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Section: Daily Poem


If you have any other questions about the Daily Poem just add a comment and we'll answer it.


Q: Why did you make a line limit?
A: We made this limit because the Daily Poem gets full very often with people posting loads of long poems, and it's easier to maintain this way.

Q: I have a poem longer than the limit. Can I still post it?
A: No. The limit has been extended to 50 lines from the original 35, as a compromise for not re-instating the XXL Daily Poem.

Q: My poem is among those near the end, does that mean it will make it to Main Street later than those above mine?
A: No. The Daily Poem Bosses read through every poem and choose the one they like the most at the time. The order in which they appear has no significance, as all poems are special to them. However, the poems do not get featured either way until they are moved from the submission page to a private queue page that only the Daily Poem Bosses have access to.

Q: Why was my poem removed?
A: This can be because of various reasons. We will state this in the comment box. If your poem is removed because it does not follow the Daily Poem Format, just reformat it. There is a section on the page you can copy/paste. Note that you will be warned in the comment box if your entry is in danger of being removed, and you have a day or two to fix it.

Q: Can I get banned from the Daily Poem?
A: Yes, you can. We won't ban you for not following the Daily Poem Format once, but if you violate the format or any of the rules in two (2) sequential or four (4) total submissions and do not fix the errors as requested, you will be banned indefinitely and messaged about it.

Q: Does being banned from the Daily Poem mean that I am banned from Elftown?
A: No, of course not. Do not worry about this, it's not the same matter.

Q: I can't find a poem that I posted here some time ago, why?
A: Either your poem has already been featured on the Main Street, has been moved to the queue, or one of the Daily Poem Bosses has removed it. You will be notified if your poem is featured and you may not resubmit it.
If this is not the case then your poem is removed for any of the following reasons: spelling/grammar, not following the Daily Poem Format or content. In the latter case you may not resubmit the poem. In the former, you just need to fix the errors.

Q: Why do you hammer on spelling and grammar so much?
A: Quality reasons. You want your poem to be read by hundreds of people, we can and do expect you to care about the presentation of your work. Anything from all-too common errors to netspeak, obvious laziness ('i' instead of 'I'), truly atrocious grammar, and the like will get your poem removed if you don't fix it. Please make sure that your spelling and grammar is as immaculate as it can be. If you truly have trouble with it, there are always helping hands.

Q: Why is there a limit on the amount of poems I can post?
A: Quite frankly, that is because a few people do not realise that the space on the Daily Poem is not endless, nor that the lives of Daily Poem Bosses don't revolve around reading submissions.

We avoided implementing this particular rule as long as possible for myriad reasons that are of minor importance now.

It is there now, and we alternatively ask or plead members to take a moment to think about the works they are submitting. Are they poems that you want featured? Or are you just posting something because you want a badge?

You don't have to be the next Shakespeare or Poe (though it'd help!), not by far. But we do ask that when you post, you use a healthy dose of common sense. It doesn't hurt and makes our work much easier. ^-^


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2005-02-12 [dark angel mayenna]: how do you enter your poem?

2005-02-12 [Ocean Dreaming]: Well... You could try skipping over to DPF - General. Or just the main page as it's the nr one question asked. ;)

2005-04-28 [blackrose6]: ok i've been to all of these litle format things and i can't find where the password is...i'm slowly going if you colud PLEASE please send me the password i would be eternally grateful and probablly make a small shrine to to worship...well maye not but wouldn't you feel specail if i did???

2005-04-28 [Ocean Dreaming]: This is the FAQ archive, though, not the Daily Poem Format. ^-~ These have passwords to keep people from adding questions without an answer. If you're wondering about the password on the daily_poem_2, 3 or 4, those are locked on purpose as well. Which is explained in this FAQ somewhere ^-~ Submission go to the daily_poem.

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