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Name:D’Hara Tarlock (Strength of the Broken One)
Age:His life spanned 16 summers before he died among a human raid. Earth returns him to the land now some 1800 years later.
Race/species:Earth bonded Half Elven Half Ork
Residence:Wondering around the earth as the all mother sees fit.
Job:Defender of the earths interest's in Eliy and other citys.
Weapons:A gauntleted right and left hand gifted with increased strength and penetrating ability by the earth. Thick black dragon hide latticed with the deepest comet steel sparkling like black diamonds in onyx settings. When D’Hara grips his fists, the sound of grinding stone will emanate from his hands. D'Hara has recently come to hold the Sword of The earth Chosen although he has little knowledge of sword play. The swords earth augmentive magics have amplified his innate abilities to shape earth greatly.
Armor:Natural hardening of the skin and bones makes D'Hara resistant to all damage weather from natural or supernatural blows. It still hurts just doesn't seem to do anything permanent. He is also very agile and gifted with a physical perfection that would put the world’s best tumblers to the test. His nimbleness lets him dodge cross bow bolts, arrows, punches, and slashing sword with the ease of steeping out of the way of a onrushing carriage. D’Hara has also recently been gifted with magical bracers granted to him by the earth for this quest. The bracers seem to be made out of a type of steel that absorbs light, the only other features are two large moon stones that are set in the back of the bracers and incased in a adamantine covering so that they will not brake. The magical affect of the bracers is to surround the wielder with a tangible force affect that seems to deflect blows and assist with avoiding any harm.
Description:D’Hara’s height, mass and shear size are the first things any living sentient creature notices, next are the peeks of his ears which stand well above his head by a hands breadth. His head is clean and bald as if he was never able to make hair. The color of his thick grainy skin is a molten blue gray like twilight skies before a storm, slightly ashy on the well worked legs and shoulders. The face is a mangled thing with neanderthillian forbrow and an open gaping hole of a nose. Scars of time forgotten crisscross his forehead, back and cheeks like thick rivets of lead, as if some sick and twisted creature held him down and pored small streams of molten iron on to his face and let it cool The body of this creature is built of brick and blood, seeming to be more solid than both. He appears to have every ribbon of muscle and tendon screaming to get out of his skin. You can see his muscled chest chiseling in to a well defined abdomen coming to a perfect upside-down triangle from the shoulders to a humble loin cloth and rope belt. His arms larger than most men’s legs have the look of sculpted steal with veins pushing against the skin like threads of onyx in blue marble. The arms come to thick gauntlets that start at mid forearm, made of a composite black dragon hide latticed with comet steel and set with moon stones in the back of the hand. The setting for the moon stone is made of adamantine and a vine like pattern of this impenetrable metal covers the stone itself. The stone slabs of legs stand solid against the ground as if he was as immoveable as the mountains. Bare foot he stands on the sharp rock seemingly unaware of the difficult terrain.
History:D’Hara is the tangible manifestation of an abstract ideal; he is dream made flesh and steel, created so that earth may have a defender when no mortal worthy can rise to the occasion. In truth, he did not exist before the earth needed a protector; he is the embodiment of the earth that needs defending, being born as an adult with vestigial memories of a time long forgotten. D’Hara exists for one purpose only: to represent and defend mother earth. The personality he adopts plays little part in his choice of career, for he is the direct product of his path, and exists only for his destiny. He takes little interest in any quest that does not involve the core concept that defines him and if he is a member of a party, may fallow others grudgingly, but always upholding their purpose in every one of their actions. D’Hara cares little for his own existence for he knows that if he should fall, another will take his place as a servant of the abstract, as the ultimate expression of earth. He may take enough loot to sustain his mortal existence, but he would have no ambitions beyond fulfilling his duty. D’Hara arrives from nowhere to defend a cause, and will vanish as easily as he appeared after his work is done.
Other:D’Hara is a solemn creature that is quite contemplative. He seems to be as at home in the forest meditating on the trees and the infinite blades of grass growing from the forever nurturing earth as he is on the battle field swinging on foe’s with his powerful gauntleted fists. His nature is one of boundless law and complete order. He believes the balance of nature is complete and unwavering. D’Hara is slow to act just as you would expect of a chosen of earth although once he moves his action flow like an avalanche of stone.

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2007-01-13 [lost_adonis]: Now you know me... now... who are you...?

2007-01-16 [NamelessMerc]: This character seems too powerful, Adonis. He has skin so thick he can't be damaged (hurt, but not damaged, I gather) by swords, yet he's also as nimble as an acrobat. If I were you I'd slow him down and make him more of a 'tank', as would befit an earth element character.
Message me if you'd like to discuss him, because he seems to have a lot of potential, he's just a bit rough around the edges. By the way, I play Tethis.

2007-01-22 [lost_adonis]: [NamelessMerc]That does seem a tad excessive, and I'm glad you consider him too powerful, it's always difficult to recognise flaws in a character. D'Hara seems like a charming creature, though, and my only criticism would be to make him less agile, and make him susceptible to being hit with blunt objects. Hammers break rock, so an earth-based creature might be susceptible in the same manner.

[lost_adonis]In story line he is easily duped and easy to sway as a friend. He is quick to trust and can be used for evil by a charismatic foe. As a monk out of the D&D RPG he is physically near perfect it is his mental facilities that are lacking. His greatest flaw is that his gentle kindness and trusting nature can be taken advantage of easily. Not to mention that he doesn’t get most simple jokes. His breathing is very hard and he would be susceptible to anything that attacked his respiratory system. He also has a very good sense of smell that can be attacked by something as simple pepper or sent breaker. Remember it was mummy rot and a slay living spell that killed him, he doesn’t have any defense against magic unless it physically manifests.

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