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This is the basic format for submitting works to the Daily Poem. Your poem has to follow the template or it will be removed. Please understand that following the Daily Poem Format keeps the page looking neat and decreases the work load of the Daily Poem Bosses.


The Basic Format

Your poem should be formatted like this:

<b>Your Poem Title</b>

Your poem's content
Which may not exceed limit
Of fifty lines

Written by [YourUsername]

It is possible that people before you have included a line break(<hr>) below their poem. Poems need to be separated by one (1) line break, not two.
If your poem does not follow the above format to the letter, it will be removed.


How To Submit Poems to the Daily Poem

First, allow the Daily Poem to load completely. It's a large page, so it might take a little while. In the wiki info box on the right-hand side you will see an edit button: <img:stuff/aj/64959/editpgbtn.png>
Click that and you'll end up seeing the following:


Do not touch anything above the 'page text'. The large box with all the coding is the contents of the Daily Poem page. That's what you're going to have to add to. Scroll all the way down in that box until you reach the end.
Ignore the comment about the page being too big. Comment about it if editing the page brings you back to the Index. Then the page is too big and we need to move poetry to make space for new submissions.


Add your poem below the last submission ('Verse of Longing' in the example). If there is no <hr> tag located there, please add it in yourself. It'll be your poem that gets removed if the tag is missing, not the other member's.

The numbers are to display how lines are counted. Your poem may not exceed fifty (50) lines, but blank spaces do not count towards that limit.

Do not erase someone else's poem to post yours. It gets your poem removed.

When you've entered your poem and confirmed that the Daily Poem Format has been correctly followed, press <img:stuff/aj/64959/submitchangesbtn.png>. If the page isn't full yet, your poem will be added below the rest of the works.
Remember! Your poem must follow this format or it will be removed.

Untitled Poems

To submit untitled poetry you need to either title it 'Untitled' or title it with the first three words of the poem. Poems without a title written in bold are considered to be violating the Daily Poem Format and will be removed.


Ready-to-Go Format

Still not sure you'll format your poem right? Copy/paste the following into the Daily Poem's edit box and change the necessary data.

<b>Your Poem Title</b>

Your poem's content
Which may not exceed limit
Of fifty lines

Written by [YourUsername]


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2004-04-06 [++Boo{I Will Always Love You}]: wowzers, thanks, i know i got it now!

2004-04-06 [Nite_Owl]: So we just add our poem in?

2004-04-06 [True, plain and simple]: Add your poem on to the Daily_poem.

2004-04-09 [RavenTalon]: hi!

2004-04-09 [RavenTalon]: I just um...wandered onto this page because I like to click on stuff...

2004-04-22 [Rycard]: I don't have a clue how to post a poem. What is going on? Please someone help!

2004-04-22 [True, plain and simple]: See the Daily Poem FAQ.

2004-05-24 [Estantia]: does spaces include blank lines to separate verses?

2004-05-24 [True, plain and simple]: No. Only lines of text in the poem body are counted.

2004-06-14 [Estantia]: thankyou!!!

2004-06-15 [Imraith-Nymphial]: Hi I thought I added a poem called in this life but cant find it now where did it go?

2004-06-16 [True, plain and simple]: It's on one of the four pages, it was removed, or it was featured (which is unlikely, if you weren't contacted).

2004-06-19 [grissom_luva90]: I have no clue how to add poems...i'm still can i get on here?

2004-07-07 [HellsLastAngel]: yeah what luva said!

2004-07-23 [Your Favorite Stranger]: i have done everything that i can think of and gone everywhere that said anything about writing your poem out. *smoke coming out of ears* And i still can't add my poetry!!!!!!

2004-07-23 [Your Favorite Stranger]: ok figured it out. to add your poetry clickon edit this page and when your done click it again.

2004-07-23 [True, plain and simple]: Why not? All you have to do is edit the page and add your poem at the end..If the page is full, the changes will not be made, in which case you'll have to wait.

2004-12-04 [The House That No Longer Is]: Are we allowed to center our poems? This page didn't mention anything against it, but just to be on the safe side, I thought it a good idea to ask anyway. ;)

2004-12-04 [True, plain and simple]: Eh..Do you have any specific reason why you'd want to?

2004-12-04 [The House That No Longer Is]: I think my poem looks better centered. But I guess that's not an entirely good's fine either way. And I wouldn't want to be a nuisance.

2004-12-04 [True, plain and simple]: Post it left-aligned for now, and I'll get back to you later on whether or not you can change it.

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