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2006-04-11 02:18:08
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A little Tutorial on how to do a digital sketch and then get a clean version out of it in the end.

- This tutorial contains a few images. Give it some time to load.
- This is a very short tutorial and you require Asrun's Tutorials (How to ink in photoshop) to complete this. Sorry. At some point I might add an own inking explanation, but right now I was just too lazy..
- This drawing was done all quickly and without any patience for details.. duh!








Result with colors and poor background:


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2005-09-28 [liiga]: Very pretty! But if you don't mind the crit, she could really use a ribcage. ^^;

2005-09-28 [Ocean Soul]: A ripcage? I will use it if you explain what that is ;)

2005-09-28 [liiga]: Ribcage, basically - ribs. Right now you made her torso about the same width as the waist, plus boobs. I'd suggest including a box for the ribcage in the stick figure - Loomis ( has some awesome advice on how to do that in a simple yet effective way.

2005-09-28 [Ocean Soul]: ah, now that makes more sense ;) Yes I know, the drawing is pretty poor, also look (or better don´t look) at the right knee.. and the hands/wrists.. all messed up :P I was just rushing everything, oh well :/

2005-09-28 [liiga]: well, take into consideration that people will be learning from this tut. :)

2005-09-28 [Ocean Soul]: You´re right.. on the other hand is the tutorial for the technical aspect of it, and not for anatomy or anything.. Mh.. I´ll change it anyway I guess.

2005-12-26 [Wilde Card]: omg.. wow, I finally see what I'm doing wrong! Thank you! =D *hug*

2005-12-26 [Ocean Soul]: What is it Leo :P

2007-02-25 [DarkJenni]: I'm going to try this!! Looks fairly easy to follow, but what if you don't have a tablet, can you do it without it? I have one, but I erm....lost my pen. lol

2007-02-25 [Ocean Soul]: Weeeeell... without tablet it's harder, of course. But if you can handle your mouse very good, the sketch shouldn't be a problem. And the inking, as described in [Asrun]'s How to ink in photoshop works just fine without mouse =)

2007-03-13 [DarkJenni]: alright, ^^, thankyou hun.

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