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2005-03-03 00:05:40
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On da land

Welcome to the docks. These are no ordinary docks but the Cutlass Docks !!!

You hear your footsteps change from cobblestones to creaky wood. You see the wood is made out of oak and you see through the wood that there is water under there. You start to walk a little and soon the fog lifts and you see a small passage you never saw before by the side of the houses. You follow the stone passage to a port and you see a sign that says. "Welcome to the docks of the sharpest pirates. 


<img:> You also see a skull with a cutlass and a one bullet pistol behind it crossing each see some what of a small townish thing. There are doors in te back of some houses where the pirates and their families (if any) probably live. A tavern type thing. Shops for pirate weopons, maps of the sea, pirate clothes and accesories, potions, various pirate books, a school for pirate childeren, a weapon repair shop, a training facility, and a valuable items shop. You also see some kind of a house thing by the edge of the dock. The dock and the town is split by stone and wood surfaces. You also hear the sound of water moving around. Coming closer and closer. You smell a foul oder as you go behind some barrels. The smell of fish comes from the barrel but what you see is thrilling yet scary at the same time. All the wifes and small children come out of the houses to greet their husband. The pirates. The pirates of the cutlass. At that moment you see a sword from knowhere swing at you and you pass out. You awake in a nice warm bed. You walk outside to see people roaming around and a little boy comes to tell you to see the cap'n. You smell the god awful smell of fish you hear talking and foot steps on the stone. Also the faint sound of footsteps on wood and somthing in the water. Probably the boat. You see people and the stores and a church made out of stones. The other places made of wood.
Now open:
Cutlass meeting house
Da Sabre Tavern
House 1 (captain Mako's)
House2 (Raven's)
School of Piracy

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2005-02-12 [You Got A Death Wish Johnny Truant!]: Im prate black beard pegged leged bob HA

2005-02-12 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: you can use Rikku you know

2005-02-12 [You Got A Death Wish Johnny Truant!]: ARrh Captin' Sailing Sailng!

2005-02-12 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: arrrr a big black quarter sail through

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Well it is different I wil tell you that....

2005-02-19 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: so

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: so what? 

2005-02-19 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: you know you could type in the text

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: I know that....

2005-02-19 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: and

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: what else is there to say?

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Can I make a link to the tavern so not to crowd the main page....

2005-02-19 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: Hold on I'll make it

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: I am making a history page don't worry

2005-02-19 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: why

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Because the page was a)too big and b) it was all old stuff so we can roleplay in the present without it being to confusing.

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Question for the tavern am I the bar maid?

2005-02-19 [Captain of the Cutlass's]: okay well can you please delete the page. because I have this thing orginized and if the page gets to big then I just delete it. so please and i gotta go bye

2005-02-19 [ta 'hca with zi 'sta]: Alright alright.... bye....

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