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Darien Benison:

Character Name:

Darien Benison

User: [NamelessMerc].

Fiction Genre: High Fantasy.

Race: Human.

Age: 27.

Gender: Male

Rank/Class/Title: Professional Assassin.
 Prestige Class, Guild, or Kabal: Guild of The Lily.

Appearance: Set at roughly 5'8", with a weight of 160lbs., Darien has a fairly slim body. However, this is not to be confused with the idea that he is skinny, for there is not an ounce of fat on his frame; his training is rigorous, and Darien spends all of his spare time practising his fighting techniques. Darien is blessed as an assassin, having dark brown eyes and jet black hair, which when combined with his rather plain, non-descript visage makes him almost invisible to the casual observer. A native of Belius, a small village some seventy miles from the border of Kerith, Darien can usually be seen clothed in the local garb consisting of a plain beige shirt and dark brown leggings, tucked into worn and faded boots and cinched with a simple leather belt. All of his clothing is rather loose on his frame, hiding the fact that beneath is permanently affixed a padded undershirt, designed to keep him safe. When 'on-the-job', Darien wears deep greys and soft, cloth boots, having learned at an early age the folly of wearing black. There seems to be nothing striking about Darien at first glance, however if one were able to see under his sleeve on his right hand, they would notice a small tattoo on the inside of his wrist, a depiction of a lily in black ink, signifying his allegience to the Guild of The Lily.

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Skills: Darien has the ability to move almost without sound through any environment, and when wearing his cloth boots can make his way unnoticed by any mortal ear. In addition, the years of training have left him able to scale almost any surface, provided there are the scantest of handholds. Darien's training at the Guild also covered several aspects of combat. He is known htroughout the Guild as more than proficient with both his own body, and a pair of knives kept secreted in his boots at all times, not to mention a garotte secreted behind his belt buckle. In addition to this, Darien has knowledge of over thirty different poisons which he can concoct on-the-spot from various pouches and bottles sewn into his belt, as well as knowing the antidotes for all of them. Darien's one regret is that he has never had a penchant for magic, and so relies on others when magic is in play. This isn't to say that he doesn't like hte use of magic, just that he has no natural affinity for it whatsoever. To boot, Darien also has no sense of compassion, only profit and loss twinned with survival. This lack of feeling towards others has led to his segregation from most others, meaning that he finds it difficult to converse wiht anyone unless it has a specific point.
  -Weapons on hand: Twin daggers, kept in his boots; garotte, behind his belt buckle; phials of pre-made poison, hidden in his belt.

Personality: A reserved, taciturn person, Darien has no desire to let anyone inside. His entire life revolves around the pursuit of death, searching for the unattainable; a perfect kill. Darien's obsession with perfection in all his actions has lead to his isolation from most other people, as he views them as unnecessary and therefore useless to him. His one exception is magic-users, who he admits have skills he cannot begin to comprehend.

History: Born the second son of a minor cloth merchant, Darius has no recollection of his true home as it burned to the ground, victim of a rival's jealousy at Mr. Benison's success. Adopted by the Guild of The Lily at the age of four, Darien has spent the first half of his life training relentlessly within their walls, studying the art of death with apparent relish.
At the age of fourteen, Darien graduated top of his class from the Guild's Institute, becoming an apprentice assassin. His rise was fast, with several high-profile clients and marks to his name by the age of twenty. At this point, a bitter rivalry ensued between Darien and another assassin, by the name of Jeb. This culminated in Jeb attacking Darien in view of one of the Guild's Masters, attempting to drive a poisoned needle into Darien's spine while Darien was sweeping the floor of the Guild's refectory. The Master was impressed with Darien's abilities as he removed the needle from a stunned Jeb's hand, having retaliated with a single blow under Jeb's chin so fast that even the Guild Master had trouble following it. Ordering Darien to kill Jeb, the Master then petitioned for Darien to be accepted as a Lesser Assassin, the third rank in the Guild.
On the heels of his rapid promotion, Darien left the Guild Halls proper, setting himself up with their permission someways across the city of Kerdal. From that day to this, Darien has earned his living at the Guild's pleasure, taking whatever work has been given to him by the Masters.

Equipment and Belongings: Two daggers, one garotte, one assassin's leather belt, one backpack, one bedroll.


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