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2006-08-29 06:06:30
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Name: Kaitlyn Osborne
ET Race: Elf
Dark Arrow Rank: Youngling
Instructor: TBA
Backstory: Well, I came to Elftown on my first username when I was just 18. (I am 21 now.) I had a few rough patches, and actually got banned twice for plagerism, because I could not seem to get it through my head that I should make, not steal. However, when I was 19, I drew something that won a daily notice on Elfwood, and that made me realise just how good it feels to actually create, and just how possesive one feels about their work. I have not taken anything else since then, and I have worked very hard to perfect my inking skills in Photoshop, as well as my abstract effects skills and webdesign skills. Somewhere along the way, around about the time I got my tablet, I suppose, I left traditional mediums by the wayside. I'm applying to this guild to work on these mediums, to get back to the basics, and find my own style, be it anime, manga, catroon, realism, or whatever works for me.

I've begun my journey with something I am semi-familiar with: computer cg. This brings me to DAT5: Kieli. Please feel free to leave comments/crits, etc.


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2006-08-21 [Just.Kate]: Like this, I guess. :P

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