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DI.FM streaming internet radio review


The DI in DI.FM is short for Digitally Imported. It is an online streaming radio station that is devoted to playing high quality electronic music 24 hours a day. There are 35+ different channels to choose from, and you're sure to find one that suits your musical palette. And there are a couple different ways to access it. The first and possibly easiest is by going to . From there, going to Listen Now!, you can pick from one of the almost 40 different stations to listen to and which format you like.

The other way to tune in (the way I prefer to do it) is through iTunes. If you have iTunes open, click on Radio then open Electronica. From there, scroll down until you find the section for DI and select a station to listen to.

The one key difference is that some of the channels listed on their website are missing from the iTunes version for some reason, but the chances of finding something you like remains pretty high because there is some overlap between some of the channels.

The Channels

The channels you can choose from (from the website) are as follows (arranged by subgenre):

HouseTranceEuroDanceTechnoDrum 'n BassAmbientHard Dance
Latin HouseClassic TranceClassic EuroDanceOldschool ElectronicaLiquid DnBSpace DreamsHardstyle
Disco HouseVocal TranceDJ MixesProgressiveDubstepLoungeHardcore
Electro HouseGoa-Psy TranceClub SoundsFuture SynthpopBreaksChilloutGabber
Soulful HouseExposure NYCMinimalPsyChillChiptunes 
Funky HouseChillout Dreams  
Tribal House          
Oldschool House          

The channels you can choose from (from iTunes) are as follows (arranged alphabetically):

BreaksHappy Hardcore
Classic ElectronicaHard Dance
Club SoundsHardstyle
DJ mixesHouse
Drum and BassLounge
Electro HouseMinimal
EuroDance ClassicPsyChill
Exposure NYCSoulful House
Funky HouseTech House
Future SynthpopTrance
Goa Psy TranceTribal House
Vocal Trance

As you can see, the most glaring difference between the two formats are the number of channels and the addition of "Happy Hardcore" in the latter. Do note, however, that I believe it is the same station as the former's "Chiptunes".

So if you're into electronic music, give this station a try. You won't be sorry.
/ [Avaz]

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2011-09-25 [Lord Josmar]: This would fit better in website reviews so I am going to go ahead and add it there.

2011-09-25 [Avaz]: Okay.

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