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Death Proof review

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Quentin Tarantino did a great job with this movie. it was more of a chick-flick than they billed it as... i had heard that it was sort of like those sexploitation movies from the 70's, but it really wasn't. sure, the chicks in it were pretty hot, but few movies these days feature unattractive women anyway.

it's really two stories that are connected, not just one continuous story.

the first part has a real 1970's feel to it, grainy picture, the occasional hair on the celluloid, Color By Deluxe stamp and all. looks like an old movie, it even feels like an old movie for this part. also in the first part, you meet Jungle Julia and her pals. Jungle Julia is a stunningly beautiful DJ (so not a face made for radio!) in Austin Texas. frankly, she is a bit of a bitch. there is a ton of girl talk (in both parts of the movie really), and a surprising amount of character development, considering what the movie was supposed to be. you also meet Stuntman Mike and his car. (yes, the cars are also characters. not in a Christine kind of way, but there are some pretty sweet muscle cars in the staring car roles.) Stuntman Mike's car in the fist part is a 1970 Nova... but not the sedan version, the Bad-ass Bow-tie kind of Nova, only even more souped-up... Lets just say that minus the "death box" and the Rubber Duck's hood ornament from Convoy, i've spent some time in similarly built cars, and loved it.  I didn't really identify with the chicks from the first part so much, so my interest waned a good bit. it felt a little hokey for me (not the car, just the movie), and i spent some time making a mental grocery list and deciding whether or not to take a nap. once Stuntman Mike finally makes his move though, i perked up and they had my interest. but that part ended soon after, with some gratuitous blood, guts and gore.

the second part happens like 14 months after the first, in Lebanon, Tennessee. He spots some chicks that are by all appearances very similar to the first group. he should have known by their '72 Mustang Grande that they weren't. this is the group of chicks i could identify with... 2 stunt chicks (one who actually is a real life stunt chick!), both gear heads... (why can't i find gal-pals like that?) there's tons more girl talk here, lots of it car related (yay!), and 90% of it absolutely hilarious. it's the one stunt girl's (the real one/the Kiwi) birthday, and she wants to go test drive the 1970 Challenger (with the 440 in it) that she's stalked the local paper looking for (and who can blame her.. it's an effing 440 Challenger! a yummy Mopar if i do say so myself.), not to buy it mind you, just to drive it... well, sorta. they didn't actually show her driving it. she did ride on the hood of it though... with belts. we never used belts when hood surfing.... um, i mean, riding on the hood is a stupid thing to do and you should never ever do it.

this time Stuntman Mike's car is a '69 Charger... think The General Lee only painted black, with no C.S.A. Battle Flag on the roof.. yet another fairly impressive Mopar, even if it is a little overused in movies, tv, and by rednecks everywhere.

so, as Zoe is riding the hood, the maniacal Stuntman Mike shows up, (ok, so it was obvious he would, but it's still fun to watch)and this time only damn near kills them all. Kim, the other stunt chick, carries a gun and at the end of the first part of the car chase, she manages to shoot Stuntman Mike in the upper arm, and make him whine and cry like a little girl, then run away and whine and cry some more. XD the girls decide to hunt this guy down and kill him. (a reasonable decision really... i'd have done the same.) cue another demolition car chase scene, followed by violence! hooray!

so, it's got great cars, blood and guts, girl talk to rival Sex In The City, and more funny crap in it than i can list. a great film for everyone who's ever been into any of that stuff in my opinion. it wasn't exactly a deep movie... but it sure as hell was fun to watch! and with a movie, isn't that all that really matters?
/ [hanhepi]

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2011-07-08 [Sideways]: Great movie! A testament that anything Tarentino touches turns to gold. But not Kill Bill. But that was Uma Thurman's fault.

2011-07-09 [hanhepi]: this really is an awesome movie. :) Kill Bill was okay, would have been better without Uma Thurman in it though.

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