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Dea al Mon

Basic origins: The Dea al Mon are originally from Anne Bishop’s ‘Black Jewels Trilogy.’ Like all of the blood some of them are jeweled and some of them not. (To be jeweled refers to the ability to do craft, or more simply magic. The color jewel shows how much power you have, starting with the weakest to the strongest the order is: White, Yellow, Tiger Eye, Rose, Summer-sky, Purple Dusk, Opal, Green, Sapphire, Red, Gray, Ebon Gray, Black)

The Dea al Mon are known as the Children of the Wood. Physically they traditionally have a slender, sinewy build, delicately pointed ears, long unbound silver hair and large, forest-blue eyes. They move silently and can be extremely deadly when they feel there is reason. They tend to distrust all those who are not Dea al Mon, although they are known to occasionally adopt outsiders into their clans. They are matriarchal.

All information from Anne Bishop’s ‘Heir to the Shadows.’

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