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2007-09-17 12:43:52
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Crossdressing contest entries

Contest is CLOSED.


– Obey the theme. I want to see females dressed as men and males dressed as women!
– No porn for the contest. I don't mind nudity, but technically the theme implies that the character is dressed.

– Obey the uploading art rules.
– No copied, partly copied, traced or freehand-copied images whatsoever are allowed. Violators will be keelhauled.
– Fan art is accepted but not encouraged. Source must be cited.

– Maximum dimensions: 1200 by 1000 pixels, but resize is recommended.
– All artforms accepted, even photos/photomanipulations (of yourself only). Animations are fine by me if someone wants to do one.
– Maximum of three entries per person.
– Deadline: 20 entries. Subject to change.
– Entry format:
     #) [username]: Entry name (optional). Comments.
     <img:url of picture> (Resize to max width and height of 500 pixels for the contest page. Under the link the original can be as big as the maximum dimensions.)

Additional rule: since it seems males in women's clothes are very popular, please don't enter three male crossdressers. You can enter two, but only if you enter one female too.

Who's the winner?

I'll pick one or more pictures as winners myself. I'll be taking into account the theme, skill and effort. The medium of the picture does not matter. As for style, I openly admit that since anime/manga style is overused, I'm a bit tired of it, but I will be fair.

There'll also be a poll for the public's favorite, but if many people don't want that, I won't do it.

What's the prize?

Winner(s) will get a drawing of choice from me as well as a some sort of badge. Of course it depends on whether people want badges. I can also do something else than a drawing, just let me know.

Participants can have fun with the participant badge if they want one.


1) [Arisonu]. An old pic of Ghonas Froud in a pretty dress. Revel in the off-quality snapshot.

2) [Arisonu]. A newer pic of Froud.

3) [Arisonu]. Since I'm going with the theme of Elizbethan cross-dressers, why not have Viola from Shakespeare's most well-known and beloved of his "cross-dressing comedies"?

4) [Leara]. This is Kieran Aikyl...aka, Aysha, the crossdressing Seer/Swordsman.

5) [Lady Chaos]. I thought I'd throw in the good ol' disgusting stereotype... all in good fun, no offense to real cross dressers intended! :)

6) [Nebsy]. Everyone loves Labyrinth!!

7) [Zakuro-iro no Kara-Karasu]. me...more j-rock look but heh its quite girly XD

8) [Oblivious Commentary]. I kind of think it represents Oberon/Puck... or Vanyel/Stephen... It's a random drawing that isn't inspired by anything other than this contest.

9) [Bulma]: "A Girl in the boys locker room". This is my 1st contest!

10) [Nazarath.93]. This is me in my girlfriend's clothes. ((also my first contest))

11) [popeyethecat]. Meet Vinnie! My first contest, yay

12) [popeyethecat]. This is me as my alter-ego, Robbie.
<img0*500:> <img0*500:>

13) [Lady Chaos]. Me, as a dude!

14) [blu.nation]. Fabian, who is far too pretty for his own good.

15) [Relphien]. Me at the left.

16) [Hobbit teen]. This is Karl and Rainer Smith...They are the half brothers of the great supervillan's daughter The ice syrin, also known as sabrina to her family on her mother's side...the one on the left is Rainer, the one in the 1800's style dress, and the one on the right in the mini skirt is Karl. I love them both, and their sister is on, Who Wants To Be A Super Hero?

17) [Caterin S.]. This is me a couple of years ago. Me and one of my guy friends had a little crossdressing happening and this is how I came out after a stubble update, men's clothes and five towels. Sorry about the quality in the first photo, I had to scan it and the scanner sucks.
<img0*500:> <img500*0:>

18) [cyberhavok]. This is my original character, Kami, who is obviously a crossdresser. I like to take the clothes I design and put them on him and he's very cute, if I do say so myself.

19) [Erubeus]. Hi Lei!! Erm.. Anywhozitz. This is my character, Drizzle. He was inspired off of my stuffed bunny, so he is my Gay Bunny Boy!! =D I luffles him muches!(Note: I might switch pictures of him once I color it ^^)

20) [Kikai] This little boy has been stuck in my head for a while, and now I finally have a reason to draw him. :3 I always wanted him to be a crossdresser. :D
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