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Daoine Sidhe

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The name Tuatha de Danann, means - People of the Goddess Dana - This is the race of people who reigned over ancient Erin after conquering the Firbolg's (fir-bull-ug)and the Fomhoire (Fuv-oe-reh).
They were known as Gods, until Christian dictates caused a lessening of their divine status to a supernatural, or spirit race. The Celts call them the Daoine Sidhe (deenie-shee), Spirit race, or Feadh-Ree - the Fairy Race of Ireland.

The arrival of human inhabitants to ancient Erin, firstly the People of Parthelon, and then the race of Nemed, date back to 6000 years BC The people of the Goddess Dana were not the first super-natural inhabitants of Erin. Before them were the Fomorian's and the Firbolgs's. No one knows when the Fomorian race arrived, so it is assumed that they were always there. The Firbolg race arrived somewhere about 4500 BC and the Tuatha de Danann around 4000 BC.

All the other races reached Erin by ships, landing on the east and south east coastline, but the Tuatha de Danann came in obscure clouds from the sky, landing on a mountain in the west of the country. They caused an eclipse of the sun for three days, and spread fog-sustaining clouds so that all inhabitants sought shelter for three days and three nights. They brought with them the Lia Facircil (Stone of Destiny) which uttered a human cry when touched by the rightful king; Nuada's sword, from whose stroke no one ever escaped or recovered; the Great Spear of Lugh which guaranteed victory to its wielder; and the cauldron of The Dagda, The Undry, from which no one ever departed unsatisfied or under-nourished.

They were a fair complexioned race, with fair hair; either golden-blond or reddish, many having freckled skin. The women wore long robes, or long loose-fitting garments of ankle length. The clothing of the men consisted of a knee-length tunic, and a shawl or cloak, fastened at the shoulder with a brooch. The cloak that barely covered the shoulders was made of a thick felt or of coarse-woven cloth dyed with various brilliant colours. The men alone wore hats, or head-coverings, which were a soft felt. In times of battle they dispensed with any head-covering, brushing their long abundant hair forward into a thick mass, and dyeing it a striking red with a soap made of animal fat and beech ashes: their faces would also be painted with this dye in a variety of patterns, which would cause them to look more like wild creatures of the woods than men.

They were community living people, freely sharing dwellings and responsibilities of parenting. It was common practice for a child to be raised by foster-parents who had the chosen qualities to provide the offspring of opportunies to master their inherent attributes. This freely shared parenthood has produced the confusion for readers of folklore and ancient recordings, where someone is described as the son of a particular person in one manuscript; and yet is said to be the son of another in a different document.

The Tuatha de Danann were accomplished masters of magic, and wizardry, very learned in the art of altering their forms, their appearance and size. They were skilled craftsmen, in a manner far advanced for those ancient times; extremely accomplished musicians, singers and poets. Many, both men and women, were outstanding seers and prophets. These people had superior comprehensive knowledge of the property of herbs which they used extensively for healing sickness, and curing fatal wounds, and for spells. The magic they practiced was a form of shamanic Druidism that far surpasses the modern-day esoteric, occult and psychic sciences; they knew the secret of the power over death. Their equipment and apparel was most distinguished: extremely gifted in mind, intelligence, and temperament, as well as outstanding bravery that inspired the most admiration, horror, fear, and dread in all who came to Erin. They were people who were proficient in every art.

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