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Character name: General Demetri Bashmet
Character setting: Steampunk
Race: Russian
Age: 28
Height: 6'2''
Eye color/shape: Brown and oval shaped. He often keeps his goggles on so his kind eyes are often hidden.

Hair color/style: His hair is a light brown and completely slicked back. Due to his rank, he must keep it short and cut right at the ear. Though it is covered with a hat most of the time.

Face specifics: His face is almond shaped and forms a strong lower jaw. His cheek bones are well defined and thick. Demetri has thin chops that angle around his jaw and two scars that go from his temple to just past his left eye. He lost his right arm when it was crushed between two airship walls during one of his first missions as a captain.

Body specifics: Average to husky body type though it doesn't prevent him at all from being as athletic as he is.

Occupation: Sky General of a small fleet.

History: His mother died during childbirth due to complications. However, Demetri's family was very wealthy so his father had hired a caregiver to help him in his schooling. His Father was a famous designer and artist for weapons of war. Unfortunately, Demetri's father was also a pervert of perverts. He would bring home prostitutes, whores, students, fellow engineers and have his way with them. Whether they wanted to or not didn't even matter. Demetri would hear them, feel them through the walls and even saw what his father would do to these poor women...and men. As he grew older, his interest in what his father did grew. When he was merely a preteen, his father caught him spying and tied him to the bedpost with his other victim.
After that night, there were many other encounters on a weekly basis. The more he was- handled by his father, the more passionate he became of the whole concept. Though this ended when his father died in a mechanical accident. He kept in his lusts until his professor in Military school assisted him a bit.

Personality: For the most part, he is a loudmouth, nutty sky pilot. His actions in the air are often quite reckless and yet miraculously always seem to work themselves out for the better.

Sexual preference: Bisexual


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