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Danish Classroom

Teacher: [Sheracle]

Welcome to this classroom! Here you can ask any questions about the Danish language and I'll try to answer.


- [wooo]
- [Aikon I]
- [shisnick990]



In Danish the verbs do not change whether it's I, you, he/she/it, we, or they.

Numbers from one to hundred:
Danish Numbers

Letters that aren't in the English alphabet:
Danish Letters

Some things that are nice to know if you go to Denmark: name, age, and so on:
Danish Sentences

some small words and phrases:
thank = tak
sweet = sød
pretty = pæn
no = nej
yes = ja
where = hvor
what = hvad
name = navn
hi = hej (almost pronounced in the same way)
Welcome = Velkommen
Come back soon = Kom snart igen
Good day = Goddag
Good bye = Farvel
How are you? = Hvordan har du det?
How is it going? = Hvordan går det?
What have you been up to? = Hvad har du lavet?


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2005-01-31 [kyeyune]: hello Birgitte, what would you like to teach? Bernard wants him self to be a politician in future. Teddy

2005-01-31 [Sunrose]: And you want to be one in Denmark? :)

2005-02-01 [Sheracle]: I'm teaching the danish language :D Not the intire thing though, but just small words to use, if you are going on a trip to Denmark or so.

2005-02-13 [Aikon I]: can i be a student? i know some danish but i wanna learn more

2005-02-24 [Sheracle]: Sure you can :D I'll add you! So what danish do you know?

2005-03-12 [san~sao]: heeey u are teaching danish too! O.o cool! :)

2005-03-14 [calamaethor]: ghehe nice Birgitte :) det er jo rart for dem at lære lidt dansk ey ;) har man brug for en hjælpelærer? ;)

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