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2006-12-28 19:04:41
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Welcome to CrAzY people united!


This is for all you people out there who belong in an insane asylum, but aren't yet. I am the craziest of the crazies. Please allow me to rub your cheesy feet. SPOOT!


Wiki Owner: [Katie love Casey]
Co-Owner: [Zacks Pixie Bitch]

Wiki Members:
1. [Katie love Casey]
2. [Zacks Pixie Bitch]i have something to put here just not at the moment
3. [Brookes Sexy Juggalo]yea wohoooo imma crazy as any ma fuka can be
4. [Crazy Cassandra!!!] hmmmm. . . i want 1 of those white jackets then i can pretend i am a evil scientist MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
5. [Smoking angel that tweaks]la la la la la!!!!


6. [de_matteo] hey!. hiya, how r u?? im gud thx u?? im fine 2!
7. [InvaderZIMfan] The oddly placed moo-juice is yellow and crusty.
8. [crazycrypt21] If I picked a pepper would you lick my feet?
9. [krystan]you can call me Bernyce for short! i<a onMouseOver="window.status='' ; return true;" onMouseOut="window.status='';" oncontextmenu="window.status=''; return true;" onclick="location.href='';return false;" href="" TITLE="More Info..."> love </a>you crazy mofo's!!!!!!!!! power to da apes...and to my homies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10.[RiddleRose] They're coming to take me away hee hee, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful, all the time, and I'll be happy to see those fine young men in their clean white coats, they're coming to take me away.....!


11.[lostinspace]hey those guys in the white coats they came for my cousin a week ago
13.[Indigo Butterfly]
14.[swabloo] *twich* anyone got *twich* suger?*twichtwichtwich*
15.[purpledaisy]SHHH!!can u hear them?


16.[moonshiner] OW!
17.[That Fuzz] One by one the penguins steal my sanity...
18.[soul_collecter]hello im not happy crazy im sadistic homicidel crazy and i will devour the souls of all jackasses
20.[i like] u'll never take me alive copers!!!!hahahaha


21.[Le Monstre Dans Le Gateau] O_O Imma crazy and quite proud! I<a onMouseOver="window.status='' ; return true;" onMouseOut="window.status='';" oncontextmenu="window.status=''; return true;" onclick="location.href='';return false;" href="" TITLE="More Info..."> love </a>this wikiness!
22. [Claireabella] VERY VERY HYPED UP!!! whee whee whee, too much sugar!!!
23. [giadriana] Well... ::twitch:: The monkey will now leave my body alone for weeks...
24.[Ancient Shadow]schusy muosy!!!meepity meep!
25.[..Nightmare..] I have 3 personality traits meet Charles, Charles: Hi im charles and i am part of the SAAA, Sex and alchys anonomous, id like to start by saying hi, Now introducing...finished in the<a onMouseOver="window.status='' ; return true;" onMouseOut="window.status='';" oncontextmenu="window.status=''; return true;" onclick="location.href='';return false;" href="" TITLE="More Info..."> chat </a>area...


26.[Ana] mwahahha mwahahahahaha mwahahahahha*cough* ha...ha..oiy
27. [Dark Blood Child] haha! we have joined!
28. [sam ^-,,-^]
29. [dreamer10164] hello
30. [stone roses] Today i ha-... g2g- the men in the white jackets are here to take me back to the Happy hotel


31. [#9437] Ha! I've been declared LEGALLY crazy by a psychiatrist! So I got all of you who just PRETEND to be crazy BEAT!...Should I be proud of that?
32. [meow-Sarah] i wish i was a cat
33. [bobbina] I see the white coated ppl, how often? ALL THE TIME!!
34.[JacquliynnElaine]...i belong in the assylum...they just havnt found me yet..**hides in corner**
35.[fighting the demons] the men in white are cumin coz i said dat da voices in my head are evil


36. [The Assassin] Make the voices in my head stop argueing!!!!
37. [*~Wondering What This Life Can Bring~*] you havent seen crazy till you seen me!
38. [i_love_misfits17]
40. [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] hehe, y'all think you're crazy... hehe, you haven't seen crazy... hehe, until you meet me... hehe


42.[a faerie tale] Hehehehehe.....chess......pretty colours smell good.
Crazy links:
Crazy badges
43.[beneb2005]I dont have issues!!!
44.[jumpydrummer]*laughing manically*


46.[DaniDarkHeart]Maybe a year of therapy wasn't enough... :/
47.[penguin overlord]FEAR ME!!! for the penguin of the arctic has fortold that I shall rule the world!!!! someday.
[xBrokenXHeartedx] i live in my straight jacket...its quite comfy actually....*struggles*


48.[Anduraja]................................i see white walls............i see white jacket.......
49. [nemo finder] yeah I am cool
50. [*Eternity*]
51. [Nemasis Unicorn] I control you all with my mind powers! OOO!!
52. [Corpse_Bride] looks into space............
Please enjoy the crazy people united. Twould make the cupcake very delighted...
54.[Stitched Up Dolly]What was that, dillon? they can't see you? Excellent. You can preform my evil biddings. Laughs evily
55. [hot_ass_me (Jazzy)]i see dead cocks! oh no! wait, nevermind, they're just winnies... *slaps heself on da head*
56. [Ally Yo!]
57.[This Profile No Longer Exists!]
59.[Special Dave] they think im crazy im not crazy they're crazy hehe hehe hehe
60.[xnight_shadex]i see dead people...


61. [Krista.] I'm crazy, Ur crazy, We're all crazy, The dead girl in the corner is crazy, We're pretty much all crazy..............*stares into dark corner rocking in rocking chair*....................
62. [Pink_Pixie] the voices are talking again. they say he's close. *looks around scared* He is here I can here him laughing. shh they say he's in the main hall way *Sneaks around the corner looks both ways then takes of runnindown the hall and *SLAM* her room door shuts behind her.
63. [SBRLexa]
64. [{.*..Liz..*.} {.*Miron*.} {.*Perrine*.}]
65. [Holic] Okay, I admit it! I have problems! *hides behind pc*
66. [armyseal]
67. [lonely but loved]
68. [x. J?§u¯5 ??s Å Sˇ???z?..]
69.[~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]hehe ..69... *curled up in a fettle position in the corner of my room in the darkness* why would u ask if I were crazy!


70. [Madame de la Nuit] colours you can eat but the banana takes over!
71.[Jugga jigga] cant wait till i am locked away
72.[fighting the demons] he he they whaven't got me ...YET !
73. [~*IrIsH FrEaKiN PrIdE*~] hahahaha i am a crazy, yet i scare myself, who likes cheese?? haahahaaha!!! irisj pride for the crazy!!
74.[POG]WHAAH!!!!! I ATE MY GREAT AUNT AND SHE TURNED INTO A RAISIN!!!!! someone call the fire department±!
75. [LiLMissTiny]
76. [skfheihaa] those guys in the white jackets cant catch me!!! hahahaha.
77. [~lil cutie~] heheheheh i am very crazy
78. [fungyew]im insane GOT THAT RIGHT shut the fuck up im talking U SHUT UP "ALFRED HITCHCOCK" ooooh thats it im gonna kick your ass HA U WISH IVE ALREADY SHOT U MUTIPLE TIMES oh my god im dyeing!! U SPELLED THAT WRONG FRENCHIE shut up................I THINK HES DEAD wrong suckapunch!!!(as in the punch not my name)
79. [speakyourwords] This is definitely the wiki for me... PH33R my craziness!!!! ..... I get told to calm down a lot
80.[Fall Out Boy lover]cute but psyco-things even out
81.[~*lil'loststar*~] heheheheheeeeeeeeee i am C-R-A-Z-Y! well i think so! hehe
82.[suki IN LOVE]
84.[666th_poison] crazy.. me... no..not me.. *wicked laugh*
85.[alli.DEADFAYCE.] Insain crazy!!! That's me! *eye twicks repeatly*
86. [sequeena_rae] I am a pet orange Mt. Everest is my alter-ego and I have a pumpkin call Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but I'm not crazy no sir, just clinically insane :D
87. [LeriSuccubus]
88. [Crossno] I'm the king of vampires... every knee shall bow lol i'm crazy
89. [clownsies] wanna meet Sheep? my kinky purple monkey? MOOT
90. [always messing the good things up] ...... RANDOM DOTS RULE EVERYONE! ....
91. [newgroundman1234] im crazzy with the muffins and the spoons!!!!!!111
92. [Bring The Synth] crazy people rock and anyone who objects DIES!!!!!!
93. [Breakin Hearts Like They Were Glowsticks]
94.[Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia] Te people in the white coats tell me I'm just special enough to have a cool white jacket without arm holes!
95.[I'm leaving Et for eva]
96.[Breakin Hearts Like They Were Glowsticks]I'm only a little bit crazy. Ok maybe a lot but keep that our little secret.
97. [I'm off elftown now!]

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2004-10-28 [lostinspace]: yes very much so its not so boring around them

2004-10-28 [Claireabella]: hahaha

2004-10-29 [lostinspace]: hehehehe

2004-10-30 [soul_collecter]: sadly most ppl try not to be weird and they suck

2004-10-31 [dreamer10164]: hi people

2004-10-31 [Claireabella]: hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!

2004-10-31 [soul_collecter]: hewo

2004-11-01 [Slushie]: hey can I join this wikki-thing-a-mabob?

2004-11-01 [lostinspace]: just push on edit page right above the coment box, and add your name below the very last person

2004-11-09 [Claireabella]: hey hey hey, hows it going peps?

2004-11-10 [lostinspace]: pretty good here

2004-11-10 [Claireabella]: good good good good goooooooood lol


2004-11-10 [siocca_scusi011]: hi

2004-11-11 [Claireabella]: HI HI HI HI HI HI HI SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2004-11-11 [Claireabella]: HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE SUGAR IS GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2004-11-15 [soul_collecter]: yes it is

2004-11-16 [lostinspace]: hi

2004-11-16 [soul_collecter]: hewo

2004-11-16 [Claireabella]: hi hi hi hi

2004-11-17 [soul_collecter]: hee hee hee

2004-11-18 [lostinspace]: how is everyone?

2004-11-18 [Claireabella]: well me ish hyper as per usual lol and im good how about you and all everybody else then?

2004-11-22 [bobbina]: hey im new and crrrrrrrrrrrraaaazy! yey! how u all doin?

2004-11-22 [Claireabella]: hiya i guess you have come to the right place then hehehehehe im good i dunno about all these and you?

2004-11-22 [bobbina]: im fine thanks. just tired! lol

2004-11-23 [Claireabella]: awww lol should sleep then although sleep is a waste of time we still have to get some sometime

2004-11-23 [nightowl*]: i love to sleep.... but i agree it is a waste of time

2004-11-24 [Claireabella]: lol yeah it is a watse but wen u do sleep you sleep for like EVER!

2004-11-24 [bobbina]: yeh the advantage of dying is u can sleep all u want! lol

2004-11-24 [Claireabella]: and the disadvantage?

2004-11-24 [bobbina]: um the fact that ur neva comin back. ur shoving off this mortal core. lol

2004-11-25 [Claireabella]: and that is a disadvantage?

2004-11-26 [bobbina]: its depends on how ur life was i guess

2004-11-26 [Claireabella]: oh oki then cos i mean i want to die i mean i want to know what happens after it, what it feels like to die where you go next and stuff like taht life is just the beginning of death to me......

2004-11-26 [bobbina]: yeh i realli wanna no wot happens afta death but i dont want to die. lol

2004-11-26 [Claireabella]: seee i do want to die sometimes and sometimes i dunno i dont i guess not that often though when i say i dont because i'm not one for life myself, butdeath is just such a wonderous thing i'm so curious aboutwhat happenes after it.....reicarnation? heaven? hell? angels? gods? are all these justmyths or are they true? will i one day see my loved ones again? will i see the family i never knew of make new friends, will i be i? wow so maybe questions *sigh*............

2004-11-27 [bobbina]: theres too many questions! ahhhh! lol

2004-11-27 [Claireabella]: yeah well life consists on too many questions and whats the worst one? why? argh hate that question because there never is a answer for it its like the most unaswered question ever!

2004-11-28 [bobbina]: why is actually my fav word but NOT WEN IN QUESTION FORM! lol.

2004-11-29 [Claireabella]: lolo yea it can be a good word, do this for me please? why? or when someone says soneting and your like yea but wyhy? the say because and your like why? lol it annoys them so much hehehe

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: i love doin that. lol. but hate it wen sumone does it to me

2004-11-29 [Claireabella]: hehehe i know i hate it too but love doing it soo funni its like heheh eim winding u upo and the tables turn and your like argh!!!!!! F U C K O F F!!!!!!!! lol

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: lol

2004-11-29 [Claireabella]: OMG i just realised me and you ish the only peeople in here actually talking O     M    G!!!!!!!

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: i know it amusing! lol

2004-11-29 [Claireabella]: lol yeah, wooooooooooow me ish reading your house pretty coool girl ...........will get bk to ya when it is read completly tho...........*goes to read [bobbina]'s house*

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: lol. strange im about to read urs! *goes to visit [punk princess 8] ' s house. chat soon

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: lol. strange im about to read urs! *goes to visit [Claireabella]house. chat soon

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: hey ur house is cool hun! i need to go sorry. i have about 5 essays to do for tomoz. im serious! lol. chat soon laters xxxx

2004-11-29 [bobbina]: im back but for only another 5 mins! lol

2004-12-01 [lostinspace]: hi

2004-12-01 [soul_collecter]: hello all

2004-12-01 [bobbina]: hey there

2004-12-01 [Claireabella]: hiiiiiiiii

2004-12-02 [bobbina]: hi hi hi!

2004-12-03 [soul_collecter]: how is everyone doing ^.^

2004-12-03 [bobbina]: im peachey keen jelly bean. and urself?

2004-12-04 [soul_collecter]: same

2004-12-04 [bobbina]: gud gud

2004-12-17 [rinaweeena]: hey people

2004-12-17 [bobbina]: hey hows u?

2004-12-18 [MACCANATOR]: can i join i just found out i was crazy two minutes ago

2004-12-18 [bobbina]: gud on ya mate!

2004-12-18 [Katie love Casey]: sure ne1 can join

2004-12-21 [bobbina]: yey! new member

2004-12-29 [Katie love Casey]: fuck we been hacked ;_; ahh well! if you were a member before please put your name back on the page please ^_^;;

2004-12-29 [bobbina]: lol. have a drunken new yr everybody! i will! woohoo!

2004-12-30 [Katie love Casey]: nvm, i found a way to get everything back ^_^ ...have fun?

2004-12-30 [bobbina]: woohoo!

2004-12-31 [Shakar]: You only need more bread, really!

2004-12-31 [Katie love Casey]: Keep your clock inside you sheep so in the new year your eye shall be like custard o_O

2005-01-06 [MACCANATOR]: im crazy but dose insinmea macke u crazy too

2005-01-06 [soul_collecter]: no it just makes you grumpy

2005-01-07 [bobbina]: im crazy! and loving it! yey!

2005-01-08 [soul_collecter]: yuppers

2005-01-08 [bobbina]: lol woohoo! *runs around room yellin* lol

2005-01-09 [stone roses]: *stares**blinks* *stares some more**makes weird chipmunk noise**gnaws on invisible acorn* none of you are from the happy hotel- aRe yOu?????? ARE YOU??? *twitch*

2005-01-09 [bobbina]: im crrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzy! woohoo! *stops runnin and turns to confliction rose* wassup?

2005-01-13 [Forbidden Truths]: i needa know what the trick is to add a wiki to your list

2005-01-13 [bobbina]: i dont know. i cant remember

2005-01-21 [Cina]: *sits perfectly still. Not moving.* ug. *toe twitches* mommy. *eye twitches*

2005-01-22 [DaniDarkHeart]: I have medical documentation and prescriptions that say I'm crazy!! :D

2005-01-22 [bobbina]: lol. gud for u! woohoo!



2005-01-26 [DaniDarkHeart]: I once dug a mole out of my arm in History class. Then, that night I shaved the scab off. True story and for some odd reason proud of it!

2005-01-27 [bobbina]: okkkaaay. sounds fun! did it hurt?

2005-01-29 [penguin overlord]: I have ?. i have seen the cupcake in someones house, yet, i do not see him here. tell the overlord wherest she can obtain this cupcake! for she demands it!

2005-01-30 [stone roses]: ... *twitch* wassup bobbina? how crazy is you

2005-01-30 [stone roses]: you may be able to find cupcakes at the- hApPy HoTeL- *cue twilight zone music* but DON'T go there!!!! THEY'LL TAKE YOU AWAY!!!

2005-01-30 [bobbina]: IM CRAZY!! woohoo! i see people in white coats all the time! yey! lol

2005-01-31 [DaniDarkHeart]: Actually it didn't hurt, it didn't even bleed. I didn't realize exactly how bad it was until it formed a really nasty looking scab.

2005-02-01 [bobbina]: how gross! lol.

2005-02-02 [DaniDarkHeart]: Now I'm stuck with this misshapen combo of remaining mole and scar tissue. Mostly scar tissue. It's pretty nasty looking.

2005-02-02 [Claireabella]: WHATS SUP DUDES AND DUDETTES?

2005-02-03 [Anduraja]: a banner is needed to make this really sumthing

2005-02-03 [Claireabella]: i totally agree :D

2005-02-05 [DaniDarkHeart]: I agree too. This is the only wiki that I'm in without a banner. My page is uneven... All the wikis must have banners. I'm a bit obsessive about things like this lol.

2005-02-06 [Claireabella]: hehehehehe sooooooo lets make one :D:D:D:D

2005-02-20 [Nemasis Unicorn]: but how do you make one crazy enough? Thoughts are needed. Let me go steal some..

2005-02-22 [bobbina]: true its gotta be CRAZY!!! i said CRAZY! lol

2005-02-28 [Ginny_X]: *stares into nothingness ,with head tilted slightly sideways and a studid smile on her face*

2005-02-28 [Ginny_X]: stupid*

2005-03-01 [bobbina]: okay dokay then.

2005-03-16 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: take my poll <poll:46778>

2005-03-24 [jAySoN_666]: ahhhh im a phsyco little fuck

2005-03-26 [bobbina]: gud for u!

2005-03-29 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: congrats....damn im bored

2005-04-02 [Ruki]: yah!! a CRAZY wiki for CRAZY people who write CRAZY things and get CRAZY!!! board..

2005-04-05 [bobbina]: hell yeh!!! lol

2005-04-07 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: Lets see how CRAZY it gets when we try to do CRAZY things like put the word CRAZY as many CRAZY times u can in a CRAZY sentence:)

2005-04-08 [bobbina]: CRAZY!!

2005-04-08 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy!!!!

2005-04-11 [bobbina]: craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! thats us! lol

2005-04-13 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol yup we r C-R-A-Z-Y...CRAZY!....god....i just felt like a cheerleader...*sits in a dark corner and cries*

2005-04-13 [bobbina]: no cryin!!!!!! *grabs [This Profile No Longer Exists!] and starts cheerleading too* it shows we are crazy! can i get a C?!! woohoo!

2005-04-18 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol "C!!!!"

2005-04-21 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: .......i hear crickets..........shhhhhh u might disturb them....

2005-05-01 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: hey if neone's interested join my wiki...Sexaholics Anonymous

2005-05-03 [bobbina]: woohoo! ok can i get a quiet 'R'??? shhhh coz of the crickets lol

2005-05-04 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol *whispers "R"*

2005-05-16 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *shout histerically!* A!!!......drinking buddy?!......i didn't no u were in this wiki oo goody!! this call 4 celebrations!!! *pulls out the hennesy, vodka,bailey's irish cream,carmona,kaluha,and taqeulla.* wats on the menu tonight buddy?! *huggles*

2005-05-31 [gothbitch2]: *winks* "Z" and thats to all of ya!

2005-06-09 [Daladís]: I'll be needing some strong, dwarwen ale...

2005-06-18 [LiLMissTiny]: r there any banners for this wiki???

2005-06-21 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: dunno there might be but dunno

2005-07-06 [LiLMissTiny]: ok if there are then write back plz

2005-07-07 [~lil cutie~]: wow i guess this wikis for carzy people

2005-07-07 [~lil cutie~]: I like crazy ppl...... they are and my friends [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] and [GangstaBitch] are very crazy ppl!!!!!

2005-07-11 [fungyew]: vist my house and wiki rock on vlad

2005-07-11 [fungyew]: so as u caN TRULLLY enjoy my insaNity

2005-07-12 [LiLMissTiny]: i luv being crasy

2005-07-23 [666th_poison]: crazy... where.. what ?

2005-07-24 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: right here

2005-08-11 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: if i wasn't crazy i dewn't no wat i would be ...other then dumb

2005-08-16 [bobbina]: i miss my drinkin buddy where is she???!!

2005-08-17 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: i dunno but wheres my shoe

2005-08-18 [bobbina]: u lost ur shoe?? ill help ya look for it, just give me a sec lol

2005-08-18 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: ok but i think the dog ate it

2005-08-18 [bobbina]: damn dogs! first the homework and now shoes!?!! wot next!!?? lol

2005-08-18 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: my moms pants

2005-08-18 [bobbina]: no??? oh god nooo!

2005-08-18 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: yeah the pants

2005-08-19 [bobbina]: oh not the pants!!!!

2005-08-19 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: yes the pants

2005-09-03 [LiLMissTiny]: wat pants

2005-09-03 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: yes the pants

2005-09-09 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: lol i'm here ..but now i haver to go*cries*

2005-09-10 [This Profile No Longer Exists!]: lol here's another crazy wiki, join Sexaholics Anonymous that is, if your interested.

2005-09-10 [Islanzadi]: crazy isnt being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. its you and me, amplified

2005-10-21 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: i miss my drinking buddy too!!!!!!! ahhh *falls to the flor in frustration*

2005-11-15 [DaniDarkHeart]: My dog is suddenly speaking German at me... Oh, yeah, and she stole my bed too.

2005-11-16 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: err creepy

2005-11-28 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *cries*

2005-11-29 [clownsies]: interesting *pulls out pad of paper and begins taking notes*

2005-11-29 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *continues*

2005-12-03 [clownsies]: *pokes*

2005-12-04 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: my mom touched your gimp

2005-12-04 [clownsies]: ............*meep*...........

2005-12-05 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *Jumps to high tree branch and contiues*

2005-12-22 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: whoop whoop whoop whoop

2005-12-22 [clownsies]: *tackles valichen*

2005-12-30 [F.T.F.O..ninjas never die]: whoop whoop *eats pop corn* whoop whoop i got tackles

2005-12-30 [clownsies]: .............

2006-01-10 [always messing the good things up]: *looks around*

2006-01-11 [lucetgirl]: Dude! Check out this sight! Get paid for surfing the net!

2006-01-11 [always messing the good things up]: lol i will

2006-01-12 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: *stops * ohh u get paid?

2006-01-12 [always messing the good things up]: Yes you get paid hehe that is so going to be my first job

2006-01-13 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: lol

2006-01-18 [clownsies]: XD

2006-01-19 [always messing the good things up]: im bored

2006-01-20 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: eh same...shazam!

2006-01-21 [always messing the good things up]: lol i want to jump off my roof 0.0

2006-01-22 [babycheechee]: hi l was wonder can l join this wiki

2006-01-23 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: my cat fell off my roof once... i wanted to the other day

2006-01-24 [babycheechee]: damn l'm sorry

2006-01-25 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: thrry fer what?

2006-01-29 [CR deleted]: For that cat falling on your head and rippin' your thinking organ out. Some of you silly humans only have one, and need it to survive.

2006-01-31 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: umm right

2006-02-05 [always messing the good things up]: are you talking about a brain cause if you are i dont even have one

2006-02-06 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: same same@!

2006-02-06 [always messing the good things up]: guys i m really hyper right now

2006-02-19 [*redtears*]: i would love to join this wiki it sound like my kind of people *laughs* stop tickeling me *laughs* ohh god the voices, THE VOICES, make them stop please ohh wait its just my cat talking again "SHUT THE FUCK UP FUR FACE IM TRYING TO TYPE HERE" *laughs*

2006-02-24 [always messing the good things up]: and i thought i was hyper*laughs*

2006-02-27 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: HEHEHE SO DI I! *pulls out my air* doom dom doom doom ! *bounces of walls* hjahahahah!

2006-03-05 [Aer-L]: [Aer-L] I wanna join cause cause i'm phyco and crazy and just run around screamin WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sos os beat that MWUAHAHAAHAHAHA! oh yeah and i'm phyco did i say so???????

2006-03-22 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: yeah more members!!! *happy jig*

2006-08-17 [clownsies]: *hides* Does anyone remember meh? Probably not....but hello anyways

2006-09-03 [always messing the good things up]: hello im bored and hyper did you guys know that could kill you?

2006-09-05 [clownsies]: ..........really?

2006-11-01 [~Dark Wolf Under The Moon~]: scary shit

2006-11-14 [bobbina]: u cant kill me!! no one can kill me.....except the vodka! lol

2007-01-04 [clownsies]: Oh dear. I should be dead then. *wonders* I had a freakin disgusting zombie dream last night Ö.Ö

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