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2007-07-13 18:37:20
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Ello and welcome to another rp by The Gruesome Threesome! So as Maggie ([Mags]) and I were watching a musical, we decided that we needed a fun idea for an rp. So as a basic, you pick your favorite musical character and add them to the rp. It can be from any musical you want and all the characters meet up. Picture Valjean from Les Miserables meeting Raul from Phantom of the Opera. Yeah, you get the idea. So have fun!

Here are the rules:

1. You cannot kill any character unless you are granted permission from the character's player.

2: No sex between characters!

3: No graphic language. You can swear every once in a while, but not after ever other word. We want this to be classy.

4: Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, don't join this rp, write a little "hi" in the rp and never come back.

5: Each player may not have more than one character.

6: USE PROPER GRAMMAR!!! Do not write stuff like "ur kewl lol" and this rp is also written in PAST TENSE (in case you don't know what that is, write like "He saw" instead of "He sees")

And the thing that is different from all of our other rps: Your character can be demons, animals, stuff like that. And yes, they can have powers. But ONLY IF THE CHARACTER ACTUALLY IS LIKE THAT IN THE MUSICAL For example: If my character, Eponine, from Les Miserables can read people's minds, that would not be allowed. However if someone chose Elphaba from Wicked, she would be able to fly around on a broomstick. Because that's what she does. Get it? Got it? Good. Enjoy!

Curtain Call Characters Try saying that 10 times fast!

Curtain Call RP

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