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Dark Horizons


Dark Horizons

Illustrated By Derek [Hendercrazy] Henderson
Art Print For: Art of Derek Henderson
Current State: Work In Progress

Artwork Details-
Dimensions: 17 inches (wide) x 22 inches (tall)
Paper: White cardstock
Line work: Technical pencil, mechanical pencil and plastic erasure.
Color work: Adobe Photoshop

Description: "Dark Horizons" is my first official art print and is dedicated to the late fantasy painter Keith Parkinson. While growing up, Keith's amazing art and vision had always been a major influence on my own art. Especially the amount of sheer coolness and wicked details he'd incorporate into his works. I'd first met and spent time with him at many Gen Cons over the years, on his online forum and even via some e-mails where he'd look over my portfolios/various works and give me encouraging/sagely advice. He was a genuinely awesome talent and incredibly nice guy... who also liked a good brew every now and then. :) I now lift a warrior's drink to Keith's memory and hope the gods are entertaining him well. ;)

/ [Hendercrazy]


Scan, assemble and clean-up:

Starting color flats:

Finishing color flats:

Starting background detail:

Midway background detail:

Starting on the mountain:

Just a bit left to go on the trees:

Background detail done:

Dragon scalework in progress and also with updated clouds:

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2010-05-30 [Yncke]: Looking forward to that, this drawing is promising to become a really great piece!

2010-05-30 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks [Yncke]! I really hope so... I'm trying hard to start off on the right foot. ;) I have a Keith Parkinson giclee painting sitting nearby as inspiration and motivation. :D

2010-06-07 [Hendercrazy]: Still not quite finished yet. Took a mini break from this to start up the Art Supplies Trove! wiki. :) In a way... I needed the break and it's now going to give me a fresh look at it again tonight when I get back to work. ;D Long live black dragons! \m/ \m/

2010-06-10 [organicparadox]: i have no doubts that you will provide much shock and awe with your final piece. we are blessed to get a glimpse at your process. viva la dragone!~

2010-06-10 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks for the props and faith boost man! :) It means a lot. :D It's not really gonna quite be all that... but I'm certainly ready to get this thing finished and move on to my next piece. Continue learning, growing and building. :)

2010-06-12 [Hendercrazy]: Okay, final scoop on the progression... I'll be posting the final version up on Friday, June 18th, 2010! :D

2010-06-12 [Serwa]: Lookin forward to it! Goodluck!

2010-06-19 [Hendercrazy]: Well, as you can see... I've not updated the final piece as I'd planned to do on Friday. I've had a wacky week of stuff going on and things to do and I'm afraid I didn't quite manage enough time to finish this piece up entirely. So, I'll just post the final when it's completed and not give any more time frames. Thanks for waiting for my surprise posting! :D

2010-06-19 [Serwa]: Hehe, I was just starting to wonder about it!
Take your time bro, no use rushing!
Enjoy your weekend!

2010-06-26 [Hendercrazy]: Yeah, I'm not in a big major rush... but, I did set myself some goals to hit and it'd be awesome if I could at least stick fairly close to them. :) Right now, I'm a falling behind schedule. :P In all sincerity though, part of the reason why I've slowed up (outside of delving into more detail in the pic) is that a good friend of mine is working hard on starting up a business from scratch and he's brought me on board to design his logo. That was time I wasn't accounting for. :\ :)

Nevertheless, in the meantime... I'm thinking about posting one more progression update (minus a few things) just to give you all one more look/step into the direction of it being finished. What do you think? Yays or nays?

2010-07-04 [Hendercrazy]: I've decided to toss out the schedule I was trying to keep with my prints (since I suck with time anyway) and just push my art to levels I've never gone before. Especially in color. So... this means I'll be posting more updates of this piece as I move onward! I'll finally be posting a new update tomorrow on my country's (USA) birthday (Independence Day)... the 4th of July! :D

2010-07-04 [Hendercrazy]: Ahhhhh... an update has arrived! :D Been working tediously on the dragon scales and also decided to show the updated clouds. Now you know why it's been taking so long! Admittedly, while my original intention was to keep this first print more on the simpleton side of things... but my illustrative side has now started to kick in and take over; thanks in part to switching over from mouse to drawing tablet. :P

2010-07-04 [Serwa]: Totally awesome! I really like what you did with it since the last update!

2010-07-05 [Yncke]: I really like the pattern on his skin.

2010-07-05 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks! :D I still have a lot to do with his scales, underbelly and skin. Looking forward to take him from his current flat state to that 3D vibe. ;)

2010-07-05 [Zab]: Neat changes :)

2010-07-14 [Paul Doyle]: Fin Fang Foom's father's brother's nephew's friend's former roommate has a grudge to settle with Foomie! Someone get Thor and Beta Ray Bill on the phone . . .

2010-07-14 [Hendercrazy]: Lol! I knew the geekdom in you would resurface Paul! :D Um... who's Foomie???

2010-07-15 [*Phoenix*]: I still think the background needs to be darker (esp the blue), and I know it's a working in progress, but I thought I'd tell you anyways. :]

2010-07-17 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks for the input [*Phoenix*] :D I actually do agree with you. However, it's currently bright on the screen because it's in RGB color... but when it goes to print in CMYK... it will be somewhat darker and will lose that neon sky blue look. ;)

2010-07-19 [*Phoenix*]: You're welcome. OH! I can totally understand that. We had a problem like that in Yearbook. They used the wrong color scheme. It wasn't fun. -_- Awesomeness. :]

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