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2006-08-08 00:29:21
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Name: [Jitter] but Nana is IRL name
ET Race:Halfling
Dark Arrow rank:Youngling
Backstory: I've been drawing since I was little and even attended some drawing lessons. High school arrived though so I ditched everything till I finallypicked up drawing again in 2003. I feel I have progressed a lot (Mainly because of the online antagonism) but there's a lways room to grow and I'd appreciate any help people can offer. Other than that I have finished a graphic design school and am currently working as a designer.

Knights Skills:
graphics goes here

Honors and Awards of the Dark Arrow:
graphics goes here

this is your current status do not change we will do it for you

Random Artwork:

Digital | Traditional -watercolour | Traditional -watercolour | Manip

As you can see my big problem is the surroundings -.-
more art found at jitter art

DarkArrow Trial 1 Layout

Some presketches


I'm quite satisfied with the 3rd and the 5th. Will work more on the rest


I don't like working with pencils though..

DarkArrow Trial 3 Character Design

DarkArrow Trial 3 100 Heads!

DarkArrow Trial 4 Random Junk

DarkArrow Trial 5 Computer Colouring

darkarrow trial 6 100 hands not heads, but hands


Username (or number or email):


2006-08-18 [Silver Wind]: Hi, just dropping by to say hello to a fellow youngling. ^_^ How's the trial coming along?

2006-08-18 [Jitter]: Thanks, not so good, I feel so not artistic at the moment... I blame the heat :) Thanks for passing by :)

2006-08-22 [Silver Wind]: Welcome. Hey, why don't you like working with pencils?

2006-08-22 [Jitter]: They're messy and have small edges. Nothing like a big brush ^_^

2006-08-23 [Silver Wind]: But they are brilliant for sharp edges and details! I'm a small detail fanatic, can't do much with only a brush.

2006-08-23 [Jitter]: yeah indeed but I mainly do details on digital. with pencil i only manage to smudge them >.<

2006-08-24 [Silver Wind]: Ah.

2006-09-03 [Silver Wind]: You could try to fool around with the pencils and make details, just to prove yourself wrong. As long as you use a farly hard pen, and draw more left to right and maybe put a paper under your hand so that you don't smudge I think it'll go fine.

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