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Crysis 2 Single Player Review review

Crysis 1, the original benchmarking game for computers. Released in 2007, this game would still asplode many computers today if run on very high (including mine). 

But the beautiful graphics, as lifelike as having blood splatering on your face, could not carry the terrible gameplay. 

You could be in a bush, miles away, killing one by one, hundreds of soldiers who run and die in the same machine gun nest. In short, scripting, respawning, derpmode AI was the downfall. The concept of a suit that could either become dragonskin-grade tank armour, make you invisible, or make you faster than an Usain Lightning Bollocks Cannon, was a cool concept, but it was not tested out well. The stealth lasted about 2 seconds, throwing a 2 ton jeep at people, as amusing as it was, took away all your energy so you couldn't shield yourself in the coming firefight, and running at lightspeed was hampered by the fact that your character had the stamina of a smoking, asthmatic, morbidly obese Panda bear. 

So the expectations for Crysis 2 were not very high. Of course, it would be the new computer benchmarking tool, but would the gameplay be any better?

Fortunately, yes.

After cleaning the shit my graphics card expelled in order to run this graphically titanic game, I found that this game would not take place in da jungle. Instead, it's good old New York City, which apparently hasn't had enough punishment with planes and giant crab monsters, they needed more. Enter parasitic growth virus ebola inbred with blood dysentry and we have a quarantine catastrophe on our hands. 

And it's up to Super Suit Samus Generic Mute Soldier Guy to step in.

It seems the develops had learned from their previous game. You now get points to upgrade aspects of your suit (stealth, power, armour) with after killing certain enemies. The weapons upgrade and modification system is just as good as the first Crysis, though it saddened me to not be able to put a 16x scope on an assault shotgun like before. Oh well, the hilarity of coming out of cloak by popping someone in the face with a silenced shotgun (beats me how this works) patches up my emotion wounds for the 16x scope.

The enemies in this game are somewhat smart, though they communicate like you don't know english so you can always counter their flanks by cloaking and going to town with the 50 calibur machine gun you ripped off a Humvee. The alien guys present more of a problem though. But all in all, the enemies present a decent challenge.  

All in all, if you want a better than average First Person Shooter, with some unique gameplay elements to it, go wild. This game may also be the stealth fix for those sneaky Thieves.
/ [Doormat]

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