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This is where we, the members of the Council, post photos of ourselves for you to use
as references for competitions and the Council gallery.


All_Most PUNK photo reference
hanhepi photo reference
Hedda photo reference
Hedda & Nita photo references
Linderel photo reference
Lord Josmar photo reference*
Nehirwen photo reference
Nioniel Photo Reference
Slavork photo reference ([Teufelsweib]]
Stephen photo reference
Sunrose photo reference*
wicked fae mage photo reference*
Yuriona photo reference

* Do not contain a picture (yet)
- Do not wish to be seen

Optional -- Lilo PhR


Retired members
a clockwork orange photo reference
ally photo reference
Akane Ice photo reference
Akayume photo reference 
Anonymous photo reference 
Atayemi photo reference
Blaithin photo reference 
bluesoulsearcher photo reference
Calico Tiger photo reference
Charybdis photo reference
Chess photo reference
Chimes photo reference
Cristina photo reference
DarKlawStudios photo reference ([stuffAEAmade])
Deiscorides photo reference
dew_farie photo reference 
djxmonster photo reference 
Elegy photo reference
Erestor photo reference 
Erinbabe photo reference ([Rennie]) 
EvilNinja photo reference
Flisk_girl photo reference
Gaia-Selaria photo reference 
IChester photo reference
iippo photo reference
irulan photo reference 
Isilando photo reference 
I stabbith ye photo reference
Itayyam photo reference 
Janouk photo reference
Jitterbug Perfume photo reference ([Jitter])
Kaimee photo reference
Keyshika photo reference 
Kileaiya photo reference
Kyrinn photo reference
LadyMoon photo reference
Lady of Lore photo reference
Leara photo reference 
Lerune photo reference
Lothuriel photo reference
M! photo reference 
maketsu photo reference 
Malnu photo reference
May-lea photo reference
Moonknight photo reference 
Nightshadow photo reference
Nita photo reference 
Nite_Owl photo reference 
Ocean Soul photo reference 
Patri photo reference
Paz photo reference
Peura photo reference 
pixie_shimmer photo reference
Ramirez photo reference*
Rook photo reference 
Saffron photo reference 
Savien photo reference
sequeena_rae photo reference
Shanra photo reference 
Sheepy photo reference 
shotokan_gal photo reference
Shreya photo reference 
Shreya & maketsu photo reference 
Shudson photo reference
SilverFire photo reference
Skylie photo reference 
spiritee photo reference 
Stormy photo reference
Sunny Silverunicorn photo reference
TheRogue photo reference
Thunder Cid Photo Reference
True, plain and simple photo reference
Tyrana photo reference
Viking photo reference 
Xithemonas photo reference
Yncke photo reference
Zab photo reference 


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2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm just a keen observer of reality.

2006-06-27 [Patri]: Oh well... can you observe your ego? :P

2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Sure. It's somewhere near the Andes. In any case, it isn't really my fault if I can see what other people can't. I should just be made "King of the known universe" and simplify things.

2006-06-27 [ally]: Hey I wanted to be on top! :o

2006-06-27 [Patri]: [All_Most PUNK]: Yes... suuuuure... I think you might be suffering from World Cup side effects :P // [ally]: we don't want to know about your kinky thoughts :P

2006-06-27 [ally]: Sure you do :P

2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Patri: Nop, I've always been this way. I have a strong superiority complex, complemented with a big inferiority one. It's just a matter of deciding which one I want to use. // Ally: I can let you be on top now and then, if you want.

2006-06-27 [Patri]: Patricio: Then it's not the world cup... :P // [ally]: Damnit! You've read my mind! :P // You two get a room! :P

2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Patri: Nop :D // Patri: You may come with us, if you want :D

2006-06-27 [ally]: Don't blame the world cup for anything except messing up tv-programs :P// Aw thanks punkey :)

2006-06-27 [ally]: xD Threesome ... hey wait a sec, then you get two girls and we half a guy...

2006-06-27 [Patri]: Hahahahaha! half a guy... that was a good one ally. But maybe Punky has enough for both of us O_o Well, this chat should move to another wiki :P

2006-06-27 [ally]: threesome with pubky?

2006-06-27 [Patri]: I bet the list of girls to spend a night with him will be huge! :P

2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Ally: I live to serve you *bows* // Ally again: I was kinda hoping you didn't notice that. In the other hand, I like the fact that none of you two said no. // Patri: Err...

2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: Patri: You'd lose that bet :(

2006-06-27 [Patri]: I don't like to lose :-(

2006-06-27 [All_Most PUNK]: I don't like you loosing, at least in this case :P

2006-06-27 [Janouk]: OMG, I was used to the old list! :( *tries to learn the abc*

2006-10-13 [iippo]: Lothuriel photo ref wiki needed.

2006-10-13 [Sunrose]: Oooooh! You can make it if you want :P
(aside from the picture, Loth will have to add that..)

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