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This is where we, the members of the Council, post photos of ourselves for you to use
as references for competitions and the Council gallery.


All_Most PUNK photo reference
hanhepi photo reference
Hedda photo reference
Hedda & Nita photo references
Linderel photo reference
Lord Josmar photo reference*
Nehirwen photo reference
Nioniel Photo Reference
Slavork photo reference ([Teufelsweib]]
Stephen photo reference
Sunrose photo reference*
wicked fae mage photo reference*
Yuriona photo reference

* Do not contain a picture (yet)
- Do not wish to be seen

Optional -- Lilo PhR


Retired members
a clockwork orange photo reference
ally photo reference
Akane Ice photo reference
Akayume photo reference 
Anonymous photo reference 
Atayemi photo reference
Blaithin photo reference 
bluesoulsearcher photo reference
Calico Tiger photo reference
Charybdis photo reference
Chess photo reference
Chimes photo reference
Cristina photo reference
DarKlawStudios photo reference ([stuffAEAmade])
Deiscorides photo reference
dew_farie photo reference 
djxmonster photo reference 
Elegy photo reference
Erestor photo reference 
Erinbabe photo reference ([Rennie]) 
EvilNinja photo reference
Flisk_girl photo reference
Gaia-Selaria photo reference 
IChester photo reference
iippo photo reference
irulan photo reference 
Isilando photo reference 
I stabbith ye photo reference
Itayyam photo reference 
Janouk photo reference
Jitterbug Perfume photo reference ([Jitter])
Kaimee photo reference
Keyshika photo reference 
Kileaiya photo reference
Kyrinn photo reference
LadyMoon photo reference
Lady of Lore photo reference
Leara photo reference 
Lerune photo reference
Lothuriel photo reference
M! photo reference 
maketsu photo reference 
Malnu photo reference
May-lea photo reference
Moonknight photo reference 
Nightshadow photo reference
Nita photo reference 
Nite_Owl photo reference 
Ocean Soul photo reference 
Patri photo reference
Paz photo reference
Peura photo reference 
pixie_shimmer photo reference
Ramirez photo reference*
Rook photo reference 
Saffron photo reference 
Savien photo reference
sequeena_rae photo reference
Shanra photo reference 
Sheepy photo reference 
shotokan_gal photo reference
Shreya photo reference 
Shreya & maketsu photo reference 
Shudson photo reference
SilverFire photo reference
Skylie photo reference 
spiritee photo reference 
Stormy photo reference
Sunny Silverunicorn photo reference
TheRogue photo reference
Thunder Cid Photo Reference
True, plain and simple photo reference
Tyrana photo reference
Viking photo reference 
Xithemonas photo reference
Yncke photo reference
Zab photo reference 


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2004-08-12 [Sunrose]: yes u were! and indeed true looks a bit dangerous :S!

2004-08-13 [Malnu]: hmm...**wonders what the pass might be, as to add his photo here**

2004-08-13 [Calico Tiger]: Heh, I have no idea... one sec while I look and send it to ya

2004-08-13 [Malnu]: Thanks Cali

2004-08-15 [Shreya]: How about resizing all the images to a fixed height ? That way the page won't be realllyyy long when the rest of the crew members put up their pics here..

2004-08-15 [Ocean Dreaming]: Wouldn't that blur some photos? I think the main concern when more photos get added is download time for people with dial-up connections. *is rambling*

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: unless u dedicate one page per member...that would cost many pages though..

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: How about we live with it as is? How much skin is it off your nose to wait a little bit more for images to load?

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: sound a lot like someone who doesn't have to can be pretty annoying i assure you

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: Heh, if you only knew. I don't even get standard 28.8kbs, but only once in a blue moon like today. i'm afraid to log off line because I may get stuck back at 21-24kbs or lower.

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: Aaarggh!That s**ks... . But some people might not be so patient or having so much time online...

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: Indeed it does. /(-_-)\ And, to top it off I'm downloading a 250meg file at this moment. some people have no patience for anything and will throw dishes in their house because their coffee maker doesn't make coffee fast enough for them. But, in the end its still their problem and not mine. ;P

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: But are you sure those are the people we are talking about? Because I do also know some who have to pay every second they are online and with such a downloadspeed they can't afford to even get on elftown if it was full of pictures. It is their problem, doesn't mean you can't still help solving it or making it easier :P

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: If they are letting themselves be ripped off for every minute they are online then let them suffer. XP

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: Some can't afford a better connection! You are very harsh!

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: Download the strong and disconect the weak. ;P

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: The strong on internetconnection aren't always the better people....I think you would know best muahaha! :P

2004-08-15 [Nita]: But obviously, someone who doesn't want to pay for downloading a lot of photos won't go to a wiki page named like this one ;)

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: Right...

2004-08-15 [Sunrose]: Normal people wouldn't...Et-members would...there should be some sort of rehabilitation-centre somewhere for ET-addicts...

2004-08-15 [65tyjvw45b]: LOL

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