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The Daily Poem Bosses are those who choose which of the poems on the Daily Poem page gets put up on Main Street. Visit the Daily Poem page if you wish to participate in the Daily Poem.


The Daily Poem Bosses

Illustrious [Stephen]
Illustrious [hanhepi]

Daily Poem Bosses Veterans#DP Bosses

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2003-09-05 [Anonymous]: Somebody with time, please add a description of what the daily poem boss is, and a link to the daily poem wiki page. And also an advice of not messing the poem page, making sure they place the poem in the right place and dont annoy the poem bosses or they will be spanked by the Guards.

2003-10-30 [Calico Tiger]: Ok, finally added a description ;) Hope it all made sense ^_^

2004-01-08 [Cutey]: Poetry is so cool

2004-03-18 [Vëaneron]: hey someone deleted my poem...

2004-03-19 [Cristina]: Yes, I've already taken care of that, read my coments in daily_poem for more information ^_^

2004-04-15 [Nite_Owl]: How do you become a DP Boss?

2004-04-24 [Cristina]: Just like for other official ET jobs the Daily Poem Team choose their teamates from the council

2004-05-13 [toedels]: If a poem gets selected, does the author get warned about it? Is it than when he receives that emblem:p?

2004-05-13 [True, plain and simple]: Yes. You will be notified with a guestbook message once a poem you have written is featured. You will then recieve a Daily Poet badge. :)

2004-05-20 [Vëaneron]: How do you select the poems. I guess everyone should recieve the badje,we all put up something that is special for us

2004-05-20 [True, plain and simple]: We go through them and decide which ones we think are the best choice to be featured. The people who are featured then get badges.

2004-05-20 [Vëaneron]: ok thks, I've only ask because everyone who has a badge saya: " this meens I've been on Daily Poem" and I've also been there. see ya soon

2004-05-20 [018848.2002]: how do poems some times get poeple to cry?

2004-05-20 [018848.2002]: got to go bye :-(

2004-08-09 [fiery rose fairy princess]: hi!

2004-08-14 [2000HRS]: ok I have a poetry site and I have like over 150 poems.. I wanna put them on here so I'm wondering if there's anychance if I could just send the link or somethin of my poetry site? Because it'll take me forever to put all of 'em on here.

2004-08-15 [Nita]: Choose the best one (and I mean one), and participate ;)

2004-08-18 [Draconius]: i would love to add my poems

2004-09-14 [I have no name]: i am a poem writer and i want my poem on here

2004-09-14 [Sunrose]: Add it on Daily_poem...

2004-10-13 [Amos the Flame]: :'( I wanna be a poem boss. But alas, I am only an elftown member.

2004-10-13 [Sunrose]: alas..

2004-11-24 [Age before beauty]: I want to write a poem, but I don't know where to send it when it's done. Can you help me?

2004-11-24 [Sunrose]: You can put it on the Daily_poem :)

2004-11-24 [Age before beauty]: i found the Daily_poem section, but i dont know where to put it.."is" there somewhere where it says "enter poem here" or "submint poem here"..... where do i put it??

2004-11-24 [Sunrose]: I advise you to read through the Wiki_intro aside from what the Daily_poem already explains :)

2004-11-25 [Age before beauty]: i finally found where to put it...thanks to your advice...check it out if you like:)

2005-01-14 [longhairedshorty]: hey do any of you know where you can enter someone elses poem, for an award??? like to be voted on???

2005-01-27 [dimmu_borgir3212]: I have a question, I wrote a poem but it has two line that refers to me wanting to kill myself, not saying I'm going to but reasons why I did not do it. And reason why I wanted to. Does that mean I can not put it in the Daily poem?

2005-01-27 [True, plain and simple]: No, you cannot.

2005-01-27 [dimmu_borgir3212]: ok thanks.

2005-02-20 [Cookieholic]: the thingy in the badge thingy in my house says the wrong link for the valentine poetry competition, sorry, can somebody fix this maybe? o.O

2005-02-20 [Sunrose]: Fixed :)

2005-02-20 [Cookieholic]: yay *hugs* =D thankies

2005-03-04 [erik_lover]: how do i submit a poem

2005-03-17 [Jesssss]: Yeah how do you submit a poem!?

2005-03-20 [Rambert]: is a poem talking about disembowelment too violent? the only words actually describing it are "cords of your intestinal tract." But no extreme graphic detail. Is that permissible?

2005-03-20 [True, plain and simple]: It might be, but probably not if that's the only description involved. Just post it when the daily_poem reopens and if I think it's too 'bad', then I'll remove it.

2005-03-20 [Rambert]: ok, thanks!

2005-03-23 [LunaSoleil]: hey, if you've added a poem to the Daily Poem, does that mean you get a badge?

2005-03-23 [Janouk]: You'll get a badge if your poem get's featured on mainstreet ;)

2005-03-26 [LunaSoleil]: ohhhhhhhhh..........ok

2005-04-14 [Dushi]: My poem's featured on the mainstreet, when do I get a badge? My poem's called Friendschip by the way

2005-04-14 [djxmonster]: You have a badge :)

2005-04-24 [~dark~clowno5]: hello

2005-05-29 [Feller]: Err yeah my poem was also featured on mainstreet... Any idea when i'll get my badge??

2005-05-29 [djxmonster]: You have a badge :)

2005-06-12 [Vader]: Hey, do you guys maybe need any help with this, I'm willing and able :)

2005-07-25 [frogster]: How do you apply to become a Poem Boss???

2005-07-27 [Drezella]: That is a very good question and i thought that i clicked on the right link but perhaps not..if you have anyspare time though i would like to apply for a daily poem boss position.Thank you for your time. Bless'ed Be*

2005-07-28 [Erestor]: If you would like my help running this part of the town I would be very pleased to do so. Aswell as this I am patroller and a member of the council which shows my loyalty and the fact that I abide the rules, I am a proud member of ET and have a good knowledge of peotry since I have been studying it for 3 years and have entered alot of contests with my own peices. Awaiting your reply.

2005-07-30 [suki IN LOVE]: i noticed that u need a little help, i wouldnt mind. i love poetry and im on ET all the time 24/7! =) msg me if u can use me.

2005-07-31 [Caelicorn]: I also would like to help :) I'm not after being a boss, but I'll do any extra stuff you need me to do :) I am also on the council, but I'm not really doing any set official work yet :) so I'd love to do something for ya - here, anywhere!

2005-07-31 [msmajikk]: [HI! I really do love poetry, and i have a poem edited into a professional book so i wanted to know if you might have any more room for me, if not, ok. talk to you later!]

2005-08-05 [No Regrets - Only Hope]: I'm interested in becoming a Daily Poem Boss or just someone to help with maintenance of this feature. What do I need to do to achieve this? I do not have any other Elftown titles such as patroller or guard, but I'm working my way up and figure this is a good place to start, since I write a lot of my own poetry and can read it for hours on end.

2005-08-20 [TeddyBear1]: I'm interested in becoming a Daily Poem Boss because, i spend ALOT of time on elftown and i have TOO much free time. I really love poetry so i would like i would like to help out in any way i can. Thank you for your time

2005-08-25 [ally]: apply to the crew

2005-08-26 [Thats2Absurd]: Hi i jsut started and I saw poetry and I knew that this was the spot for me to come to... So i guess I am just letting ya'll know that I am here...anyway this is an awesome site...

2005-09-13 [~Vash~]: =P As with most others here, I'd love to help. Vash for Outlaw Guard! X3 has all of my information on it.

2005-09-14 [~Vash~]: =/ ...Ok. Well please message me if you are interested in my services. =3

2005-10-08 [Erestor]: True, you need to change the link here. :) If you knew about it anyway just ignore me. :P

2005-10-08 [True, plain and simple]: I did. But I was in the shower! :O

2005-10-09 [Erestor]: :) Arh right. Sorry then.

2005-10-09 [True, plain and simple]: It's OK. :P

2005-10-23 [nokaredes]: Hey, I thought [Jay Ladlehaus] was a DPB, but he's not here. >_>

2005-10-23 [True, plain and simple]: Nonsense. He's right there! >_> <_<

2005-10-23 [nokaredes]: Liar liar, plants for hire ;P I know you added him to make me look bad.

2005-11-01 [synergtggtrrgf]: ?? Yeah I came at a bad time, but um I was wondering where the application to get for Poem Bosses are because more than anything else on here I think being a Poem Boss would be awsome....

2005-11-25 [Elmiira]: I wanted to ask how could I serve my help for daily poem. If I am not needed, fine, and I don't need badges, I just want to help. :)

2005-11-28 [tigerwitch]: well i'm a freshmen in college, i write poems and last year in highschool i took a Senior poetry class and made two anthologies, i'm not sure but i think i want to apply for a position here...maybe

2005-11-30 [omgOMEGA]: Hey, i've written a poem but I'm not sure if it's okay... it talks about murder, but it isn't really too graphic, can I send it to someone?

2005-12-13 [NightTheOwl]: umm..Excuse me I wanted to ask what it takes to be a Daily Poem Bosses

2006-01-03 [Heather Thomason]: I see you need help with the poetry and i would be will to help b/c i write poems i actually got some on my page that i wrote myself i entered 3 on and the went too the finals well if u need me left me know..^.^ thanks for your time bye

2006-01-03 [Jay Ladlehaus]: All those desiring to become Daily Poem Bosses need to visit: apply to the crew.

2006-01-05 [nokaredes]: I have a question, about the badges people get for getting their poems on the Mainstreet...some of them say daily_poem underneath...and I was wondering if you're going to leave them like that? >_>

2006-01-05 [True, plain and simple]: Yes, because it's too many to change.

2006-01-24 [Sunrose]: Whenever I am badging and see one of those I change them..

2006-02-20 [boo boo kitty fuck (its a penman thing)]: hay i have a question.... iv got this poem i want to submit... but i think it might be to long.. the thing is (not trying to be big headed) but its the best iv dun.. can sum one pweas let me know wht i can do thnxz *waves*

2006-02-20 [Linderel]: Is it over 35 lines? If it is, then it's too long, and there's really nothing that you can do about it for now. If the Bosses ever set up a page for longer poems, you can submit it there, but otherwise... No can do.

2006-02-20 [boo boo kitty fuck (its a penman thing)]: ow well nevermind... ill wait till i can.. its way longer than 35 lines :) but thnx anyway for letting me know

2006-02-21 [Sunrose]: There used to be a page for xxl poems, I think the section has been dismissed..

2006-05-17 [Rosanegra]: Is there any way I can get you to advertise Subject Poetry on the Daily Poem site?

2006-07-16 [rachelah]: Thank you so much for featuring my poem "All For Nothing" on the Main Street!

2007-03-11 [hannes]: Thank you, thank you, thank you!:D

2007-03-11 [Linderel]: Our pleasure. ^_^

2007-05-15 [Lin-tastic]: How would you become a Daily Poem Boss?

2007-05-16 [Linderel]: a) Either True or I quit. b) You show us you're reliable, flexible, and otherwise suited for the position and we decide we need more staff after all. c) Apply to the crew and, again, hope we change our minds about taking on more DP Bosses.
Then again, should any of these happen, there are many takers for the job, eager for an opening. So, currently, there is no way to become one. Sorry. :3

2007-11-02 [the obvious child]: Hey guys, thought you might be interested in my literary mag. We're looking for submissions of poetry/short fic. Check it out... /

2008-02-07 [Angel In Red]: Thank you for featuring my poem daily poem boss peoples. ^_^

Much Love,


2009-08-29 [Nite_Owl]: Wow, True quit? :o

2009-08-29 [Nite_Owl]: If you need another set of hands Lin I'm always available. I'm on all the time again

2009-08-29 [Linderel]: Thanks, I'll give you a poke if I find myself needing the help. :)

2009-10-27 [Yours Truly]: i want to upload a poem but can't figure out how and yes i read the rules and stuff but i still can't figure it out can someone help?

2009-10-27 [Nite_Owl]: Simply click "Edit" at the bottom of the Daily Poem page just above the wikicomments. Then post your poem in the proper format at the bottom of the edit box.

2010-10-18 [NorthStorm]: Hail. I thought perhaps someone should make you aware that the "Edit this page" link seems to be missing from the daily poem page.

2010-10-18 [NorthStorm]: Never mind. I simply, momentarily lost the ability to read.

2011-03-11 [kians mummy]: the daily poems page is to big and i cant get mine on there because its to big for my computer

2011-03-17 [kians mummy]: this is stupid [Flisky] blocked me because i was setting a few points and i was beeing nice but she stops me from messaging her so basically it stops me from putting poems up because i cant put them up myself because the daily poems page is to big for my pc, this isn't right.
nobody ever listens when people try to set points, and they never will, because its just selfishness taking over them

2011-06-20 [kians mummy]: Question:

how do we get the coulered badge?

2011-06-20 [Linderel]: Your badge will be upgraded when you have a third poem featured.

2011-06-20 [kians mummy]: thanks x)

2011-06-20 [Linderel]: You'll find all the available information on badge phases at The Badge Reward System, you know. :)

2011-06-20 [kians mummy]: sorry, really tired today, i'll pm you x)

2011-12-22 [Lord Josmar]: Is this a council only group?

2012-01-03 [Linderel]: Yes, this is indeed a crew-only position. :) If you get accepted into the council and you're interested in helping out, we can see whether there's a place for you. (Sorry for being tardy with the response, I was originally busy and then forgot until now.)

2012-01-03 [Lord Josmar]: Thats ok. Thanks for the answer.

2012-01-11 [Lord Josmar]: NOOO! My position has been filled before I had a chance to fill it!

2015-05-16 [kians mummy]: Wow only two bosses, what's happening to Elftown losing good members? :(

2020-08-19 [Stephen]: Oh. I'm on the page but it's not listed on my house. >_>
I should fix that, I suppose.

Han also doesn't have it on her house. So much for just copying her badge and text.

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