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Daily Art for February 10, 2004

February 10, 2004


Today's art is: "Aquaserpent" by [MoonHerb]

Today's art was nominated by: [Kringel]

About the artist and why this picture was chosen for the daily picture:

This double portrait is a stunning piece from [MoonHerb], absolutely beautiful in its simple lines and colours. The character on the left is Random, and the dragon opposite him is a representation of his spirit and soul. To [MoonHerb], this piece seems unfinished; little details were lost in the scanning process so it doesn't offer the full effect intended, although it's still impressive without them. At the time information was given, a partner picture was being planned, with a phoenix taking the place of the dragon and, one can assume, a more orange or red colour. Partner picture or not, "AquaSerpent" remains a strong piece on its own.

Congratulations, [MoonHerb], and keep up the good work!

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2004-06-21 [Miss Amerika]: Oh, the colours are just so beautiful, and the drawing is simply stunning!

2004-06-30 [Paranoid]: a nice drawing,but not my favorite!

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