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Age: 5 stellar years (sim. 13 earth years)
Gender: infector/male
Rank/Class/Title: infector, dominator, telepath
Appearance: Long, slender skull, slick, black bio-tech style body, long, slender arms with elongated fingers with slender pads. Thick, strong body, with prongs and erratic protrusions along back, sides and joints. Strong, and dextrous. No eyes, large mouth, with an extensive tongue-like limb that exerts a separate mouth, which often makes hiss-like noise and bites on its own; retractable, very powerful/fast, highly mobile.
Skills: Its main physical weapon is its strength, and then its 'tongue'...a powerful weapon capable of intense pain and instant death. Its body is tough, giving it a natural armor. Strong limbs make it a capable combatant and swimmer, and it can climb walls in much the same manner as a spider, although its motion on ceilings is more limited.
Its inner fluids are extremely acidic, and any wound made to its tough body can melt the floor beneath you, and your foot, too, if its in the way of the spray. The acid is strong enough to melt iron and other dense metals.
Daathis is a breeder, capable of infecting living hosts with a Driift (similar to the creature commonly known as facehuggers...the true parasite), a slender nymph-stage of an unborn alien fetus.
A driift serves two purposes: to grow into a new Ylilk, and to serve as a slave of the infector, who uses the Driift to command the host to do as the infector pleases. Daathis is a dominator in this way. He infects humanoids and other creatures with his progeny, who use the host for their growth and maturation until they burst out (commonly about four-six weeks worth of time), while tapping into the hosts nervous and circulatory systems after only two days, in order to feed and grow, as well as to command under their 'parent's influence.
The Ylilk is a commonly misunderstood creature. A natural survivalist, it often destroys other creatures that seek to do it harm, usually by infecting inner party members with its progeny, and using them against their friends.
The Ylilk are a highly intelligent creature, and very apt in situations that require intent coordination and agility. They work well in groups of other Ylilk, but alas, Daathis is often a lone traveller. His current progeny have had no urge to stay with him up to this point. Often, out of the 20-26 offspring a breeder will infect, only 10-12 survive, and often only one, with a rare occasion of two or three, will ever stay with the host. If the two 'breeders have an offspring together, it will be a mass of tiny tadpole-like nymphs that inhabit aquatic, often subterranean aquatic, breeding pools. One in one thousand of these tadpole-like pods will produce a queen, and start a colony, where further species evolution can take place, and the rest become egg-pods that open when exposed to pheromones. Inside, a true facehugger lies dormant until the pheromones of the creature present make the egg active, and the facehugger, a quick and mobile creature, will attempt at all possible costs to grap a host, which will produce another breeder.
Breeders, in essence, have two forms of reproduction: mating, and infecting. Mating produces eggpods of facehuggers for more breeders, and a rare queen will grow to produce many worker/warriors, who, when mated with the queen, can produce variant species for various social/ecological uses.
Weapons: strength, 'tongue', and parasite/domination ability
Personality:Chaotic Neutral
Animalistic personality, but highly intelligent, and able to telepathically communicate with any creature with a language. From that, Daathis has learned to quell his killing instinct at times, in order to accomplish more with his version of trust. Daathis, a maverick, is often a lone traveller, but does sometimes work with other creatures to accomplish some specified goal.
Daathis appears cold and emotionless in his thoughts to others. His intents are almost always unclear to others in telepathic communication.
Daathis can be close with someone for a period of time, but has no restrictions in who he will infect. If he infects someone who is a 'friend', he will often make sure the person is not killed in the birth by calming the progeny during birth, so as not to damage the person's insides or outsides.
This doesn't happen often.
History:His descendant line was part of an experiment on his kind to develop a strong fighting force for some silly government somewhere.
Inside a huge ship, a cloning research and development experiment went horrible haywire, and the human population on board was either killed, or fled when the experiment collapsed.
Daathis' infector/father sought refuge in an abandoned transport pod, and shot himself into deep space, flying through patrolled space, when a patrol ship searched the pod. He infected one of the crew, and fled.
Daathis was born.
He spent an awful lot of time inside his host body, forcing him to consume others' brains, and making him plug himself into the learning technology onboard his ship after destroying the rest of the crew.
He learned an immense amount of human knowledge and information, and by some odd evolutionary cycle, found the ability to link to others' mental beacons, allowing communication.
He destroyed his host upon birth, and fed on the body for several days after, enjoying the brains most of all. He learned about the human mind, and found it easy to work with. He found a way to uplink his own mind into the network, and has a rather old version of neuroport in the side of his skull.
Quirks:enjoys killing and infecting...can't really control it, sometimes

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2004-05-18 [xido]: WSFR Application Page, WSFR Races Page, WSFR Class Page - a Ylilk ( in the movie, designed by H.R.Giger), a parasite/infector, dominator, telepath

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