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Dark Shadows review

I really liked it. I won't say I adored the movie, but like most Tim Burton's films, it's not a disappointment. I've been a Burton fan since I was a kid, I've always liked Jhonny Depp, and I remember watching reruns of Dark Shadows with my mom back when The Sci-Fi Channel was still The Sci-Fi Channel. So I went to this film expecting to be entertained, which I was.

If you're a hard core Dark Shadows fan, don't expect to see a remake of the classic soap opera. Go expecting to have a little fun. It's a spoof of course, but it does provide a few good shout outs.

Aside from the classic Gothic architecture of the Collinwood estate, repeated shots of the Atlantic crashing upon the craggy rocks of the Maine shoreline and Jhonny's ears, there were the following homages:

The first noticeable little nod to the past was Christopher Lee. Some of you might know him best as Sauroman, The White Wizard from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, or Count Dooku from the more recent Star Wars films. No, he's not a Dark Shadows alum, but he was a notable Dracula and horror film actor from "back in tha day". He helped to personify the classic film vampire and I consider his appearance an homage to the fact.

Secondly, Alice Cooper. No Alice was never on DS ether, but the dude is just awesome and all I have to say about that is, thank you Mr. Burton. Alice Rocks.

Thirdly, as guests arrive to the shindig featuring the a fore mentioned Alice, one might note the arrival of four elderly guests. Old school fans of the show would know them as Jonathan Frid, Kathy Leigh Scorr, Lara Parker and David Shelby. These four are otherwise known as the original Barnabas Collins, Maggie Evans, Angelique/Catherine Collins and Quintin/Charles Collins. I know it might not matter to many film goers, most probably wouldn't even have noticed, but I always enjoy when original cast members are invited to join in the re-celebration of their work.

As far as overall story goes, I never saw the show enough to know really tell you whether or not the film kept with the original storyline. But if you've seen the trailers and thought, "Hey, that looks pretty good..." I recommend you go see it. If you're reaction to the trailers is the opposite, don't bother. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give is a solid 7, but it is one of those films that if you don't like paying theater prices or sitting in a cramped seat for two hours, you might just wanna wait a few months till it comes out on dvd.

So in closing, Dark Shadows, Tim Burton and Jhonny Depp fans might wanna go ahead and buy their tickets, but if you prefer sitting in the comfort of your own home, it won't hurt ti wait a few months.

7 out of 10.

/ [Ravenclaw]

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