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Crystal Falls


You finally reach the end of the tunnel. It seems like an age since you first discovered it; a cave that had suddenly appeared overnight somehow, dug deep into the cliffs surrounding the bay. The sides of the cave glowed with an unnatural light and begged you explore further. The glowing orb that seemed to be leading into the darkness has long since vanished. As your eyes become adjusted to the light, your increadable surroundings become clearer. Cliffs raise up in a large circle around the opening of the cave where you stand, the sides encrusted with diamonds. Waterfalls cascade down the walls into deep lagoons that line the perimeter. Carved into the cliffs is a beautiful palace, made entirely of crystal. Resisting the tempation to steal one of the glistening gems that lie forgotten and scattered on the ground, you make your way towards the palace. It looks deserted. Perhaps there are even greater treasures waiting to be found inside. A feather falls from a window in one of the spires, you think nothing of it. It's probably just birds nesting in the roof...

[abyss_angel] Has guarded the palace since the death of her master. He died before removing a powerful spell he had cast upon her t hat had taken away her ability to fly and kept her confined to the palace for eternity.

Zeek - Abyss' pet griffon who can be manipluated by her chants.

Onishy- A traveler who stumbled upon the palace by accident. Turning back is no longer an option.

Eris- A long standing resident of the palace. She was a much favoured friend of the master (he gave her a dragon ^_^) before his death and still lives there much to Abyss' annoyance. She may look sweet and innocent but beware, behind the childlike exterior is a 300 year old chaos demon.

Raze- A powerful wizard who is said to stalk the palace by night. If this is true, he would have resided in the palace for over a hundred years, though the last person to see him said he looked like a man in his early 20s.

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(rp below this line)

Onishey stepped out nervously out of the cave opening and sat under a nearby tree to watch the beams of light from the newly rising sun filter through the clear walls of the crystal palace embedded in the cliffs. It was a beautiful sight. Sh e wondered how such an increadible place could have existed without being discovered. She glanced behind her and noticed to her horror that the tunnel she had arrived by had totally vanished. She tapped on the cold, hard rock that had seemingly covere d he r only exit. It was solid: it was as though there had never been a cave there. The palace loomed omiously over her. Perhaps she could find help inside. She began to wander over when she heard a cry. It was something like a bird, but somehow she was sure i t wasn't. She heard a loud noise behind her, like a clappin of wings. She turned, but it was too late. A needle like pain shot through her shoulders and she found herself being lifted off the ground. Higher and higher and closer and closer she went towards the castle.Then a sharp turn to the left and over to the falls. No, she thought as she started to get her bow and net arrows ready.She twisted her body to get a shot at the beast that had captured her. It had silver wings and a golden beak with a giant red jewel resting on its chest, bound to it's neck with a golden chain. "Could it be?" She had never seen a griffon before, they were long extinct: but this was unmistakable. Her first arrow struck true into the creature's chest. As the bird fell,so did s he, plunging into the cool water of the lake. She managed to get clear of it's claws as it thrashed around in the water and swam to shore. She started runing toward the trees and collapsed there. When she awoke she checked herself over to make sure that s he wasn't hurt and saw that she was bleeding quite badly from a scratch that ran down her back, probably caused by the struggle.This adventure only made her want to see more than ever what was inside that castle.

The mound of feathers heaved in t he water. Though the griffon was injured, it showed no sign of letting it's prey wander free. The beast pulled itself to its feet and glared at the girl. The jewel burned brightly on its chest.

Onishy felt it.she stoped dead in her tracks. She could feel the creature's gaze burn into her back. She straightened to full hight and turned around.To her horror there it was and it's claws were ready to tear her apart. She winced, waiting for her inevitable death. It did not come. Instead, the griffon grabbed her arm and pulled her up into the sky once again. She wanted to shoot the bird so badly but thought against it for they were at least fifty feet up and she would have died if it let her go. It set her down upon the ledge and flew away. Onieshy cured up i nto a li ttle ball and reset her dislocated arm. Blinded by pain she stumbled into the cave, tripped over a rock and landed on her injured arm. Sceaming out curses in she fell unconscious.
When she came to she had a serious headache and her arm was swolle n ten tim es its normal size. As she got her barings she realised she was in a crystal cave. Suddenly she heard the cry of the beast. It sounded like a roar and a squark.She stepped out on to the ledge to see the sun rise. A shadow passed over the ledge.She realised it was the beast. Unable to run she stood transfixed as the beast landed and started to stalk toward her. With it's first step the spell was broken and she fell stumbling backwards. Jaring her arm she grit her teeth at the pain, though it was pointless for she was going to die soon. The wall pushed against her back and she curled up into a little ball crying and thinking how unfair life was and waited to die.When it didn't come she looked up and saw that the creature did not move.It ha d a con fused look in its eyes.

The griffon let out a muffled cry and batted her across the floor with it's giant paw. Then it reared up on it's hind legs and scampered back towards the opening of the cave where it lowered down on it's haunches as if ready to po unce. It w aited patiently for the girl to move, and when she did so (attempting to run), it bounded at full speed straight at her and caught her in it's claws. After a brief struggle it let her go and bounded back to the entrance again. After the bizzarr e ritual was played out a few more times, it gradually became clear that the beast was only trying to play with her.

Onieshy laughed despite her pain.This creature was lonely but she knew the game couldn't go on or she'd get seriously hurt.To stop it she grabbed a round rock and threw it as far as she could.The creature ran after as a dog would, when it caught the ball it brought it back and dropped it infront of the girl.what a strange creature this is she thought and threw the ball again.

The beast ignored the b all this time. Instead of chasing it it took the girl in its claws and flew towards the palace. It dived through the open window and carried her through the winding halls to a large room decorated with glistening jewels and expensive furs. It then let out a squark and placed the girl down gently. A voice called out from the rafters high above, barely audiable, "Who are you?"

shaking her head and cowering at the griffons feet she said, "Onieshy". Thankfully it did not betray her.It sounded lou d and strong but fear still sounded in it like a poison. "I beeseach you who are you?"Onieshy said more proudly.

A feather fell from the rafters. It was identicle to the one that had been blown from the window of the palace, maybe it had not been the gri ffon's after all. "Who are you to ask my name. I'm the protector of the palace and you are an intruder." A bolt of lightening struck from above and hit the ground before Onieshy, blinding her temporarily. When she regained her sight, she saw an angel stoo d before her with a dagger to her throat.

"I have every right now because you are threating my life!"She yelled, angered by this beast for the unfair advandge. How dare she. I was simply site seeing, simply looking. Why would I go into the castle?what wo uld I do wit h all this? If I were to steal this what would I get from it, she thought.The beast that stood before her was beautiful. She had long silvery hair that tumbled down her back and onto the floor and equally long wings. Though it looked as though she must ha ve been kept in the palace for centuries, she looked young.

The angel smiled at her with a wicked glint in her eye. "Ive not had the pleasure of dealing with an intruder for years. Zeek usually eats them," she added nodding at the griffon. She quickly bo ught her attention back to the girl. "So..came to steal huh."

"Hah! Steal what? What would I do with an object that feels like ash and what would I buy with such a forsaken object. Now tell me your name. Its a trade and you owe me an answe r because I hav e answered all your questions but you have not answered mine" She said outraged.

"How dare you raise your voice at me," Stormed the angel, "time for you to leave i think. Preferably in a box." She took off her necklace and warmed its dee p red jewel in h er hand. Then she took it to her breast and whispered a long forgotten language.

The jewel on the griffon's chest burned brightly as the beast's eyes glazed over. It padded loyaly to the angels side and awaited the command to kill.

Although shaking with fear. If she were to go down she would go down with a fight."OH YEAH WELL WHAT IF I DARE HUH" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KILL ME I HAVEN'T TOUCHED A SINGLE ITEM IN YOUR DOMANE." She was so pissed at this ...this ,she couldn't even come up with a name for this thing. "Fine if you are going to kill me then get it over with already!" She tipped her head back and revealed her neck to be slashed. Now she waited and prepared for the blow but it did not come. When she looked up sh e saw the fallen angel staring in confusion.

"Oh come on, put up a fight," the angel said, "I hate it when people just sit there waiting to die."

"hah how do you expect me to do that huh" she yelled. How does this creature expect me to fight?

"Well you could at least try!" The angel smirked. " The last intruder was so much more interesting than you."

"Ok,lets see. How long will I be able to struggle until Zeek over there kills me,..uh..let see like two seconds and oh how long will it take for you to slice my throat open ,hmm..that ones interesting umm... oh. how bout zero point five seconds.Now you tell me oh majestic one how am I going to beat THAT !!"This creature is really starting to piss me off, if she's gona kill me why can't she get it over with already "look if your gona kill me do it already I tired of playing games so get it over with now.Are you just afraid,you coward? Thats right you heard me! You play with peoples mind well I'M SICK OF IT"a nd with that she threw the fallen angel to the ground pulled out one of her poisoned arrows and aimed it strait at her throat. In a horse voice she said "you move or struggle I'll stick you through".Kicking the knife away so she couldn't use it."how do you like it huh ,not very nice is it ,course your probably going to tell me you're imortal and that you can't die but if I even make a tiny puncture you'll be in pain forever, then you'll wish you were dead" The angels face whent pale as rag e swept through her but was quickly followed with amusement.Then she laughed.How dare such a creature laugh in a situation such as this. "SHUT UP!!YOU BITCH HOW DARE YOU" She screamed.How dare this creature laugh in her face.It hurt so much threatning a creature as bea utiful as this but her life d epended on it.She knew it was futile to do such a thing because all she had to do was call Zeek over but it didn't matter.

The angel grinned and wispered an incantation. Onieshy raised the arrow above her heart and prepared to strike. A bolt of lightning shot from the angel into the metal tip of the arrow and into Onieshy's body. The jolt threw her off guard and stunned her for a few seconds. That was all the angel needed. She kicked the girl off and whistle d for Zeek. 

The griffon padded loyaly to he r feet. The angel grabbed hold of the loose fur around it's scuff and pulled herself onto it's back.

"OWW, DAMN IT THAT HURT. Fine you wana play it that way then thats just fine with me."She pulled out her sword.It looked as if fire burned deep within, dancing it's never ending dance.Onieshy spoke in tones, calling upon the magic deep within her heart and the sword. The sword burned bright with an eternal flame. First she slashed at Zeek. A direct hit, not killing the poor bea st only paralizing him. As Zeek fell, the ang el was thrown to the floor. Taking advatage of her situation she slashed at the angel.The Angel,as quick as the lightning she yeilded, pulled out a dagger and blocked Onieshys attacks.The ba ttle continued on like so striking, blocking parrying, thrusting ,blocking again. Untill Onieshy finally got the dagger out of the angels hand. Backing her up against the wall and pulling the sword against her neck."Well what are you going to do now.Your magic won't work,Zeek over there is paralized and will forever be until I say so. If you try to hurt me I will hurt you. The same as before except this will burn and will follow you everywhere,never letting you go.The fire will run through your blood never seecing to stop"

The angel sighed. "Fine, you win. Have your roam of the castle. But beware, there are more dangerous things than me watching over this place." With that she vanished into the air. Onishy looked around waiting for her to reappear, but she did not. She turn ed aound to zeek. The am ulet aound this neck had stopped glowing.

"Oh Zeek!" She cried.She ran up to hug him.Releasing him from her spell, She cudded up to him. She hated using magic. It felt like cheating, but in dyer situations on e must use action. Magic drained her strength, leaving her open to any attacks. As she cuddled up to Zeek she heard the distant sound of weeping. Too tired to do anything she fell deep into a troubled sleep.Full of crying angels ,blood and magic.

She dre amt fantastic things. Probably woven by the magic that hung aro und the palace in abundance. In her dream, she saw a dwarf. He was running from a fire breathing dragon, holding his sheild to his body to protect it from the flames. Onishy had been hiding behind a rock watching the events unfurl, but not being able to d o anything to help. The dragon was gaining on the dwarf. She heard him yell as it took hold of his tunic in his teeth. It looked as though the end was nigh for the dwarf as it raised him high above the ground. She could imagine it tos sing him into the air with a flick of it's head and swallowing him whole. The dwarf was calling something. She couldn't make out the words. Suddenly a white griffon flew from the darkness. It dived at the dragon a gain and again, scratc hing it's face wit h it's tallons. The d ragon roared, sending the dwarf tumbling from his jaws. The griffon swooped down and took hold of him before gliding off to safety. The dragon snapped at the griffon, wounding it badly. It hindered it's flight but th e bird kept goin g until it reached a l edge. There it dropped the dwarf. It was bleeding heavily. It's eyes closed and it tumbled over the edge to it's death.

Onishy awoke in a start. It took her a while to register her settings. She was still lying on t he floor of in the palace. Zeek had l ong gone by the looks of it. The sound of laughter behind her made her jump. She span round to find a young girl, no older than 10, rooting through her belongings. Well Onishy assumed it was a girl. The bright pink hair and pointed ears did give her the look of a sprite or nymph, but that wasn't really the issue at the moment. "What are you doing?!" The girl looked up with huge startled yellow eyes then giggled. "Lookit what I found!" The child laughed holding up some undergarments ran around in a circle and then disapeared in a poof of smoke before Onishy could really even try to figure out what was going on.

Onieshy was so startled it took her a few minutes to understand what had just happen ed. With that realisation she burst o ut laughing.She laughed so hard she started to cry.Where had that spirit gone off to? "OH well," she sighed.She got up and started to explore the castle (bringing her belongings with her)

Meanwhile in another part of the castle...

A cloud of gr een smoke materialised i n the corner of a large darkened room. From it's centre jumped Eris. The room looked very grand. Chandeleres hung from the centre of the ceiling, almost touching the floor.The walls were decorat ed in rich golds and fire y reds. E ris gazed in wonder aroun d her. The majesty of this particular room never seeced to amaze her. She boldly tiptoed towards, towards the dark shape that was slumped over a dusty crimson four poster bed that lay in the cor ner. As she got closer, it was ap parent the shape was human, though not entirely. She had found what she had been looking for. With a war cry, she pushed Abyss off the bed and proceeded to laugh until she could no longer stand up. "Tag, you're it!" Eris yelled then crawled off into hidin g, knowing how much Abyss just 'loved' this game.

On hearing laughter Onieshy followed it to see if she could find out the fate of her panties. She could see a light at the end of the hallway where the laughter was coming from. Creeping quieter than a ca t (she always had the gift of silence) to the door she saw the angel.Oddly enough it didn't suprise her that the angel lived here but what suprised her the most was that the angel had slept so close to her own spot. Suddenly something pink and fuzzy poppe d out of no where, literal ly attacked the angel then ran away squeeling "you can't get me,you can't get me nanananana". Onieshy nearly burst out laughing at the sight. The angels expression to her, looked like that of a mother's face when the child is do ing the most funniest thing.Filled with laughter,happiness,pride and love.This shocked Onieshy.Comparing the cold hard wicked stare that the angel had given her just the other day.It was amazing what a little child could do.The game had ended with the ang el being maulled by the pin k fuzzy menace again.The pink girl stood up and bursted out "look at what I got" showing the angel the undergarments the little bugger had stolen earlier.Onieshy couldn't hold back any longer.stepping out of the shadows and int o the light she placed all h er weapons down in a show of peace then spoke in a most amused tone of voice "I was getting to wonder were my underwear had gone off to."

The angel jumped at the sound of her voice and span round, dagger at the ready. "Wha..what are you doing here?!" Eri s jumped up onto the bed to get a closer look at the intruder. Her face cracked into a smile when she recognised her as 'underwear girl.' "Look, thats the one who gave me her pants. Shes weird!" Onieshy took a step backward, rather unprepared for such a c old welcome. "Look i just came here to get my stuff back. That pink thing stole them." The angel glared at Eris who shrugged her shoulders and tossed the pants back to Onishy. "Get back to your room Eris, you've caused enoug h trouble for one day..and next time knock."

Eris moped out of the room muttering under her breath, making sure to give Onieshy a kick for good measure as she went. The angel collapsed down onto the bed and threw the dagger behind her where it hit the wa ll with a thump and stayed ther e, buried up to the hilt. "I'm Abyss by the way. If you're going to be staying here for a while, at least our names." She lay down, letting her wings touch the floor. "Shes Eris. I'm the only one here with the energy to kee p up with her. I like to stay in her good books or she'd make my life hell. In truth i can't stand her. I bet you haven't met the others yet have you?"

"THERE'S MORE!?" she yelled. "I thought this place was deserted save maybe you and that pink thing Eris. Well I guess I'll find out wh o these others are."

"Firstly, shes not a thing, shes a demi-demon. Secondly it may not be such a good idea to go wandering around this palace in search of the others. They don't like visitors you see." Whispered Abyss.

"And besides if they got to your organs first what would be left for me?" Eris giggled from behind Onishy.

"oh,Jeez thanks." Onieshy said sarcasticly.Turning around to confront that pink menace, bending down so that she was level with the little ...err demi demon.The girl had short pink hair,long pointy ears and was wearing a kimono-like dress. "I don't think we were properly aquainted. I know your name. It is a custom in my country that we get the name of the person first. If you're like the demons bac k home and giving away your name means giving away your powers than just give me the same name. She put on the sweetest voice she had and being a bard it wasn't such a hard thing.

"That's a stupid rule to follow...besides who said she knows anything about me?" Eris giggled as she point ed over to Abyss, "I was called Eris by an old friend Eris is my far..."

"well what about Borise or Goina? My names Onieshy.I have a bunch of other names like Bob, Jo, Bard And some others that don't come to mind at the moment.glansing slightly at the angel she said, "by the way I never got your name and I am terribly sorry for any incovinences I have caused. I'll leave later if thats alright with you...but..uh...I was wondering why do you use magic t o dissapper.Doesn't magic take up more energy than actually flying or is it just for show" Her voice had stayed the same tone as before but now a little loneliness had crept into it. How she missed Zeek.What a sad soul he was.She desperatly wanted to feel his silky fur once more. It was a rare comfort in this cold anfd unforgiving place.

Abyss gave her a look that could sour milk. "I already told you the names Abyss! Whats up with you? Got a memory like a fish!" She nudged Eris out of the door and shut it behind her. " There are many things you do not know about this palace. It has so many bad memories trapped within it's walls." She plucked a silver feather from her wings and blew it from her palm out of the window. "My master, the owner of this place, was once a great king. As he grew ever older, the pressures of ruling a kingdom began to take their awful toll. He became more and more eccentric as the years past. His people thought him insane. Their mistrust and anger overtook their sense when he spent every last piece of gold in the l and erecting a palace. One that no man could reach, where he could be alone. It was grafted into a cliff and made entirely of crystal so he could watch the world pass him by without a care. The people despised him and pl otted his death. The king however h ad forseen this. He had a few loyal sevants left, and one was a seer. He fled at midnight, on the back of a griffon to the palace of crystal, and just in time for on the horizon of the mountains he saw a fearful crowd illuminated by torches marching toward his former home. He took with him a few friends. A wizard named Raze -who was twice as mad as he was, a summoner and a demi demon he had known all his life and was rather fond of. When the griffons reached the palace hidden deep within a dormant geeza, Raze used his powerful sorcery to demolish stone pathway that led down then continued to seal the windows and doors with charms and hexes. The king demanded fantastic creatures from the heights of heaven and the depths of hell to protect him. He forced th e summoner to call upon all kinds of beings, eventually leading to his death when he used the very last of his strength to summon me. The king cast a spell upon me so i could never leave. We became closer as time went on. He said he would remove the curse." She paused. " As he said these words, something happened. His eyes bulged, then went dark. He died before he could remove my curse. That was centuries ago. I never saw Raze after that, he may be in the palace or mig ht have left. To tell the truth i cou ldn't care less."

"You're a terrible liar, Abby." Eris smiled brightly then proceeded to twirl around while chanting something under her breath. She then stopped and stared at Onieshy. "Do you wish to see the ones hi dden within the darkness...?" She then giggled and fell to the ground landing on her butt. "Don't be afraid, you can't be....because you're stuck with us."

Abyss gazed longingly at Eris. Though she hated to admit it, she did have feelings for Raze and ha ted it when he disappeared (as he freq uently did) for weeks without saying a word. Eris was the only one who could lift the veil of darkness and bring him back in an instant.

Onieshy twirled around to stare at Eris with a warm look and said flatly, "are you not suppose to be in your room rig ht now?" She raised an eyebrow.Shruging her shoulders she tured back to Abyss."That tale sounded almost like the one my papa used to tell me." when he wasn't drunk or beating me or mama she thought bitterly.Oh how she loathed that man and was suprised tha t she didn't run away sooner.Hatred burned in her eyes for a second then disappered. Eris giggled once more and hugged Onishy tightly, "I'll leave then so the grownups can talk..." she then winked and went running out of the room pretending she was an air plane.

"Hey..she was going to make Raze come back.." Abyss muttered.

Eris giggled as she ran through out the castle disturbing anyone and thing that heard her comming. "ZEEK! Zeek, where are you!?" She screamed as her feet pounded on the cold stone floo r.

Onieshy chuckled at the sight. She sighed; how this little one reminded her so much of herself."Raze..Raze" She muttered over and over. She knew that name, but from where? It sounded so familier but she could n't place where she had heard it or who fro m.

"She won't find him. Zeek goes off hunting around this time of night," Abyss whispered. "Speaking of which, i guess you don't know what time it is huh? Well neither do i...yet." She walked over to the window and wiped away a circle of dust so she coul d see outside. The moon was full and high in the sky. Onieshy stepped forward to get a better look. "It's precisely half past 11. When it reaches midnight, the moon will sink low enough to cover this place in e ntire darkness. No light is able to filter do wn into this void unless the source is directly above the hole, if you get what i mean. Thank god this place is made of crystal or we'd be in shadow nearly all the time."

"Well...umm what do you do here for fun?"Onieshy asked. She had a feeling she'd get a good yelling for that but you never know. Suddenly Eris popped out from behind Onishy and giggled, "If you wanna have fun I could always bring Raze out...or we could run around naked...")

"uhh...I'm not sure if I like any of those ideas.Umm..lets see now...oh how bout we play hide and se..uh never mind"Abyss had just given her a look that could freeze a desert. "HIDE AND SEEK!" Eris laughed as she chanted a few words suddenly Onishy was teleported to a different part of the palace. "You're seek your way to safety..." Eris giggled from behind her, "I'll help if you're going a really wrong way...Abby'll help too, right,"

"mmmm...yeah." Abyss mumbled sarcastically. "I would have prefered the Raze idea personally. I can't stand your stupid childish games hmph."

"Oh, oh! I know...we can seek him!" Eris giggled as she ran off turning a corner and dissapearing from sight.

"Don't say that then run away! Why can't you just stay in one place for two minutes." Abyss shouted (to nobody but herself seen as Eris was long gone.)

Onieshy groaned.Me and my big mouth, now how am I going to get to umm... I really don't think safety is really any where here she thought. She leaned against a wall trying to figure out whether she should try to find her way back when she heard someone coming.Thinking it was Abyss she just stayed there not moving but then a horse voice called out "who's there?"

A dark shadow swept through the room. Footsteps started to grow louder. Onishey shuddered as the room grew cold and hid under the bed.

Onieshy reached back to grab an arrow when she relized she had left them back at the room. OOHHH when I get a hold of that little brats neck I'm not going to let go she thought. The feet that were passing the bed were definately not Eris's. They walked around the bed and stopped behind her.Suddenly strong fingers grabbed her ankles and pulled. Oineshy grabbed the dagger on her arm, but it was no use for it was wrenched from her grip in a second.Onieshy turned to her foe and screamed.

It appeared to be a man..well sort of, except this man had unusually long fangs,he had flaming red hair and his eyes were tainted a faint red. His scowl burned into her soul. "What are you doing here in my domain, human?" He threw the dagger behind him and grabbed her throat with his free hand. "Did that stupid bird drag you here?" He lifted her throat to his lips. "I suppose it was fortunate. I haven't fed in years.."

"No!"Onieshy screamed.Bringing her hand up she pushed his face away, but with suprising strength he held on "what do you want?"She screamed."nothing but to feed, My dear" Came his hissing vioce from the deep void within his mouth. "leave me alone beast. I was transported here to this room" A little surprised gasp came from behind Onieshy.

"Sir..." Eris stepped out from behind Onishy keeping her eyes looking at the ground, "I brought her play..."

The thing dropped her quite suddenly. Caught off guard Onieshy hit the ground hard and had the wind knocked out of her. Eris and the vampire walked off to a corner and were shouting back and forth.While they were doing so Onieshy was pacing back and forth trying to figure out what she was going to do and how she was going to keep her temper in check. She could hear part of the conversation but only a line of what Eris said, "Lookit Mistah Vampy...leave her alone or I'll cast a sun spell in your lungs so you will die a horrible painful death...".Mistah shrank away
grumbling. He stepped away but didn't leave. Eris giggled, "Oh come on...I just...I just don't want her getting could always go find babies to eat....vampires like babies...".Onieshy sighed."Umm sir may I have your name please?"Onieshy said in a mild tone."My name is Onieshy".She held out her hand to shake his.

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked astonished. "One minute im trying to eat you and the next you're asking my name and shaking my hand?" He scowled at her with piercing red eyes. "And by the way, who said im not going to." He turned to Eris and lifted her off the ground by her coller. "And as for you dearest Eris, your barks worse than your bite. Theres no way you could perform a sun spell upon me with such petty skills. Oh and by the way..the baby suggestion sickens me."

"It's called common courtisy. I noticed you don't have any and seem quite rude but that doesnt mean I have to be. Now give me your name sir or I'll make one up for you and trust me you won't like the names I come up with."Onieshy said curtly.She sighed, she didn't think vampires could be so rude.

"The names Valos Seraphene," he muttered, suprised at the sudden telling off. "Ive been waiting for a human like you to come strolling through the palace for centuries. Im so hungry!" Eris huffed and walked up behind Valos.

"First of all know very well how old I am..." She smiled while playing imaginary hopscotch, "I could level a city if I wanted." She giggled once more, "Your lungs would be nothing in comparison, know how much I love you, and please don't eat Onieshy...she's a guest of Raze."

Onieshy just blinked. She was begining to see why Abyss was so annoyed with her.She sighed.oh well what difference does it make to me.She thought aimlessly. She turned to look at Valos. He had flaming red hair and a slender body. Although he was a vampire Onieshy saw pride and an ever so slight glimmer of kindness in his barren heart.

Eris sighed, feeling like she wasn't wanted anymore she wandered off in search of something interesting or someone who wanted to talk to her.

"Hhhhmmmmm" Onieshy said, rubbing her chin. "Well thats one problem solved...haha.."She said triumphantly."well do you have any idea what so ever what we..err..I am and how to uhh...get back to Abyss?" Those eyes seemed to go on forever...those eyes...those eyes..and all went black.

"I hate it when that happens.." muttered Seraphine. "Well, i really want to know how the hell she got into a palace locked with magic and how she got past Zeek..and how she survived that idiot girl for more than five minutes." The vampire stooped down on one knee and gently lifted her up into his arms. He would take her up to the master bedrooms and wait till she woke. Then would begin the grilling. Then maybe there would still be time for a nibble later.

"hhmmmmm"Onieshy groaned. When she had gained enough wits to open her eyes she realised she was not in the same room as before she fainted. Holding her head she rose from the bed.....The bed, ack, This not good now I'm even more lost. Suddenly a slick familiar vioce came from behind her "hmmm your awake..too bad." It was Seraphine. Onieshy chuckled at the sarcasm."Jeez... if you're that thirsty why don't you go and eat a cow or sumthin or are you like the others and can't leave"

"None of us can leave. We're all trapped here for eternity. A plus side is that we can't die..but eternal life gets boring after a while, especially here. Oh, and i would never ever in a million years eat a cow or a baby for that matter. The thought repulses me." He perched on the back of a dusty old chair on the opposite side of the room to onishey, watching dust float by in the dim light of the moon. She watched him. Something about him seemed to hypnotise her. Perhaps it was his eyes... A sharp voice awoke her from her temporary day dream "Anyway, i brought you here to find out how you got in. It was to my understanding that it was impossible."

The story continues at crystal falls2

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