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Set in the year 2072 - In a world where technology rules with black magic as its mistress; the unholy combination of genetic experimentation and ancient sorcery has produced monsters, angels, demons, and demi-gods alike all through the twisted brilliance of the "Good Doctor" and his people. The local government has done its best to mitigate the damages done, to reign in these former humans, and at times, utilize them as weapons of war.

They call them the Specials, they were once humans who had been tricked or forcably taken, many at a very young age, and through gentic enhancements have been made anew in the image of mythological beings or given extraordinary abilities or powers that should not exsist in this era of technology. The members of the task force charged with recruiting and controlling these super humans have been nicknamed Handlers. These are regular humans with biotic implants and augmented abilities to allow them to keep up with their unique charges and maintain control of the Compound.

This RP will be centered at The Compound just south-east of Sin City and will feature random missions with player controlled outcomes done in stages. The first stage began in the abandoned Laboratory #218, which is currently being wrapped up.

Playable characters currently are the Specials, and they can enter the game in three ways: having already been recruited by the government and living at the Compound, in stasis in one of the abandoned laboratories, or currently wandering the streets of Las Vegas where they will be picked up by the task force. It may have been years or simply days since the doctor released them into the world.

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2015-03-03 [ancienteye]: ...I feel like Harkin won't be as hilariously oblivious if he knows anything about the outside world. :/ Like how the roof and the sky are not the same thing.

2015-03-03 [The Black Goat]: given his strange appearence, he could have been kept in a basement all his life by his mom/dad/aunt/grandpa/grandma/other distant relative lol

2015-03-03 [ancienteye]: ...Oh, yeah. I forgot he looked weird. XP

2015-03-03 [ancienteye]: I'll fix his history this weekend when my finals are done.

2015-03-03 [The Black Goat]: so is that two yesses so far?

2015-03-03 [ancienteye]: Two yesses. :3

2015-03-03 [~Valkyrie~]: Sounds good to me. :)

2015-03-04 [Sheamus Finn]: Any thoughts to how Marcus might change? I'm willing to give it a shot though.

2015-03-04 [Lirerial]: Can I keep Silera? I'd play the new one too btw

2015-03-04 [The Black Goat]: I'd have to take a look, but silera would have to change a bit, I know for sure, since she's modeled after a goddess (a lot of characters are going to have to become seriously powered down now actually)

2015-03-04 [shadow of darkness]: what about Lysander? Would I have to change anything about him?

2015-03-05 [The Black Goat]: Give me a bit and I'll head over to the character page to make suggestions, but the main thing is that these characters aren't designed, they developed like this naturally, so the odds of their gift manifesting to exactly resemble a mythical being would be extremely low, maybe one in a million.

Think of this as a chance to play around with your characters abilities.

2015-03-05 [Asdroth]: Can I keep Luther or dose I needs new guy?

2015-03-05 [The Black Goat]: Luther should be fine, I'll be going through everyone's (who are showing interest in the upgraded version) character profiles to recommend minor changes or, worst case scenario, a complete overhaul of their abilities.

With the new version of this it's even more important that the characters aren't over powered.

2015-03-06 [CuteCommander]: I think I'd like to keep Fulther but perhaps play around with him a bit, change his powers and history, maybe add a little character development. What about Handlers?

2015-03-06 [The Black Goat]: They'll more or less have the same roll as agents in charge, they can also be very mildly gifted (Michael will have extremely limited precognition/telepathy)

2015-03-09 [Nuktae-tal]: I am interested in staying, I also have a new character concept.

2015-03-09 [ancienteye]: *curious* I'd still have to wait before introducing my second character, right? Should I remove her jaw-strength thing since they aren't being actively designed for combat anymore?

2015-03-10 [The Black Goat]: umm, might be awhile for second charcters after the shift over. I'm working on a smaller, less complicated HQ for them right now (dorms will be the same) which means some remapping, as well as revamping the DR pages to better fit the new theme.

2015-03-30 [Asdroth]: Interesting...

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