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If you have any other general questions about the Daily Poem just add a comment and we'll answer it.


Q: How do I post my poem?
A: It's easy. Make sure that you've read the Daily Poem Format first, as your poem needs to follow that example. Then go to the Daily Poem page and click the button saying "Edit this page" located in the wiki info box at the right-hand side. You will then be able to edit the page. Make sure you post your poem at the bottom!

Q: I have followed all the instructions but I can't type my poem at Daily Poem. What happened?
A: The page is full in that case. Please go to Daily Poem Extension and post your poem there. If the page is still locked, we likely do not know yet. Be sure to leave a message in one of the comment boxes so we know!
Then please wait until the Daily Poem Extension is open.
Never delete another poem to put up your own. If you do so the Daily Poem Bosses will not be very happy... and that is never a good thing.

Q: How do poems get posted on the Main Street?
A: One of the Daily Poem Bosses selects the poem and features it. No, the poems do not get posted in turn and yes, that makes the Daily Poem subjective. Recommend your own favourite at the Daily Poets' Choice! ^-^

Q: When will my poem be posted on the Main Street exactly?
A: When one of the Daily Poem Bosses features it, no sooner and no later. There is no point in messaging the Daily Poem Bosses about this matter; please understand that we have plenty of poems on backlog. It can be a while before your poem gets featured.

Q: I want other Elftowners to read other poems of mine. Can I use the Daily Poem to add a link to my page next to my poem posted there?
A: No, you can't. That's why we have created the Poets meeting point so that you can add your links there. Adding it in Daily Poem will only take more of our precious space... space that could be used to post more poems instead. Furthermore, adding anything that is not a part of the poem and therefore not following the format will get your entry removed. This goes both for adverts and personal notes; neither will be accepted unless they are a part of the poem itself.

Q: I've seen that some people have Daily Poet badges. How do I get one?
A: When your poem is featured on the Main Street you are given a green Daily Poets badge. Coloured ones are for those that have been featured three (3) or more times. Once you have been featured five (5) times you are awarded a Master Poets badge.

Q: I can't load the edit page. How do I post my poem?
A: Technically, you don't. Contact the Daily Poem Bosses about the matter. We can post the poem for you. We do request that you send us the poem already following the Daily Poem Format, or you'll be asked to.

Also, please remember that we have limited time. It may take a while before your poem appears.

Do not let other Elftowners post your poems. We're sure you want your poem featured if you've asked them to post it, but ask us. Poems have to be *yours* and we'd like to be able to verify that as much as possible.

We've already had cases with people having their work featured without permission and we've had cases with people who didn't post their own work. We need to watch those cases as much as possible.

Q: Can I centre my poem? The Daily Poem Format says nothing about that.
A: It is assumed that if you're asking this question you have at least a rudimentary idea of this thing called 'typography'. ;)

You can only centre your poem if it is a prequisite for the poem to function. A diamonte, for example. That form will not function if it isn't centred.

Q: I can't find my poem. It wasn't featured and you didn't leave a note about it.
A: Check the comments section. It's more than likely that other comments pushed it off the page. It is also possible that your entry either is in the private queue page, or has been removed while being moved from the submissions to the aforementioned queue, in which case there won't be a notification.

Q: I don't think it's fair that you gave a notice about my poem after leaving it up for n amount of days.
A: We don't always catch something the moment it's posted. We point out violations in poems as we find them. That can be a few minutes after you post it or that can be a month.

Q: I don't think it's fair that you remove poems at all.
A: And we don't think it's fair that you think you can tell us how to run the Daily Poem. I know that sounds mean, but it's true. Take a moment to think about all the work we put into the Daily Poem project: making sure the rules are followed, changing rules as needed, adding them, reading through all of the submissions in the queue daily...
In return all we ask of you is that you care about your work and follow a few simple rules. It's not much we ask in return, really.

Q: Why don't you allow collaborations?
A: Conform the rules, you can't submit your partner's parts, since it isn't your work.
Besides, if we allowed that you could claim your friend helped write a poem simply because they wanted a badge.
We give you badges for your work, not somebody else's.

Q: If one of my poems is featured, will you remove all my submissions?
A: No, of course not. We only remove poems that violate the rules or have been featured.

Q: Why can't we converse in the comments anymore?
A: Because it got out of hand. We, that is to say the Daily Poem Bosses, use the comment section to tell people why their work was removed.

If we have to repost those notes, because members are carrying on a conversation, that's counter-productive, no?

Q: Why isn't the Daily Poem on Mainstreet daily?
A: Because we have lives too, of course. ^-^ We try to keep the Daily Poem a daily venture, but if real life calls we can't put it on hold.
Don't worry about a few days, just give us some time (and a break). Our lives don't revolve around the DP. ^-~ It'll get updated.


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