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2009-04-20 08:35:52
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How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry!

1. [Rice] - "Witch Doctor"

2. [GypsyHeart] - "Screamer"

3. [JajaJulie] - "The Statue"

4. [FamousPanda] - "Tears of Color"

5. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] -"Wanna Play Hangman?"

6. [Tableau Vivant] - "Murdering Childhood"

7. [Able Insane] - "Portrait of a Modern-day Woman"



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2009-01-21 [Jitter]: [ReDeMpTiOn], just take a picture holding keys in the same setting as the Photograph give me the link and I'll thumbnail it for you :) If you want to learn though, read Pseudo HTML and img

2009-01-21 [Rice]: Thankyou kindly Moira 8D

2009-01-21 [ReDeMpTiOn]: it's on older picture i don't think i can take it over
i guess i'll just have to enter some other time

2009-02-03 [Jitter]: [jananna] I love your entry but I can't see any keys in the proof photo

2009-02-05 [jananna]: oh I didn't read it well..this was taken in 2005 so it's not possible to have a pic with keys anymore.. I should take it off then right? it's okay , it's life :D

2009-02-06 [Rice]: Well Jananna is it YOU in the photo I'm assuming. So I think a photo of you with a key would be ok 8)
Counts as a proof photo.

2009-02-06 [Jitter]: Well if you wear the same clothes and take a picture with a key it's going to be fine, but we can't allow it without a key proof pic

2009-02-06 [FamousPanda]: Anyone feel free to comment on my entry. =D

2009-02-06 [jananna]: okay, it seems to get too difficult now.. :D better take it off then. (since the dress was my friend's mother's who has moved to the other side of Finland, I have no possibility to get the dress here..haha)
maybe next time :)

2009-02-06 [Chimes]: Maybe you could take a new picture?

2009-02-06 [jananna]: hmm maybe I could, seems like there's plenty of time til the deadline :)

2009-02-14 [Rice]: [Tableau Vivant] I assume you're just getting your proof picture now?

2009-02-14 [Tableau Vivant]: Just uploaded it;)

2009-02-14 [Rice]: Ah yes I was right.
Very nice~

2009-02-14 [Tableau Vivant]: =D thanks

2009-04-12 [Chimes]: [Able Insane], make sure you get a proof photo before the 19th. :]

2009-04-14 [Able Insane]: Thank you for reminding me!

2009-04-14 [Chimes]: You're welcome. :)

2009-04-17 [Xuan.]: Murdering Childhood is absolutely fabulous.

2009-04-18 [Tableau Vivant]: Thank you!:D

2009-04-20 [Jitter]: Voting at Et Dark Arts Voting

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