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I love you,
What more can I say,
Each day I can’t talk to you
I just go completely insane
Every day I cannot feel your l touch
I go so even more mad that
The next moment I know I will
Just never quite be the same

That isn’t the end of it, that much I can say
When you could not decide who you wanted
I fell apart I went insane,
you crushed me from the inside
I know I will never be quite the same

You said you were not like the rest,
Different on the inside different habits
All of that just seems like one big lie!
You want to be with her, the one that broke you heart
Can’t you see she don’t want you, not even your heart

I would cherish you dearly
Like no other could, a whole different story
Of that girl you though that should
I know I’m someone different, but to me your that him.
To me you are the one, the guy I want to be with
The one I’d give my life, the one to see the world with.

[Chorus X2]

I love you more each day, me hear isn’t the same
You took it in our hand, with that simple hello
And though I’m someone different now I will hold out my hope
That one day you will love me too, just like that girl
Who treated you like you were the same,
Another dick to fuck, another man to fool,

[Chorus X4]

You said you weren’t the same,
I don’t know if that is true, but I know that you are my one
The one who holds so true, sometimes I hope at night
You will come to me and hold me close,
Like you did for her, That I will be the one
That you will love forever

[Chorus X5]

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