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Defenders of Common Sense

If you feel that common sense is lacking in the world and you want to make it right, sign up below. We have a wide array of logical, sensical weapons as well as a variety of weapons of responsibility and discretion so go ahead and pick something that suits you!

1. [Falx]: Ready to whomp on some morons with the Logic Stick!
2. [Kyrinn]: Ignorance and stupidity seem to go hand in hand. Ready to do my part to rid this place of them to leave more oxygen for the rest of us. *grin*
3. [cuntstitches]
4. [Panda-monium]
5. [HiddenFire] It's about time the gene pool had somone come in a skim off all the debris and slime. That and shock it well with a good dose of chlorine (common sense in this analogy). ^_^
6. [Avoral] - So many wikis claim to be centered around ridding the "ignorant" and "stupid" from the world, but in reality are naught more than self-righteous cesspools cultivating the very thing they claim to be against. It's nice to see at least ONE wiki (plus mine, of course... FEEL MY EGO!) with its priorities straight. Count me in, [Falx]; I'm all about some superior logic.
7. [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE] - Heck! so what if I'm a ChilD OF ChaoS. That doesn't mean I can't like common sense. Let's kick some moron ass!
8.[Delladreing] dont forget about the logic stick with spikes helps to persuade others of a less, shall we say "inteligent" mind
10. [Cactus in a Hat] Ok just listen to this, a family went on holiday for a week, a burglar broke in to their house, but upon escape got trapped in the garage. He lived on dog food and stale water for the week, when the family returned he sued them for unlawful imprisonment! (And won! $300,000!!!! Whats the world coming to!)
11. [stuffAEAmade] Ignorancy and stupidity are gaining way to much momentum in this day and age...
12.[Archeress of Mirkwood] Somethings I guess just aren't supposed to make sence...? (The McD's thing. par say?)
13. [Kelaria] I knew common sense well *sniff, sniff* I just wish that it hadn't died so soon!!! *sobs*
14. [Tapestry of Destiny]
15. [Pyra] Ahh, thankgoodness. A wiki for common sense. People seem to be out of touch with it nowadays.
16. [Blackshire] what are we without common sense?
17. [itoe] Einstein was right: "There are two constants: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the first one." - Ignorance is not the crime. Stubborn defense of ignorance as truth is. I was once likened to a ferret for my tenacity against the stubbornly ignorant. I shall be the Ferret of Truth! (...or maybe not...)
18.[Azuri] Its a shame common sense isn't common these days.
19. [Sidhe Todd] Sense, of the common variety, is a good thing. Promise.
20. [Lost in Illusions] I received a badge for my display of logic and persistence in fake goths, therefore it's only logical that I join this wiki, neh? 
21. [T_Pop]"I lost all faith in the intelligence of mankind the day I heard that someone actually fallows the quote 'I do what my rice crispies tell me to do'"
22.[sequeena_rae] I'm all up for randomness (being a randomer myself) but there's random and then there's plain daft.
23.[POG] Is sensible most of the time. Apart from when intoxicated. Which is never.
24.[Estantia] Why didn't I find this wiki before?! I'm glad to see common sense hadn't died completely...
25 [Fireblade K'Chona] Good lord, sometimes I just want to smack people who go on and on about stuff they know nothing about. >.<
26. [merihevonen]
27. [Dark Side of the Moon] Lack of common sense can kill you. Yet some people lack the sense to even realize this.
28. [moonscale]I have common sense, I also have insanity. Becasue I have common sense my insanity hasn't killed me (yet)
29. [Inehmo]
30. [Verbam] Common sense! It livessss! Merciful honey cows!

Ferret of Truth

Here shall be recognized those people who have persisted in the enlightenment of the stubbornly ignorant, either by deed or word.

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[Estantia]: I just believe whatever the hell I believe, something vaguely fateish.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Heh! Nicely said, Estantia!

[Estantia]: ...and I only just notced the pun >.< oops... ah well, mine doesn't have a name, though it has a classification at a guess

[moonscale]: Did you take a quiz or something?

[Estantia]: there is one, I can't remember it though

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: What quiz?
::is confused::

[Lost in Illusions]: "belief-o-matic"

[moonscale]: I found it by google search ;) Its a bit odd though. My lowest was Roman Catholic I think, which is a musing since that is what I was babtised. I only found out I had been when I turned 14, the age where one may legally choose, so I stepped out of the church.

[Lost in Illusions]: really? Most churches dont even care what you do with them, as long as you send money. Lots and lots of money. Oh, and brainwash others to believe the same that they do.

Catholicism is a bit different, I suppose, but I didnt' even know there was an "age of choosing" *shrug*

[Delladreing]: I thought it was only the baptist church that did that? Hmm oh well.

[Estantia]: nope, baptist is (another) subsect of christianity

[Delladreing]: I am aware of that :)

But I was under the impression that it was only them that did confirmation of beliefs, then again its been a good few years since I read over any core materials on the matter.

[Estantia]: nope, most of them do, that's confirmation or something i think...

[Delladreing]: I just said that :P
And my own family church didn't have anything like it, why I am asking.

[moonscale]: The age of choosing thing is the law. In both Germany and America which are the only places that matter for me, legaly.

[Falx]: Well, I know that other churches have what's called an initiation ceremony. It's kind of like a cross between confirmation and baptism. At my dad's church they take everybody to be initiated up to Deep Creek Lake and submerge them in the water.

[Lost in Illusions]: After spending the afternoon with one of my good friends, Adam, Quaker sounds like a great religion.. I'm not switching anywhere anytime soon, but it's so not what I thought. It's all about your personal relationship with the higher power, it has nothing to do with what the Christians talk about with Preachpreachpreach *turns around* hypocrite!

[Estantia]: I know, I had the funeral yesterday and the things he was saying were severely over the top and I couldn't help myself but comment. As a result it was hard not to laugh before getting into a metaphysical debate with myself...

Is it right to say the Lord's prayer if you don't believe? it is polite, and it is only words, but that only makes it not wrong, is it right?

[moonscale]: I think it depends really. Its a bit like the pledge of aliegance, should you say it if you don't mean it? Personally I think its foolish to do so but at the same time foolish to fight over something so trivial. Sometimes its a perfectly good thing to say for example a prayer if its for someone else. At a funeral its polite and in my case the sentiment would be just a bit different. I am not religious and I don't pray but if someone important to me asaked me to pray for them I would gladly do it. To them I would be talking to god on their behalf, for me I would be wishing them well and trying to make them happy. Most things are just what you make of them. 

[Estantia]: *nods* That's what I've ended up doing. there is a presence there certainly, but I end up treating it more as a friend than something to worship. So I'm respectful but only normal respect.

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