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                               +Dark Hearts+                                 


Hello and welcome to Dark Hearts. This is a haven for the wicked and obscure If you truly think this is for you, then add your name under members. FYI: This is constantly under construction, it may not be much now, but i will develop it further on. Thank you.



01.[obscure_Madame] President
02.[ MyEremiticRealm] Vice President
03.[TennisBaBe] VP #2 (hehe)
04.[me matas]receptionist or secretary take you pick!
05.[i like]i dont know what 2 b!
06.[Silver Storm] .....
07.(gies) thanks
... (gies) MBIC-CEO...LOL
09.[dumbassc]darkness will surround us one day but it already does in my world
10.[R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r]those who fail... to look beyond the veil...they take without giving... they die without living...
11. [Drowning In A Daydream] <img:>

+Dark Roleplaying Corner+

Here are the rules: no profanity, no perverted matters, and up to 5 lines only.

+Our Mascot+


+Our Banner/Badge+

This is currently under development. if you wish, you can donate one and i'll gladly put it up. Thank you.


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2005-04-05 [me matas]: so when will we ofically get up and running?

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