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2006-08-13 16:02:27
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Hello, and welcome to this wiki. please ask if you want to join my new club, and I will happily bite you to become one of us. (or if you are already a vampire, you can join this clan.) also, I would love some pictures of vampires as well, to make this page more interesting.

Any vampire haters should go away right now, as I don't want spam or any stupid comments on my wiki.

If you are interested in vampires and want to know the truth about them, go to Vampire Truth to know more, and to see the rules of the vampires, go to Vampire Rites

If you want to join the ranks of the undead, I will send you to [Vampire Akis] who is the one that blooded me in the first place. (apprentices can't blood people when there master is still around, and that way, you'll be able to join the Elftown Vampires as well.

To Vampire Truth
To Vampire Rites

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