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Dieties of Semedia

Semedia: Dragon Knights

1. Salune: Goddess of the moon and night.

2. Garathias: God of darkness and death.

3. Taral: God of day and the sun.

4. Parasa: Goddess of healing and life.

5. Kelaran & Haraia: God and Goddess of love and fertility.

6. Silvanus: God of nature.

7. Jaret: God of war.

8. Faya: Goddess of strength and will.

9. Varsh: God of treachery.

10. Keltran: God of murder.

11. Baralia: Goddess of thievery and deception.

12.Tarat & Nina: God & Goddess of friendships and alliances.

13. Harved: God of hate.

14. Tiaza: Goddess of lust.

15. Kiado & Ziala: God and Goddess of everything, overlords of the gods.

16. Helena: Goddess of mercy and wisdom.

17. Harmoina: Goddess of faith and hope.

18. Moinora: Goddess of hunting and the arts.

19 Frienwas: God of luck and fortune.

20. Haren: God of skill.

21. Fazarass: God of the Demons.

22. Goreas: God of sharing and offering.

23. Tira: Goddes of virtue and honor.

24. Yarin: God of law and justice.

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