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2006-09-09 04:37:02
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Trial 5 deals with the steps in computer cg. Part one deals with flat colours.

I took the original art piece and used my own steps to make it colourable, those being to make a new layer from the background, which is set to multiply, and then colour on layers underneathe that.


After 30 minutes, you can see that I have gotten a good third of the flats in place. Using a 5 pixel brush, I zoom in to about 300-500% for accuracy, and I am very careful to name each layer specifically. I also have a separate layer with my swatches, so that I can get an idea of which colours I might want to use for each main piece.

(Also clickable.)

After one hour, you can see that I'm about halfway to 2/3 of the way done. Why am I slowing down? Well, mostly because a lot of thought, as well as trial and error, is going into making sure the flat colours do not clash with one another.

(You guessed it. Notice a pattern here?)

I honestly did not expect to get through an entire extra 30 minutes, but since I did, heres my update. I took a night between the last one and this one, and I think that gave me some fresh insight as to where I should put some of the colours I had picked for the kitty sith. All in all, good times.

(Still clikie!)

Alright, heres the finished part one. I hid the swatches layer and put in a plain background to watch for stray pixels. C/c, anyone?

Part two of trial 5 deals with simple compositions. This part will take a much longer time, I suspect, so updates will be as I finish major steps and/or sections of work.

Finished flats. This took a lot less time, since I have a pretty good idea already about which colours to use.

Ah, hm. Simple cel shading, with a lightsource to the left of her head... I think (and hope) I did this part right?

Ok, now is where I could REAAAALLLY use some c/c... >_< I dont know what to do as a bg, or how to show where the highlights that arent pink come from!

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2006-08-29 [Just.Kate]: Am I the only one who notices that this looks like a battle between [Calico Tiger] and [TheRogue]?

2006-08-30 [Ocean Soul]: Why do you have the same image twice? :O

2006-08-30 [Just.Kate]: Ack. It must have missaved :( Lemme see if I can fix.

2006-08-31 [Silver Wind]: I may not be the most qualified person to speak, but I do offer my personal opinion.
I think it's good, I don't feel that any color doesn't look like it shouldn't be there. Maybe perhaps the red lightsable, which kind of stings my eyes when I'm looking at the picture. On one hand that might be good, because they're supposed to glow. But on the other hand it kind of sucks your eye to it, and takes the attention away from the rest of the picture.
You made an interesting choice with the eyes on the right.

2006-08-31 [Just.Kate]: I was reminded of how the Sith in the last movie seemed to have these black rings around his eyes... I dont know... That grey background used to be black, but too many colours faded into it, so I lightened it, but the black behind her eyes looked good, so I decided to keep it... Thanks for the c/c!

2006-09-11 [travs the bean]: sorry it's not the rogue she's battling:) hahahaha... i know cause i drew it

ok are these just flats or are you going to do highlights as well?

2006-09-11 [Just.Kate]: I did highlights...? o_O;; The last pic has highlights plus funky pink glow...

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