closely at his hands, covered in black leather, knuckles studded and back covered in chromed steel, a gift from the King's head general. Fedor had fought in the last war of subjugation, north of his homeland. The people he killed, forty-six of them to be exact, had tan skin and thick black hair, like his. What choice did a slave have?

Fedor turned them over. No scars on his body save on his palms, from his own sword handle. He sighed. He looked to Kylie's sleeping body and felt a weight of guilt like an albatross around his neck. Thank heavens he might signal a day early. He prayed, whispering his father's name, and a prayer in his native language.

"Allez por may satra, Guidaro, befrost for seas, et tui satra, Fellipe, guide me to the victory, the one you did not see."

A noise in the brush behind him was very faint, but there was something moving.

Fedor stood, feeling foolish, knowing it was far too late to rearm himself. He drew the sword from his back in time to deflect the first tomahawk. The second struck his left gauntlet and cut straight through the steel. His hand seared in pain but he held tight to the sword with his right hand. He wrung his left to dislodge the axe.

Kylie twitched, then awoke quickly as she heard his breath of pain. Her eyes immediately found the hidden cats and leapt to her feet, yowling in anger. "Stop!" She yelled, throwing her small body in front of him, her eyes glaring into the underbrush. Light glinted off one of the cats claws as it hesitated, then stood.

Its fur was black, with white streaks, while its fellows were a brown tabby and a calico. "Why are you with that human?" Asked the black male, him being almost as tall as a human would be. His tomahawks were the ones that had been thrown, and the two cats flanked the pair, weapons out but calm. Kylie glanced to them all, her ears completely raised and her posture literally screamed dominance. The two females were not warriors, but the black cat was diamond cased just like she was.

He wilted under her hard gaze, and almost withdrew his question, but Kylie spoke first. "This is my mate."

The cat's ears all swiveled in shock.

Dishonor: Part Three coming soon.

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