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2005-12-07 20:14:22
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2004-12-07 [.+*Visions of Falling Stars*+.]: Leon, aren't i meant to be editing or some shit O.o i sorta need drafts to do that... very much appreciated dude

2004-12-07 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Sara, don't I have school and aload of other stuff to cope with? I'm trying my best to do it -.-

2004-12-09 [VIVI1001]: Fucking hell! I have FINALLY finished the Dawn front cover :D I’m happy with the way its turned out, that was defiantly the hardest picture that I have ever done in CG. it just needs to be signed by you now Leon. Exams are now over, I can now get back to working on Dawn again. we are going to some Concept art done for the characters or I cant draw them.

2004-12-10 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Okay..

2004-12-10 [DELETED_FOREVER]: How have you all been ,?

2004-12-12 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Cool I guess you?

2004-12-15 [DELETED_FOREVER]: healing froma battle

2004-12-16 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: o.o; ok

2004-12-21 [DELETED_FOREVER]: yes..long ass stoy i do not wish to tell

2004-12-22 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Whenever you wish to tell, go ahead ^^; noone here will say anything bad about it, and if they will they won't be contributing to Dawn comic if they wished to before :D

2004-12-25 [DELETED_FOREVER]: Alright ..well..I was out in a little feeding frenzy and had that durn being watched feeling and then I started being atacked from all different angles..I was surrounded by arrows and shot several tmes in the chest and the arm and someone sliced my leg with a sword and then after they almost had me beaten they treid to caprutre me!They half succeeded..I was tto weak to fight back and let them take me..and then well....and then i was sort of rescued by somone who only meant to kill me anyway but there was a price for it...and then they kept spekaing in some foreign language..and was one big mess..and i still heal from it!

2004-12-26 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Okay

2005-02-13 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Oh my... Been sooooo long since I was on this wiki :| Sorry for any inconvinience guys..

2005-02-13 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: New character- Sin... XP New concepts for [VIVI1001].. Annnnnddddd pg 6 & 7 are drafted.. *Update on news*

2005-02-13 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Hey guys.. I've decided that Sinnikyn is going to have a selection of weapons throughout the comic. I think I'll start designing the weapons and see what our Illustator thinks...

2005-02-13 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Gah, such a bummer that there was such a delay with this... *Dies*

2005-02-13 [lluvia]: er..leon im losted!!!!

2005-02-13 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: XD Wahay, you got lost in how many seconds? 2 or 3, was it? *Ponders*

2005-03-29 [DELETED_FOREVER]: how is everyone?

2005-04-23 [.+*Visions of Falling Stars*+.]: Wow. I need drafts. I need work. GIMME!

2005-04-26 [Yhkamc Tacanja Du Tea]: Woah @_@ Aint seen you in a soon, ey? XP

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