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     Deities of Seletar

The Tower of Seletar

1. Saluine: Goddess of the moon and night
  Symbol: Crescent moon, and a diamond of stars.

2. Garathias: God of Darkness and death
  Symbol: A dark circle with a skull in its center.

3. Taral: God of Day and the sun
  Symbol: The sun with rays of light.

4. Parasa: Goddess of healing and life
  Symbol: The tree of life or a tree with water under it.

5. Kelaran & Haraia: God and Goddess of love and fertility
  Symbol: Two lovers hand and hand, or two parents holding a

6. Silvanus: God of nature
  symbol: An oak tree

7. Jaret: God of War
  Symbol: Two swords crossed.

8. Faya: Goddess of strength and will
  Symbol: A figure climbing a mountain.

9. Varsh: God of treachery
  Symbol: The snake, or a man being stabbed in the back.

10. Keltran: God of murder
  A figure (believed to represent Keltran) standing over
  many dead bodies, bloody sword in hand.

11. Baralia: Goddess of thievery, and deception
  Symbol: A hand picking a pouch.

12. Tarat & Nina: God & Goddess of friendships and alliances
  Symbol: Two hands clasped in friendship.

13. Harved: God of Hate
  Symbol: A ring of dark red.

14. Tiaza: Goddess of Lust
  Symbol: Two rings with small thorns to represent hidden
  motives or intent.

15. Kiado & Ziala: God and Goddess of all
  Symbol: An encompassing circle. 

16. Helena: Goddess of mercy and wisdom
  Symbol: The owl.

17. Harmoina: Goddess of faith and hope
  Symbol: The sun or a circle of light.

18. Moinora: Goddess of hunting and arts
  Symbol: The bow also associated with weaving

19 Frienwas: God of luck and fortune
  Symbol: Gold.

20. Haren: God of skill
  Symbol: A complex knot.

21. Fazarass: God of the Demons
  Symbol: Twisted horns.

22. Goreas: God of sharing and offering
  Symbol: Hands palm facing up with an item on it.

23. Tira: Goddes of Virtue and Honor
  Symbol: A sword and shield, sword tip facing down.

24. Yarin: God of Law and Justice
  Symbol: scales or the eagle.

25. Nova: God of the earth
  Symbol: A mountain.

26. Lia: Goddess of water

27. Juru: God of winds
  Symbol: Two intersecting swirls.

28. Iaoka: God of Fire
  Syumbol: A burning branch or hearth fire.

29. Lloth the "spider queen": Goddess of chaos and the drow.
  Symbol: black widow

30. Sol: God of mystery and secrets.
  Symbol: The all seeing eye or a shadowy silhouette.

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2008-10-27 [Silver Moon]: these are all done by others
I will get pics for the other deities when I have a chnace

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