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2004-11-20 01:05:30
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Welcome to the casino...where anything goes...this is just a welcome page and i would appreciate it if you dont do too many things here but chat...thats what all of the other rooms are for...I hope you have a great time...If you have questions just ask~[Death's Die-Ary],[akroshii], or [Slayer Chick]and try not 2 curse 2 many ppl out or else we will kick durt in your face and kick u out dont matter if your not cursing ppl go 2 town and get wasted so just have fun and be stupid...[akroshii]

One more thing if someone is bothering you or doing something you dont like please send a message to one of the owners...and include what the person is doing and we will see what we can do...~[Death's Die-Ary]

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