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The End

“I wish I could have,” he starts.
I silence him.
I wish he could have too.
But no amount of wishing will change the fact that he didn’t,
And he won’t, so—
“Let’s not.”
I say,
And that’s that.

Written by [Triola]

Is It Just Memories

I see it again
It's like yesterday
I hear those sounds
Somehow I know them
That touch, that taste
They're all the same
Am I dreaming?
Reliving today in my bed?
Those thoughts, those words
I've had them, read them before
It's tiring knowing these things already
But experiencing them again in different colors
Love, loss, heartache, sorrow, death
Wrenches my insides like a stale ale
New, this is what I need
New ideas, new feelings
Shock me, make me weep with joy
Make me laugh in madness
Disturb me, thrill me
Is that so wrong to wish for?
I need to stop these dreams
Or maybe
I need to forget these memories

Write by [Susie-Q]


it started with a bump,

knees touching under the table, and wine -
orion looking at our reaching hands.
pulses of pleasure rushing up my spine
as we lay upon the cooling, warm sands.

a short retreat to the familiar,
then back by elastic, invisible;
an invincible bond, auxiliar
to our need to try the impossible.

then, a morning of ends and beginnings;
new shorelines and nourishing upwellings -
a deep breath, a silent sigh, a longing.
gratification of struggles changing.

now, our streams are clogged by alluvium,
heavy sediment settling on our will.
bitterness erodes the synovium
that soothed our voices, our feverish chill.

this crepuscular part of our travels
has been dark, but now turns towards light.
as the course of our road unravels
we take off, leaving bumps out of sight.

Written by [törnen]

in the city night

in the city night,
you can hear the tram tracks singing
long before the beast shows up.

in the city night,
you can hear the long, lonely sighs
of ads changing on displays.

in the city night,
sea ice gathers to recite choral lullabies
to ears that cannot hear.

my city never sleeps soundlessly;
silent are only the beating hearts and
vibrating vocal chords
of the creatures of the day.


ads shine,
without minds to saturate;

trams roll on,
without legs to rest.

in the city night,
mine are the only ears listening;
mine, and the quiet fox,
who nervously leads me to the morning.

Written by [törnen]


I look at you
And there, in a flash,
I see yellow, red, blue,
Realigned, warm and new,
I see passion, heat, you.

And there, in a flash,
I see a future, and thus,
Through potential, thrill, fuss,
I see us.

Written by [Triola]

Along the Way

White phantoms, keep dreaming-
There's an eerie voice in the rain;
Black thunder, deamons-
Something is calling out my name.
Follow the dim lights of an ancient road,
It's so old it's forgotten where it goes;
There's a lone wolf crying out to me,
With a hunger sounding way down deep.
I see him, gleaming,
Look away and just continue on.
Hiding among the trees along the highway-
A white phantom, a midnight ghost.
He brings a promise of warmth and shelter,
A haunted kindness I don't want to know.
Silver clouds, brimming,
Shadowing the greed hiding in mist's eyes;
The moon shines, grinning,
Reflecting a kindness in his lies.
A golden sun is rising slow ahead,
Frightening the shadows and the lone wolf brave-
I see no danger on the road before me,
Bright light shines through as the darkness fades.
The white phantom is so small and old,
Just a grey spirit as the dawn unfolds.
His bones are laying along side the highway
Marking his despair with an ancient grave.
His curse I'd follow if I'd strayed from my way:
A lonely phantom, a lost soul.

Written by [kamisch]

False Things

See my family,
Full of smiles -
They are what the world don’t know.
See my smile,
Signs of pleasure -
Coming to place where anger’s due.
There’s my family,
Laughing together -
Always putting on a lovely show.
Hear my laughter,
Signs of pleasure -
Auto-response when fear is cued.
In a beautiful house we live, love and play,
And I stay in that house, day after day.
See my shadow,
In the tined bay window -
I see beauty outside, but it can’t get in.
There’s laughter in here,
And smiles ever-after;
There’s repression in there,
Behind the dreamy eyes
Of the smiling home.

Written by [kamisch]

Emotion's Commotion

I feel a surge of emotion coming
        it's calling me from behind
               "Answer me," it says and,
                              "you must do, have to show me
                                - don't keep me locked inside!"

I open my mouth but no words come out;
I open my eyes and let fear flow about.

Light'ning rays of thought,
                    come enter;
      Quickly strands of thinking enter-
          I feel them in my brain,
                       they're saying,
                "Open your mind now, please let us in.
   We're on your side so, come on and let us in!"
                          - All at once I'm crying.

I open my mouth but not much comes out;
I open my eyes and the tears flow about.

I close my eyes...It's not helping!

Flashing bolts of thundering hate
        come knocking at my door.
  I answer it and all smiles disappear-
      "GO away!" I say, "Go away!
             I don't need you here no more!"

I feel a surge of emotion coming
       as I push it all aside.
             "Let us in!" They all beg and say,
                           "You must do, have to show us
                           - don't keep us blocked away!"

Written by [kamisch]


I got rid of my worries, got rid of my fears
  Decided to live through the rest of my years
I’ll not be held in one place,
I’ll live in the world with an air of grace.

I moved into the world, moved into a home
  Decided that Nowhere is not where I’d roam
I’ll make my own choices,
I’ll fill my heart with sweet voices.

   I shall be free, I shall be me;
   I shall be whatever I’m meant to be.
   I shall not cry, I shall not lie;
   I shall not say that I can’t learn to fly.

My brain is not shackled, Evil has dispersed,
 The burden of Perfection is no longer mine—
   The weights have been lifted and I feel fine.

I got rid of my worries, moved into the world,
  Blocked out the most painful of memories.
      My life is not free, but I call it my own.

Written by [kamisch]


He is gone,
nowhere to be found,
Grandad where are you,
I keep looking around,
I walk the streets looking for you,
to which I cannot find,
I can't believe your gone,
and left us all behind.

Written by [kians mummy]


I found this dog,
with no collar or name,
I hoped it wasn't stolen,
as I would get the blame,
So I took it to the Police,
and they put me under arrest,
Then they discharged me,
So guess I was blessed.

Written by [kians mummy]


I am me,
I am what you see,
Take me as I am,
I'll be your number one fan,
and I will help you,
in whatever way I can.

Written by [kians mummy]

Nature's Blessing

Sunrise Golden
Sweet arrays
of glitter, warmth,
and shiny rays.
Heat the earth
and warm the waters,
warm your children,
sons, and daughters.

Nourish life,
take cold away.
Be the warmth
of Nature's call,
until you must
rest once more.

Moonlight Silver,
softest caress,
gentle beams
of silent nights.
Share with stars
the sky you do.
Adorned in silvers,
reds, and blues.
Another beauty,
Nature's Rest.

But once again,
when you leave,
allow the nourish
light of Sun,
to dawn its light,
this day once more.

Written by [Druid Fables]

The lITTle poem in propour ENgliSh

THeRe !once was a poem,
in p r, o p o u r egnlish.
But he was misunderstood,
  and loo ked quiet @trocious
his rhymes weren't- quite right
but they, woRKed som times
just! not, in the correck scheme
which rhymes. with team
ryhms with ben


Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

Written by [Mortified Penguin]

A Ghost

I live with Ghosts
I see her
In the corner of my eye

I live with a Ghost
She cries
And I try to shut her away

I Live with Ghosts
I just can't forget

I Live with a Ghost
Why is it
She has to look so much like me?

Written by [pegasus1000]

I Can't Wait to Tie the Knot

I made a new friend today,
With which I'll waste my life away.
I roped him in with charm and wit,
I gave him a chair, but he won't sit.
Doesn't say much, but he's quite well rounded,
Though he's a bit high and not all that grounded.
I'll go out on a limb and say we'll hang,
I'll be so happy, no more pain.
I'm choking up, it'll be so fun,
Hanging out in the summer sun.
I'll finally be happy and full of bliss,
Even the chair will get a kick out of this.

Written by [Mortified Penguin]


There I am standing, dark and alone
Shivering, for the wind is cold.
I go to speak, yet my lips fall apart,
Abandoning me.

The silence unbroken deafens my ears
On my knees now, I am brought to tears.
I go to scream, yet my lungs collapse,
Abandoning me.

There I am gasping, sad and alone
Shuddering, for my skin’s gone cold.
I go to sleep, but death turns it’s back,
Abandoning me.

Written by [Tacosaves]

No Anchor

Though my sails tore long ago,
and I smell of rotten wood,
I'm caught here, on this sea
of breath and thoughts and blood.

Without aim, I wander on,
seeking out the final storm,
to break me, set me free
from life's desperate gripping hold.

My heart breaks against the rocks
from the memory of the waves
and the cooling breeze at night
piercing through the dulling heat.

Your sails sometimes pass me by
full of stories, full of sun,
bringing both the love I need,
and the pain of what is gone.

But I will disintegrate,
and to water I'll return,
where you won't see me again,
only feel a breeze, relieved.

My heart breaks against the rocks
from the memory of the waves
and the cooling breeze at night
piercing through the dulling heat.

Written by [törnen]

Who Are You?

Who are you?
Standing there,
Washing dishes once again,
You've cleaned this house,
Fifty times,
You've lost yourself my friend.
Your writing sucks,
Your clothes don't match,
You're singing kids' songs in your head,
You need to take your crazy self,
And climb back into bed.
These little people,
Who are they?
They call you mom I see,
One is screaming for all to hear,
The other is standing in a puddle of pee.
Just close your eyes,
They'll go away,
I promise you, they will.
Until that toddler of yours,
Finds something else to spill.
This is who you really are,
The past means nothing now,
It coudn't be more beautiful,
I couldn't be more proud.

Written by [MyAlterEgo]

For J

Some things that I need to say,
Aren't so easy to be told.
But I'm hoping that you'll listen,
As I'm trying to be bold
She's destroying you, you see.
You're not the friend I know
And I hate to have to be the one
To tell you so.
But I'm standing here,
I'm screaming it,
I need for you to see
How very much I love you
How much you mean to me
Not a thing I wouldn't do for you
A thing I wouldn't say
As I stand here,
Silently begging,
Asking you to stay.
Come hold my hand,
Walk with me,
Maybe then you'll see,
The person that you really are,
The person you can be.

Written by [MyAlterEgo]

What If It Were You?

It's so easy to judge someone for a decision you never had to make,
A thought you never had to think.
You can look down on them,
Spit if you'd like,
How about a condescending glare?
Whisper behind your hand,
Talk behind their back,
But secretly you're wondering,
Silently you're screaming,
For an answer.
Something to tell you that you'd do it differently,
That you're better than them,
You'd never succumb.
But how do you know?
How do you know?

Written by [MyAlterEgo]

Plausible Fool

Oppression, depression,
Hate is your obsession.
No one could understand you,
You're so above it all, below
It all. No one has been hurt
Like you have been hurt.

Isolation, desolation,
Contradictory information.
"Keep away, I've been too hurt
To keep you close!"
"Why does everyone always leave
Me when I only push them away?"
Stay, stay, leave me, stay.

Frustration, aggravation,
A ripping violent sensation.
Kicking, screaming, always dreaming
That someone could love you for the
Paradox you've named yourself to be.
You are no paradox.

Written by [Nioniel]


The days go by,
Without a word.
Yet you're never gone from my thoughts.
I'm searching for a way to reach out to you,
And all I can grasp is smoke.
Like you were never really here,
Like you never really cared.
You tell me not to give up,
What more can I do?
The only thing I want,
Is a way to be with you.
A piece of me,
Forever gone.
I hold in my hand,
And release,

Written by [MyAlterEgo]


Absence brings realizations
i could live without you
but i don’t want to
i've realized in our time apart.
that i could easily and happily
spend the rest of my life with you
a cute pickup truck, a small house in
the country.
just you and me babe.
that's my paradise.
i've come to the realization
that id follow you anywhere
in this past month.
i've seen a completely different side of you
a vulnerable side, a side that was scared to
say "i love you."
A side that was scared to say "don’t leave me."
Knowing your history,
i feel like you've come so far.
too love and trust me the way you do.
i feel really special and blessed.
and i want to prove to you
that i'm worthy of those things
i want to take care of you, and never hurt you.
i never want you to feel abandoned ever again.
i will love you aslong as you let me.
and i will never leave no matter what comes our way
and if you ever decide that you don’t feel that way anymore.
i’ll let go. Because that's how much i love you.
i will never keep you against your will,or from happiness.

Written by [LIL_ELF_GURL14]

Preserved Memories

The leaves are wilted and the petals have lost
Their scent as the years have slowly crept by,
So the last physical reminder of you is carefully
Preserved between two glass panels held together
By the only oak frame I could find that perfectly
Matched your eyes.

Written by [Nioniel]

Your Legacy

One, beautifully romantic effigy...
How thus it becomes such a collapse,
Collapsing within its own possessive will...

Even if the desire might be much greater,
Simpler than the want, you continue to pursue...
Seething a sharp thorn with faith the size of trolls...

You've already hypothesized that with such a...
Beauty, a thorn... It relinquishes hope,
The non-living and deceased.

Yet, with the weapon,
Is your effigy,
An aggregating synthesis of hurtful poppy...
With its excrement still such a fragrant,
Calm... Subtle sweep of air...

Like the blood of dragons,
Lengthening across continents composed of flames...
Fleshy abysmal spawns erratically versing,
Opposing the same and other...

Keepsake, your thorn...

Keepsake, your effigy.

Written by [Galax'Or]

Fractured Fairy Tale

The after-taste
of this time wasted
may travel through the constellations
of your heart encasement

And the princess-
prisoner of her own perfect palace-
could be rescued
without her resentment or resistance

Our fairy tale facade free trial
with cake and ice cream smiles
could pan out for a while
or end in the unyielding denial
of emotional exile

Like a moth that holds a flame
so dear despite the pain
if loss is all I gain
I would still never change
the day I learned your name

Because even your absence
has ten times the presence
of every moment I spent
without you.

Written by [Chaos Called Creation]

Red River

Death is so welcoming at the moment,
The house of death invites me in,
The hands of doom reaching out to play,

Blood shall flow forth like a river,
This river shall be rushed forth unto all,

Death so inviting... so exhilarating...
Won't you become one with death?
But to become one shall ruin the fascination,

Bloody roses lay across a river,
Captivating to the eye of the beholder,
Deathly screams coming from a blood red river,
Forever being one with the river are screams,

A single white rose floats along untouched but not unseen,
this rose is another last heart of a dying person,
Turning red slowly but surely....
Death is but a heartbeat away in The Red River...

Written by [Rising Death Dragon]


I am walking home, and I am aching.

Nothing ever gets more resilient,

I just grow used to the pain.

It’s the same thing every day.

And every day. And every day.

I am tired.

Tired of the repetition of my steps

As I am stuck in this rut.

Stuck in this wicked groove. 

I am tired.

Tired of fighting.

So I will cede to my throes,

And give in to their wake.

Written by [Tacosaves]

Just another tear

Its just another tear my darling,
Sliding down your cheek
as you pick up the remote and
shut the TV with a click

and the dark that fills it all
seems so thin and frail
as you close your eyes in silence
and allow your thoughts to trail

and its just another tear my baby
crashing on the floor
as you hear the night outside
and then the closing door

yes, just one last tear, my love
falling from your eye
as I close this door forever
without saying goodbye

Written by [Sauron]


Every word you've ever spoken
Turned out to be a lie
Every memory,
I'm choking on,
Trying not to cry.
I'm trying hard to hate you,
Tune out the pain I feel,
But it just keeps coming back to me,
How much I love you still.

Written by [MyAlterEgo]

Ask to Risk

Eventually ignited by perfume and consumed by desire,
A fire in my heart climbed ever higher.
There's not much left for me here,
Since I wasn't able to endear.
Really, all I wanted was to make them smile;
A little bit for a little while.
Maybe I tried too hard? Maybe it wasn't enough.
Even I'm not this tough.
No longer will I be brisk, all I ask is you
Ask to risk.

Written by [perfumed ignition]

Dream Girl

The sun, golden, flowed down the world,
Beams, glowing, bent and curled.
The oceans gleamed, brilliantly blue,
That sparkling, twinkling, cerulean hue.
It filled my mind, my purblind sight;
I saw it, felt it, every night...
But my eyes opened and light streamed in;
My sunshine gone until night again.
Lately though, it won't rise for me,
My dreams give way to reverie.
It's gone now, nevermore to be,
So live on, dear, in poetry.

Written by [Mortified Penguin]


I don't know how to be light,
Without darkness.
Without being caged.
Without lying.
Without being sad.
Without feeling empty.
Without you.

Written by [MyAlterEgo]


My lips are sewn shut
By the threads I've woven
Lies I've strung together
Paths I never should have chosen
To walk with you
Hand in hand
Foot in mouth
I've ruined it all
Simply by being silent
When I should have just spoken.

Written by [Nuriko-kun]


A simple truth that was once told
A tale of fantasy that mortals behold
Of dragons, fairies, and so much more
That we hold deep inside our core
One great obsession that we adore
Now we see the world was bold
Our dreams of a place where we can hold
The creatures of our fantastic dreams
Do exist inside us it seems
Exploding through our creative seams
So we can embrace them with our hearts
And see them physically with our arts

Written by [Koho Ai]

End of the Line

I don’t know why I cling to you in spaces so lonesome
but push you away at the slightest movement;
because I feel that you will run anyway and I know it can’t last forever
because nothing does.
Because I always end up back where I started,
in a vicious cycle where I am always wrong and I deserve nothing
because nothingness I am
and I wonder if this is how all souls feel
or if I am the sole one
like this.
And that I push and let you drift away because
like all the others,
there was nothing to tie us together anyway.

Written by [Akayume]

The phoenix
As a fleck of blue heat,
a bird's schematic
that kindles in an oxygen gust

Does it grow up to do all the same things?

Written By [dark starlight]

For him

In the beginning I felt like I’d found what I was looking for
you were my one.
I’ve grown since then and realised I wouldn’t follow you anywhere.
Not because I don’t love you but because I love myself.
I have a life here.
I have dreams and aspirations and they aren’t built around yours.
I wish you treated me the way I deserve.
But im tired of asking that of you.
If you wanted to, you would have by now.
I hate the way you make me feel.
I hate that i love you.
My mind is smart but my heart is wounded and hopelessly in love.
I wish I could leave.
But im scared to be alone, and im scared to let you be someone else’s.
I’m not ready to let you go, I still have hope that you’ll be my one.
But im not giving up everything I am, for you.
My life wasn’t built around marriage and love.
It was built around me and my happiness.
I come first this time.

Written by [LIL_ELF_GURL14]

In The Box

Pandora had a box
Unknowing of fear
Only aware that the gods were good

What greater gifts
Could be found
In this box?

Pandora had a box
Unknowing of violence and pain
Only knowing the gods to be kind

What greater gifts
Could be found
In This box?

Pandora Had a Box
That when opened
Fear and dread
Pain and Violence
All Woes were to be had

Pandora had a box
and at the bottom was hope
There was no need for it before

What Greater Gifts
Could be found?

Written by [pegasus1000]


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2012-01-06 [Mortified Penguin]: A true poet doesn't have just one style. You're implying Sammie isn't capable of differing in her technique, which is kind of insulting.

And no, the matter has not been discussed. Your unwarranted postulate in regards to the poem and follow-up refusal to defend it by no means counts as a discussion.

2012-01-06 [Flisky]: It wasn't posted by her, therefore either it was posted incorrectly, which means it cannot be featured, or it wasn't her. End of discussion. Please take any more comments on this matter to private messages. Any more comments will be removed.

2012-01-06 [Mortified Penguin]: What if the poem was removed and then re-posted by her? Would it be eligible then?

This question is highly relevant to this wiki. It isn't spam and it isn't useless chatter. It's something I would very much like to have answered. Is there a certain reason you don't want to answer a simple question about the rules to a wiki on the wiki in the place that was intended for questions?

2012-01-06 [Flisky]: Mort, I said to move it to private messages, but I will answer here.

It would be the same as removing another poem by someone else and reposting it as your own. It is not allowed and will cause the member to be banned for stealing/posting work that isn't yours and claiming it is.

That is the last to be posted on this matter.

2012-01-06 [Lord Josmar]: Also Mort wrote is because when it was posted he was the last author.

2012-01-06 [Mortified Penguin]: That's because I stole it from posted it for Sammie though. With her permission, of course. Her computer wasn't working right and she couldn't post it, so she asked me to do it for her. Ain't that right, Sammie?

2012-01-06 [Olwen]: Is there any available link to the Queue page?

2012-01-06 [Linderel]: [Olwen]: No, there is not. It's not a public page. Why do you ask?

2012-01-07 [kians mummy]: [Mortified Penguin] submitted it, proof is on page 3249, I'll do the dirty work for you :)

2012-01-07 [Mortified Penguin]: ...

2012-01-07 [kians mummy]: lol, never new you was that soft lol

2012-01-07 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm gonna kill her, you guys. You guys... I'm gonna kill her.

In any case, blah blah chatter take it to Bob's Diner. (but seriously though... gonna kill you)

2012-01-08 [kians mummy]: I will not be submitting anymore poetry to here


1. The bosses are bent, example, they waited until I deleted my poems then started putting poems on mainstreet again.

2. It's not daily, it's not even monthly, it should be called featured poem instead.

3. New bosses are needed, more than two bosses should work on here as there isn't enough.

2012-01-08 [Akayume]: Sammie, correlation does not equal causation.

2012-01-08 [Flisky]: Sammie, I sent you a message.

2012-01-08 [Olwen]: [Linderel] I was just wondering is all (:

2012-01-08 [Susie-Q]: Hell. I lose my internet for a month and crazy stuff starts going down. I do agree that the mainstreet feature poem should be updated more frequently. As far as the bosses, no complaints thus far.

2012-01-08 [Olwen]: Maybe there could be another boss to help pick the poem, if the other two bosses are otherwise engaged and cannot do it themselves.

2012-01-09 [Flisky]: [MyAlterEgo]: please fix the format of your submission.

2012-01-09 [MyAlterEgo]: I know this is a stupid question...but what's wrong with the format? Lol, is it the commas?

2012-01-09 [wicked fae mage]: A stab in the dark, I think it's the colon. I am pretty sure it is supposed to be signed as

Written by [wicked fae mage]

2012-01-09 [MyAlterEgo]: Thanks :)

2012-01-09 [wicked fae mage]: You're welcome :)

2012-01-09 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, they are real format Nazis here on daily poem, lolz.

2012-01-09 [Flisky]: [Mortified Penguin]: please fix the submitter name of the poem you submitted or it will be removed.

2012-01-09 [Mortified Penguin]: [Flisky]: No need for yelling. Also, HA HA HA HA... no.

2012-01-09 [MyAlterEgo]: [kians mummy], I've noticed that you made a few grammar errors, and that you're missing a word, just in case you wanted to know.

2012-01-09 [kians mummy]: Where

2012-01-09 [pegasus1000]: [kians mummy] in your poem why I'll send you a message about it.

2012-01-10 [kians mummy]: Done, I think x

2012-01-10 [Flisky]: Sammie, just one more format error in "Why".

2012-01-11 [pegasus1000]: sammie: first stanza third line too should be to. ;)

2012-01-11 [kians mummy]: All done, thanks to everyone who helped me xxx

2012-01-24 [Flisky]: [Kestrelfeather]: please fix the format of your submission.

2012-02-13 [Flisky]: [American Revolutionary]: please fix the format of your submission.

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: how can i join this? :D

2012-02-18 [Flisky]: Place a poem at the bottom of the page, follow the rules posted, and be patient. :)

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: umm...i can try. I'm a bit new v.v

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: is this how you do it? o.o

2012-02-18 [Ravendust]: you click edit and add it to the bottom of the page. Unless you're unable to edit for some reason, then you would send it to one of the mods. :)

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: ummmmm o.o i uuuhhhh...i will just delete it and not worry about it anymore v.v

2012-02-18 [Avaz]: Please don't let it overwhelm you. If you have any trouble with it, many people would be more than happy to help you through it. :)

2012-02-18 [Ravendust]: oh no, don't do that. Submit your poem, that's what this page is for!

2012-02-18 [Flisky]: Just send it in a message to myself or one of the other Daily Poem Bosses and we can post it for you.

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: well i will try. Do i just submit my poem on here on the comment area here?

2012-02-18 [Ravendust]: above the comments is the icon 'edit' click on that, scroll to the bottom of the edit page and submit your poem there.

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: okay...let me try
-sighs- i'm making this more difficult then it is v.v

2012-02-18 [Ravendust]: Nah, its tough getting used to the way things like this run, you'll get it though, feel free to message me anytime if you have questions. :)

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: is that how i do it?

2012-02-18 [wicked fae mage]: If you put it on the wikipage and not the comments, and had one less space between the last line and your written by line, yes :)

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: oh? well i'm trying to get use to all of this ^^ Being new sucks XDDD

2012-02-18 [Linderel]: Well, Flisky put it on the page for you. :) For future reference, there are detailed instructions on the Daily Poem Format page which should be helpful.

2012-02-18 [darkangel6]: Okay now i see how to do it. Thanks XD

2012-02-20 [Flisky]: [Roma]: please fix the format of your submission.

2012-02-21 [Linderel]: A number of poems have been moved to the queue. :)

2012-03-02 [Flisky]: [Teleryn]: please fix the format of your submission and place it in the correct spot.

2012-03-05 [Flisky]: The poem The Minstral has been removed for not following format.

2012-03-29 [Fallen Child Athena]: Im almost tempted to put up my new one.

2012-04-08 [Susie-Q]: Ive been neglecting my poetry. Ive been spending my time working on a sci-fi project. But i do feel i shall have some new material up soon. To all who run this page and participate in/on it, keep it coming, love you all. <3

2012-05-13 [Nuriko-kun]: I love this place so much :D Which is why I keep spamming y'all with my poems every time I remember to log into ET. Hope you don't mind too terribly!

2012-05-13 [Flisky]: [Ravenclaw]: please fix the format of your submission.

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: Really Flisk? You're hassling me over a couple spaces? lol

2012-05-13 [Flisky]: *cough*Written by [Ravenclaw]*cough*

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: A colon... really. *sigh*

2012-05-13 [Flisky]: *resists the urge to laugh* And the capital B. (I'm a picky format Nazi.)

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: Then fix it ya own damn self lol

2012-05-13 [Flisky]: I would, but my phone be hating this page. :/

2012-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: fixed.

2012-05-13 [Flisky]: Thankies! ^_^

2012-05-28 [Tickle Me Emo]: My poem is (intentionally) kind of odd, so if it totally violates Daily Poem rules I will be more than happy to take it down. But mostly it has to do with what constitutes "proper English" (an issue I have been thinking deeply about since taking classes on teaching English and working a lot with ESL speakers).

2012-05-28 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: [Fallen Child Athena] Typo in 'Suicide'.

2012-05-28 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: [LIL_ELF_GURL14] Space under title.

2012-05-30 [kians mummy]: [9jlriexqk,ktpk] I wouldn't do this as the wicked bosses may haunt you for thinking your trying to take over there job, they did to me. :)

2012-05-31 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: Strange. I'm just pointing out a typo. I don't have an interest in working for free ;) Nor do I have the time ^^

2012-05-31 [Flisky]: Pointing stuff like that out is best left to the bosses or in private messages. :)

2012-07-02 [Fallen Child Athena]: I'll fix it. I cant spell at times >.<

2012-07-02 [EmeraldGrizzly]: I hope the *coughs*, *chokes*, *breathes* actions format is OK :)

2012-07-07 [Flisky]: I'm going to say it's fine.

2012-07-07 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Thank you *bows*

2012-07-14 [wicked fae mage]: A number of poems have been moved to the queue page.

2012-07-14 [Ravenclaw]: Just out of curiosity, may I ask why?

2012-07-14 [Linderel]: It's something that is done periodically when the queue starts thinning out. The poems that are transferred are always taken from the top of this page. Having a separate queue page is slightly less overwhelming for us than simply going through this page every time we update the slot.

2012-07-14 [Ravenclaw]: Ahh, I understand. I thought maybe the herd was thinned for other reasons. It had me worried for a sec. A "What if my poems suck?" kinda moment lol.

2012-07-22 [EmeraldGrizzly]: "Fan-work is not allowed unless the source material is now in the public domain." I was curious if this could be explained in great detail/a good example given please & thank you.

2012-07-22 [Linderel]: A poem about Harry Potter would not be accepted; a poem about Shakespeare's works, on the other hand, would. Public domain means that the copyright has expired. If you want to submit a fan poem, you'll have to make sure that the original work on which the poem is based is old enough. Was this helpful?

2012-07-22 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Perfectly! Thank you! Honestly if an explanation like this was already up there I'd been fine from the start. Just a suggestion! Thanks again!

2012-07-23 [wicked fae mage]: Without getting a lawyer to explain it further, this should be a sufficient explanation: public domain explained.

2012-07-23 [Linderel]: [EmeraldGrizzly]: I was going to say that you'll usually find answers in the Daily Poem FAQ, but there was nothing about it there. Suppose I have to go and fix that. :P Check the whole thing again while I'm at it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. :) For a quick fix, might as well add that link to the top of this page.

2012-07-24 [EmeraldGrizzly]: No problem, thanks again! Though I might have preferred the lawyer... :)

2012-08-10 [kians mummy]: Are my poems in the other queue? x

2012-08-10 [wicked fae mage]: I took the queue from the top of the page until about the middle a few weeks ago. If you had poems toward the top that aren't here now, they yes.

2012-09-19 [Ravenclaw]: Ignore me. I have a bad habit of clicking edit on any wiki I go to XD

2012-10-12 [Flisky]: Poems go on the page. If you cannot post them, send them in a message to one of the Daily Poem Bosses and we will post it for you.

2012-10-15 [wicked fae mage]: Some of the poems have been moved to the queue page.

2012-10-19 [The Only The young]: My submission:

The Mime of The City
The mime doesn't know time,
He seems insane,
Yet some what kind.
But his soul is filled with shame.
For when people pass by, they laugh at the mime with no name.
He cannot sing, or shout,
He can only dance and act,
For voice he lacks.
He might;ve lost his voice in war,
Or something even more.
Yet people still laugh at the mime,
That cannot sing,
But can rhyme.
The city is teaming with life,
Yet he is lonely,
Having no wife.
All he sees is death's scythe.
He works all night and light,
Making about 50 cents by dawn.
He rests about 2 hours a night,
He sleeps on the sidewalk,
Grasping all he owns,

Written by [The Only The young]

2012-10-19 [Ravenclaw]: "[Flisky]: Poems go on the page. If you cannot post them, send them in a message to one of the Daily Poem Bosses and we will post it for you."

2012-11-11 [Flisky]: [MyAlterEgo]: please fix the format of your submission.

2012-11-13 [MyAlterEgo]: What's wrong with the format? I think I'm missing something...

2012-11-23 [Flisky]: [Galax'Or]: Your poems has been removed due to plagiarizing.

2013-01-10 [wicked fae mage]: A number of poems have been moved to the queue.

2013-01-19 [Artsy]: I might have asked this before but... is there an archive of past featured poems?

2013-01-19 [Linderel]: When you go to Main Street and scroll down to the poem slot, you'll see a button that says "More poems". Click that. Then just click "read older poems" if you're not searching for anything specific. If you are, you can search with username, house number, or poem title. :)

2013-01-19 [Artsy]: =D Thank you! I forgot the poem I had featured the first time. XD I've been trying to find it.

2013-01-29 [kians mummy]: - The Badge Reward System/b needs correcting. :)

2013-01-29 [kians mummy]: That's better lol, I will be doing some more poems soon. x

2013-01-30 [kians mummy]: I just put a ruler in as [Chaos Called Creation] forgot to put it on. :)

2013-01-31 [Susie-Q]: Love the Hedda poem lols

2013-01-31 [Susie-Q]: I feel stupid for asking this but where is the view older poems link? X(

2013-01-31 [Susie-Q]: Ha jk found it

2013-02-03 [American Revolutionary]: my poem "Jessica" is a poem dedicated to a girl i was with..[Eloura] who passed away...i was nervous to put the poem up because i dont like showing my emotions...but its time i let other people read how i express my feelings, and as i sit here typing with tears in my eyes i shall post it

2013-02-03 [Linderel]: I'm sorry for your loss. However, we still need you to follow submission rules. Please take a look at the Daily Poem Format and fix your entry accordingly. :)

2013-02-03 [kians mummy]: I love it x

2013-02-07 [American Revolutionary]: all i was missing was the "by" lol my bad, i fixed it..if theres anything else wrong ill fix it as well

2013-02-07 [wicked fae mage]: [American Revolutionary], please fix the format of your submission.

2013-02-08 [American Revolutionary]: fixed

2013-02-08 [wicked fae mage]: [American Revolutionary], there are still errors with your submission.

2013-02-10 [Susie-Q]: hazaah finally have a new pot. <3 This pleases the great will of the macrocosm

2013-02-10 [Linderel]: [Susie-Q], your format needs to be nudged a bit. :)

2013-02-10 [Susie-Q]: In which direction?

2013-02-10 [wicked fae mage]: The Daily Poem Format and other members can be consulted for how your submission should look down to the last tag.

2013-02-10 [Susie-Q]: Hows'at look now?

2013-02-10 [wicked fae mage]: It looks fixed to me. :)

2013-02-10 [Susie-Q]: cool beans

2013-02-11 [Flisky]: What happened to [LIL_ELF_GURL14]'s poem? That needs to be fixed.

2013-02-11 [Susie-Q]: i think that might have been me actually, my phone was having issues when i was posting my last one. do you happen to know what it used to say? and sorry [LIL_ELF_GURL14], if it was me didn't mean to botch your writing :(

2013-02-11 [Ravenclaw]: You can always view a past version of the page, copy the text and replace it in a new edit.

2013-02-11 [Lord Josmar]: There should be a restore previous version button or something that the owner can use and it will take it back. It will erase all changes though.

2013-02-11 [Flisky]: No. I got it. I was on my phone last night and now I'm on my computer.

2013-02-11 [Susie-Q]: Crap there I go mussin things up with my lack of computer knowhow

2013-02-13 [wicked fae mage]: [American Revolutionary], your poem has been removed for violating the The Daily Poem Format. Please read the rules about formatting before submitting a poem again.

2013-02-13 [Susie-Q]: yo they do military funerals, give'm a break. that's some heavy shit having to watch fellow soldiers be put in the ground every day

2013-02-25 [LIL_ELF_GURL14]: lol. im assuming its fine now? :P dont worry about it i have it saved in my "poetry" wiki

2013-02-25 [Teufelsweib]: I like yours, [Triola] :D

2013-02-25 [Triola]: Thank you :D Heartbreak makes for good poetry :P

2013-02-27 [wicked fae mage]: [LIL_ELF_GURL14], you have already submitted a poem you put here on the submission page.

2013-02-28 [Susie-Q]: A good part of that is spelling and grammar corrections. XP

2013-02-28 [Mortified Penguin]: Not even close. There are wikis on Elftown with upwards of 15426 page edits...

2013-02-28 [Susie-Q]: truly a marvel to behold

2013-03-15 [Susie-Q]: love the "in the city night" poem. It's refreshing reading a poem that's not about love or heartbreak. Gets real stale after a while

2013-03-15 [törnen]: thanks, [Susie-Q]!

2013-03-15 [Susie-Q]: Just keep posting good stuff :)

2013-03-22 [Mortified Penguin]: But without your poems, how will Elftown function? D:

2013-03-22 [Mortified Penguin]: Why would they warn and ban you at the same time? What purpose would the warning serve?

2013-03-22 [Avaz]: Same reason ragequitting annoucements would serve, I imagine.

2013-04-09 [wicked fae mage]: I moved a chunk of the poems from this page to the queue page leaving a few up for format references. Keep writing, guys!

2013-04-18 [Flisky]: [kians mummy]: Please fix the format of your submissions.

2013-04-24 [Flisky]: [kians mummy]: Please fix the format of your submissions or they will be removed.

2013-04-24 [kians mummy]: Huh, they are fixed?

2013-04-24 [Flisky]: The format is still wrong.

2013-04-25 [kians mummy]: What is wrong with it?

2013-04-25 [kians mummy]: Right, I have fixed what I thought was the problem, so if this is not correct please tell me what it is, and just a suggestion for the future, if there is a problem with the format, describe what it is to the member instead of just putting please fix the format of your submissions, according to my computer, the format is correct, so I do not see what the problem is.

2013-04-25 [Chimes]: The reason the bosses don't tell you what is wrong is to ensure you read the rules and check the appropriate page (or even look at other submissions) to see the correct format. :) They're not doing it to be mean.

2013-04-25 [wicked fae mage]: If you are unsure as to what is wrong with the format your your submission, consult Daily Poem Format.

2013-04-25 [Alexi Ice]: Can I give her a hint? I'm gonna' guess you either need to capitalize the W in written...or take out all the commas... Or both. Also in that last poem 'me' there is an extra 'ever' in the last sentance.

2013-04-30 [Flisky]: [kians mummy]: Your poems are still not fixed.

2013-04-30 [kians mummy]: So wy has everyone got a space between there poem and the <hr> code then, seems to me that I am the only one sticking by the rules proper format.

2013-04-30 [Ravendust]: [Susie-Q] - your poem 'Is it Just Memories' actually has an error at the bottom, I'd check it out and fix it ;)

[kians mummy] - *hint* your format error is a simple one, just look closely, compare it to one of the other poems, you'll see it.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: There, Sammie. Use the one I submitted as a guide.

2013-05-01 [Lord Josmar]: Oh my goodness, that poem hurt my brain Mort.

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: Sammie's poems are fixed. The spacing thing is fine, so long as they keep the hr tag.


[Mortified Penguin]: Please fix the format of your submission.

2013-05-01 [kians mummy]: Ha Ha, never seen one like that before, and [Flisky] although not intentional, it was a good come back lol. :)

2013-05-01 [Susie-Q]: Bwa hah hah hah hah hah. It's a masterpiece, truly a wonder to behold.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: There, is it fixed now? And what should I do about a poem that needs to be slightly different than the daily poem format allows for it to properly convey its poetic message? I've seen poems that were allowed before that didn't follow all the rules at the author's request, like ones with varying capitalization, but I don't know the extent to which I can be different. Is it not a poem if I don't adhere to the structure laid out for me? Am I not an artist if I don't color inside the lines? How can I express my true emotions and poetic prowess with so many soul crushing limitations? But still, kinky soul crushing action aside, there's the issue of not knowing what I'm allowed to do. The rules state what I can't do, yes, but they aren't absolute, as I've observed. So, what then can I do? What is and is not wrong with my poem? It also says the bosses won't tell me what is wrong with my poem, but this is more of a question about the forced format and the rules.

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: Mort, there's nothing wrong with the poem. Merely the format.

And please take the chatter elsewhere.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: The way it's formatted is essential to the poem.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: That little unbolded 'h' in the title is used, partly, to foreshadow the inadequacy of the poem. The indention on line four is used to show that line four has been indented. And the part about me saying it was angrily written by me is supposed to be reminiscent of an angry father or creator and his sad, beaten child, which symbolizes the poem. That part is necessary to get my point across on child abuse. And all the little mistakes show that it's broken and different, but it's still trying. Nothing about it is right, but it's still up there doing its best, despite its upbringing. Despite its drunken father beating it. The title is wrong, the body is bad, and the ending is the coup de grâce that makes the poem what it is. It's perfect in its imperfections, you see, and is representative of many things, all of which I can tell you when I think up what they are.

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: Yes, but the author line is...not correct.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: But I need it to be like that for the poem to be complete. That's the most important part of all. D:

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: ...But not with format. If it's part of the poem, then make another author line.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: But then it'll look stupiiiiid! :(

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: I can't have my work of art looking weird! All I'm good for is my poetry and if my poem looked askew, I'd be the laughing stock of the poetry community!

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: ...Just fix it or I will remove it. It already looks weird. So no worries about that.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: *sobs bitterly*

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: There, now it's fixed and flawless.

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: Now you're just trying to annoy me.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Nuh uh, all those "Written by [Mortified Penguin]" lines were part of my updated poem. They were supposed to show an echo of the author, explaining who he was and that he too was flawed, and then it finished up with a "Written by anonymous" to signify that the author himself wasn't even the author and that there's a mysterious third party, which is an effect often used by Poe and Rembrandt in their poetry. The uQt'd <hr> at the end shows that the poem is complete, but still, following the motif of imperfection, flawed.

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: Just no.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: And the rules also state, "The Daily Poem Bosses will not correct your submission for you." But you "corrected" my updated submission. That's cheating. D:

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: The Daily Poem bosses also reserve the right to remove poems from the page and ask people to stop commenting and posting. Please do not make me do that Mort.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Actually, the rules state that they can, "reserve the right to not feature poems based upon the quality of work," not based on personal vindiction and jealousy of an author's talent. And there's nothing about them being able to stop commenting and posting that's relevant and actually about the submissions and the rules. There's just a short request that chatter be kept off the page, so that the things I'm trying to discuss can be discussed. However, I will concede to you and leave it at that and not further edit my now mangled poem. I hope you are happy.

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: On that note, I would like to point out that I've submitted a new poem and would like to make sure it's acceptable. Is it acceptable?

2013-05-01 [Flisky]: There are things about not spamming the page. And yes, that's fine, if that's what you want to post.

2013-05-01 [Susie-Q]: your eloquent use of the English language is causing my diaphragm to erupt in uncontrollable spasm leaving me in tears on the floor. I believe the pigmies of Africa refer to thus phenomena as laughter. It's so painful yet beautiful. Bravo mort, you have used speech to send my abdominal muscles into convulsions. All praise "written by [Mortified Penguin]"

2013-05-01 [Mortified Penguin]: That is a good point. But, so this page isn't clogged with spam about how great my poetry is, please take it to Daily Poets' Choice. And feel free to nominate my poems to be on Mainstreet while you're there!

2013-05-02 [Susie-Q]: Too lazy. But someone definitely should. Yeah, definitely.

2013-05-06 [Flisky]: [pegasus1000]: please fix the format of your submission.

2013-05-10 [Susie-Q]: spacing from what I see. Though im running on two hours of sleep and a hangover so I could be mistaken

2013-05-10 [Chimes]: Because the bosses haven't replied yet: I do believe the error that was there has been fixed. It looks fine to me now. (There was a colon where there shouldn't've been.)

2013-05-10 [Flisky]: Oops. Sorry. This page was lost in my wiki comments section. Yes, the error was fixed.

2013-05-25 [kians mummy]: So have my poems gone to the queue?

2013-05-25 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, if the poems were here before, aren't now and:
-they weren't removed after a warning was given about a mistake
-you didn't take them down

2013-12-31 [wicked fae mage]: [dark starlight], please fix the format of your submission

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