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"I may be a vampire, but I'm no lust crazed monster..."

Name:Daniel (Danny) Gabrielle Jacob (No last name)

Age: He appears to be around his early twenties


Hair:Cheek bone length messy black hair

Eyes: Piercing blue

weight: 165lbs mostly muscle

Height:6 foot 4 inches

Skin: Pale ivory

Race:Fallen angel turned Vampire

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Scars:Two very large scars on his back, running parellel down, and one running across like a strike through. Two smaller punture hole scars on his right inner thigh.
Peircings: None

Basic Apperance: Danny's hair is always messy and stands up everywhere, his dark hair making his skin seem paler. His piercing blue eyes make it hard to look into them for long, seeming almost to burn into the soul of whomever is looking into them. His body his lean and long. HIs clothes consist of a black long sleeved shirt with belts hanging off them as well as black leather pants with belts hanging off them as well. His shoes are simple black boots.


RPs used in:Blood and Sex

History:Daniel was a high angel, living a good life in heaven; until one day he wass watching the beings on earth and fell in love with a male from earth, not just any male though, a vampire. The counsil of higher angels found out about this and cast him from heaven. HIs beautiful white wings went black before he fell at the feet of the man he loved. The vampire took him in and cared for him using Danny for everything he had, his body, his knowledge, his blood and eventually his life. The vampire pinned Danny down, and tore his wings from his body, then tore into his inner thigh with his fangs, hitting that main vein and creating a new vampire out of the poor fallen angel. But as it were Danny could be easily replaced and was, by a female. Danny was cast aside, broken; mind, body, and soul.

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