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Dice Bags by: [Ravenclaw]


(limited time only)

Hello and thank you for showing interest in owning your very own hand made chainmail dice bag.
These bags are not only a safe means to carry your dice, but a fashionable one as well.
Be the talk of your group by owning one of these stylish bags.

Each ring is hand coiled by my husband [shadow of darkness].
You can easily tell that every ring is unique and no two bags are exactly alike.
Each bag is hand ringed and tediously crafted by myself [Ravenclaw] so you may own a one of a kind quality product.


Every bag is crafted from 17 gauge galvanized steel wire.
The kind of stuff they market to keep livestock enclosed.
So not only will your bag be a spiffy shade of silver, sturdy and durable,
but electrically conductive as well lol.


The Traveler

We start our journey with what I like to call The Traveler.
This handy little bag holds exactly one set of standard "D&D" dice.
It's perfect for the player always on the go.
Never know when a gang of Orc's might pop up?
Just toss this little fella in your bag or purse and your on your way.
You'll always have your favorite set no matter the occasion.


This bag also holds 10 standard D10's.


The Wanderer

Half way through our travels we meet The Wanderer.
The Wander is a casual sort, ready for a game and always eager to help a friend.
With the Wanderer you can carry two sets of dice at all times.
Have a friend who forgot their dice or prefer having separate sets for separate actions?
Always be prepared because you had the foresight to carry two sets of dice.


Also perfect for spare change
or that pesky flash drive you can never find.


The Master

Our journey comes to the end as we come to the home of the Master.
The Master is just that, ready for a fight and wise enough know to when not to.
By carrying three sets of dice you are likely the final destination for any gamer.
They've come to you because you know what your doing.
You play, you mod, you dominate the realm with your expertise.



The bag above is my own personal bag.
I posted this one because it's a good example of the sort of "tarnish" you should expect.
I've also greatly mistreated this bag since making it, but I've never lost a die.


You may have noticed a trend in pricing.
If your seeking a larger bag than those listed here, that can easily be arranged.
4 sets = $50, 5 = $60 and so on. 

Note that a "set" of dice contains one each of the following:
D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and percentile.
Play Vampire?
The Traveler also holds one set of ten D10's.

Ready to place your order?
Some things you should know

Waiting List

[shadow of darkness] (custom size)
[Flisky] (custom size 9 sets)

Username (or number or email):


2011-09-12 [Flisky]: ...Can you make one that holds 7 sets of dice plus two still on the boxes? (And call it the Game Master?) That's what I usually carry as far as dice go.

2011-09-12 [Ravenclaw]: That would probably be bigger than The Professional. If we're thinking of the same boxes I have a couple so I can make sure it all fits nicely.

These right?

2011-09-12 [Flisky]: Yep. Those are the boxes. XD

I mod games a lot and need a lot of dice. Which is a pain when it comes to dice bags.

2011-09-12 [Ravenclaw]: Why bother keeping them in the boxes?

2011-09-12 [Flisky]: I only keep my personal ones in the boxes. The rest are loose. If I'm at a game where I'm not GMing, it helps to have them separate so I don't have to sort through 70+ some odd dice. :P

2011-09-12 [Ravenclaw]: 70+ dice won't fit in a bag big enough for only seven and two sets in boxes. That's only 18 dice... are you sure the GM will be big enough to fit your needs?

Or did you mean seven sets and two boxes?

2011-09-12 [Ravenclaw]: Ah yes... I see. I misread that the first time... damn Flisk, this is gonna be an expensive bag.

2011-09-12 [Flisky]: I know...Which is why I wanted to make sure you could do it before I placed an order. XD

2011-09-12 [Ravenclaw]: Oh I can do it... it's gonna take a while. I'm making a professional at the moment, which shouldn't take much longer to finish. I'll begin work on yours after it's done. It will take a bit of rethinking of the initial design... But I'm confident that I can build a bag big enough for you.

2011-09-12 [Flisky]: Take your time. I don't get my first pay check for two weeks, so if there are other bags, do those first. :)

2011-09-12 [Ravenclaw]: Your the first order so once I'm done with the one I'm working on now I'll get to work on yours. I will have to do a little bit of guess work considering between Sod and I we only have 6 sets lol. I'll find a way to represent an extra set so I know everything fits nicely.

2011-09-12 [Flisky]: I started gaming in high school so my dice collection is ridiculous. Even my book collection is ridiculous. :P

2011-09-13 [shadow of darkness]: .....7 sets PLUS 2 boxes?! have no idea how much work I have to do now....ugh

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: Sorry. XP I can...wait.

2011-09-13 [shadow of darkness]: lol you're gonna have to. It'll take me a while to make all those rings

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: Yeah, I'm evil.

2011-09-13 [Ravenclaw]: Yeah, considering how big this thing will be, I probably won't ask you to send the money order till I'm almost done. If it takes a month to make then I don't want you thinking I stole your money lol.

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: I'll set aside the money as soon as I get it. So it's ready to go when you are. :)

2011-09-13 [Ravenclaw]: Good idea. Since this will essentially hold 9 sets and based on the pricing I already have, it's gonna be a $100 bag.

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: That's what I figured. It'll be sooooo worth it. XD

2011-09-13 [Ravenclaw]: Lol

2011-09-13 [Ravenclaw]: I'm gonna give it a name other than The Game Gaster... Something like The Devistator... The Dungeon Master... I need to change the name of The Professional too... I prefer a name ending with er/or.

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: I like The Devastator. It's what any good GM really is. :)

2011-09-13 [shadow of darkness]: i think Tormentor would be nice for Flisky's bag lol

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: That's even better. XD

2011-09-13 [Ravenclaw]: Yeah Tormentor cause it'll be tormenting building the damn thing lol.

2011-09-13 [shadow of darkness]: indeed

2011-09-13 [Flisky]: Yeah, it's doubly appropriate.

2011-09-13 [Ravenclaw]: Alright... well you hoard your money and when I get done with Sod's I'll set to work on yours. I'll be practicing with sods because he wasn't one that holds like 5 sets and I can't make one like that the same way I've done these three. So your's will be the same design as sod's I think.

2011-09-15 [Ravenclaw]: Thought you might like to see your bag in progress. I was going to do Sod's first and practice with the larger size, but it's going to end up a lot larger than I had planned to do Sod's. It'll be as big around as the outer most layer of the first pic. That's a quarter for reference. I'm 99% sure so long as your dice are typical size, they won't fall out the bottom. (right) I tested it with mine but I'm going to try and figure something out to close it up a little more just to be safe. I had to use a small keyring rather than making one. I gotta make more rings. I miscalculated thinking I needed 560, (430 shown here) but it's gonna be more like 1120.


2011-09-20 [Flisky]: XD

It's gonna be a great bad, I know it.

2011-09-20 [Ravenclaw]: <img100*0:stuff/aj/8995/1316554260.jpg> It has much more room to expand than this, but it's on a soda can for reference. I'm going to test what it holds in about 5 more rows and if it doesn't hold what it's supposed to... Well I guess I'll keep going won't I? lol

2011-09-21 [Flisky]: Wow. It's gonna be AWESOME!

2011-09-21 [Ravenclaw]: I could have probably fit it over 2 cans if i tried.

2011-09-21 [Flisky]: XD

2011-09-22 [shadow of darkness]: thats no shipping cost to those who are wondering what the no shipping up top means

2011-10-08 [Ravenclaw]: Okey Dokey. Flisk your bag is nearly done. All that needs to be done now is that I have to make the tie and take pics. It fits every single die SoD and I have in the house. That's eight standard sets, one non typical set (all the same dice just shaped funky) one set of 10 D:10 Masquerade dice and two standard boxes. It's got a little breathing room but not much. Probably enough room for one more set but it'll be snug. When filling the bag I advise that you place the boxes upright side by side in the bottom then fill the loose dice in around them. They fit in other configurations but that looked the tidiest. I don't have my pay pal account set up completely yet so when your ready just message me and we can exchange info for a money order. I think your gonna like it. I have a whole new set of calluses because of you lol.

You don't have any small dice do you? I used a standard key chain ring for the bottom and standard D&D dice can't fit through it, but if you've an oddly shaped set tell me now and I'll see about closing up the bottom a bit.

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: Flisk?

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: I have a few odds and ends I have in my sets, like counters and stuff, but it'll be fine. If it gives me too much trouble, I'll line the bag with cloth.

I'm still getting my paypal fixed (it got messed up when I tried to delete my old bank account), so I'll let you know when I get it up again.

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: I don't even have my pay pal confirmed. I've no money in my bank account so I can't confirm lol. Are you willing to do this with a money order? I did a lot of eBay transactions in the past by only accepting money orders.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: I can. ^_^ It might be a little while before I can send it, though. (I'm in the process of opening a new bank account, and then of course I have to get the money and find a place that actually does money orders...)

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: <img100*0:stuff/aj/8995/1318192091.jpg>A standard water bottle for scale.

Lots of places do money orders. Wal-Marts other stores, some gas stations, any bank and you don't need an account for a money order. They cost a nominal fee, like a few cents depending on how much it is.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: WalMart will probably be my best bet then. I'll try to get it out as soon as possible. (First paycheck of the new job, btw. It's going to be small and might not be enough to pay my bills. Bleh. Might have to wait until I get paid again. I hate two week pay periods.)

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: So long as I get paid I can wait. I wouldn't want one of my friends to renig on a deal and I'm sure you don't want to do that ether. If you have bills and priorities take care of those first. So long as you give me an awesome review that I can post lol.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: Awesome review. Got it. XD

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: lol. I'll mail it in a U.S. flat rate box... probably an envelope. Sod will be doing the actual mailing lol. His mom was a postal employee so he knows stuff and every time I mail something I end up costing myself money lol.

I know the pic is below par but are you satisfied with the bag? The leather cord is still stiff but I have to work with it a bit while I take better pics so hopefully I can loosen it up for you a little.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: More than satisfied. ^_^ I love the craftsmanship of my fellow ETers.

I'll try to send a money order (might not be for the full amount) as soon as possible. The rest will come after. I had to pick the ridiculously expensive size, but I also have a lot of dice, so...yeah.

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: It was supposed to hold seven and two boxes right? Well this one holds the equivalent of 10 sets and two boxes, so you've gotten more than you ordered. You'll have enough room for what you have now and a few more sets should you decided to get some more.

And yes, half now and half later will be ok. I'll send it once I get the 2nd payment.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: ^_^

I always want more dice.

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: Everyone wants more dice.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: So true. :)

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: I have to make SoD's bag nearly the size of yours because he won't stop buying sets.

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: Heehee. They do come in handy.

2011-10-09 [Ravenclaw]: We haven't played in a while ether so it makes no sense lol.

2011-10-19 [Flisky]: RC, I'm having some housing issues. (Okay, my brother is kicking me out of his home.) I may be forced to move back to MI, so...uh...yeah, I'll get back to you. (Don't sell the bag! I still very much want it!)

2011-10-19 [Ravenclaw]: I won't sell it.

2011-10-19 [Flisky]: ^_^ Thank you. (As my life continues to blow up in my face, I am realizing how grateful I am for all my friends here on ET.)

2011-10-19 [Ravenclaw]: Lol. You're lucky I had a lil extra work this week cause I've been anticipating your message asking for my address.

2011-10-19 [Flisky]: I'll still need that, though. XD Just probably not for a week or so. (I might already have a job when I get to wherever I am going.)

2011-10-19 [Ravenclaw]: Ok, like I said, take care of your stuff first. I can wait.

2011-10-19 [Flisky]: ^_^

I will still write you a magnificent review on your patience and understanding, the quality of your creations, the professionalism, and the customer courtesy of the 'company'.

2011-10-19 [Ravenclaw]: lol thanks

2013-04-03 [Lothuriel]: These are a lot of awesome!

2013-04-03 [Ravenclaw]: Thanks. It would also be a lot of awesome if you bought one. *hint hint nudge nudge*

2013-04-03 [Lothuriel]: I may just have to do that!! Mr. Man's birthday is coming up in a couple of months! THis would be perfect for him.. :)

2013-04-03 [Ravenclaw]: Awesome and with a couple of months I wouldn't have to break my hands building it. Sod also likes a little advance notice before I make him start making rings lol. I think I have enough in stock at the moment to make at least a Wanderer.

2013-04-03 [Lothuriel]: Hmmm ... let me think on this. I know he'd love it but, I have to make sure he doesn't already have one.

2013-04-03 [Ravenclaw]: No prob.

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