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2005-03-24 12:05:51
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My House is a Safe Zone.

hey this is ma wiki crazy wire!!!!!!

welcome to crazy wire i can see the name must have intreged u cuz i mean y else would u b here.

its g8 that u actually want 2 come on here i will get some banners up soon but ma comp has just bin reformatted so ya know have 2 find the cds and put them bk on to the comp so if any1 would b kind enuf 2 make some than plz message me !!! tank u
its a realli random place for all the crazy ass wannabe ppl in here.

im [sanity check] and i support gay marriges !!! woooooooooo also crazy goth there g8 sites

my m8 on here are [garden_gnome]


1.[Garden4Gnome]Hey kool Wikki, random but if i knew how to make banners id make u 1.
But anywayz u started school, ha ha!!!
2. [MillieBoo] am i aollwed to join?
Wierdos united @ Wikki.

if you are lost then go here cuz im not gonna help u


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2004-09-02 [Garden4Gnome]: First to add a comment i feel privilidged.

2004-09-07 [Intrigued Lover From Hell]: heyy i like ur wiki myn sucks i made The Spooky Kids and no 1 goes to it

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