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2009-06-07 23:36:01
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[stuffAEAmade] Portfolio 2

I changed the order, but they're all there. Consider this a sort of prelude to pilgrim_comic :)

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/dystopia.jpg> Week 9: Dystopia

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/value.jpg> Week 2: Value

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/muse.jpg> Week 8: Muse

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/spring.jpg> Week 1: Spring

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/rituals.jpg> Week 5: Rituals

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/morning.jpg> +1: Morning

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/night.jpg> +2: Night

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/rock.jpg> Week 7: Rock

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/shell.jpg> Week 3: Shell

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/fruit.jpg> Week 4: Fruit

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/link.jpg> Week 6: Link

<img:stuff/z/22011/darport2order/wound.jpg> Week 10: Wound

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2009-04-09 [stuffAEAmade]: Just as soon as school stops kicking my butt here. >.o;

2009-06-07 [stuffAEAmade]: Shazaam!

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