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2011-05-25 12:42:34
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Defense Devil review

Defense Devil was a very interesting and humorous manga to read! I have an issue with skipping over manga chapters when I get bored but not so with this one! I was carrying my laptop around for 2 days until I reached the end. During the space of this manga I cried, cheered and then laughed. The main character is the prince of the demon world known as Mephisto Bart Kucabara. He loses his powers and becomes a "devil lawyer" fighting to keep souls from going to Hell unjustly. Although the first few chapters are more of a one-shot kind of deal the story rapidly progresses and turns into one of the best manga's I've read in a while. I will warn readers now, this manga is NOT for religious fanatics and readers under 18 must read at their own risk... or preferably not at all. lol
/ [Lirerial]

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