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my mermaid!
How about a centaur?
Or a non-drow drider?
A Sphinx
This is Christian a Dracoleon (Dragon+lion)
Kolibri Rider Fairy. Credits for
stock Jitter's Digital Art
Better looking on full view. Demons are mythical.
XD the one on the right is
my own creation, Istara.
Pan :)
Complete Stock Info:
A Satyr!
a creature that popped up in my head :)
A random Centaur that I made while bored
a very little dragon!
[Calico Tiger]
Golden Naga
The Divine Oracle
Gotta love fairies!

Yay another fairy!
a Siren
Demon Temptress.
Jormungand a.k.a. Midgard Serpent.
One of the three children of
Loke. Cast into the sea by Odin so
it can do no harm. It grew so big
it covers all earth through the
ocean, and it bites it own tail.

a little girl satyr like creature

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