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2007-03-31 10:15:14
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2007-04-01 [Zardra]: oooh, I adore the feet on the year 2005! You've improved so much ^_^

2007-08-23 [Iske]: COOLLLLLLLLL

2007-10-10 [Morphea]: *jumps up and down* I love the winged skeleton picture in 2006. Brilliant

2007-10-24 [nehirwen]: *agrees with [Morphea]*, brilliant indeed!

2008-01-30 [iippo]: Would you mind if this wiki was exported? The Show Your Process -wiki is rated in the best wikipages list, which is what outside-ET people can use to have a look around the best wikis in ET, and it's not very nice to have inaccesible links from those best pages. :S

2008-02-05 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: Go right on ahead :)

2008-02-06 [iippo]: Thank you ^_^ It's now exported.

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